Review: The Execution of Noa P Singleton

Title: The Execution of Noa P Singleton
Author: Elizabeth L Silver
Rating: 3 Stars
Where to buy: Amazon | BN

From The Cover

Noa P. Singleton never spoke a word in her own defense throughout a brief trial that ended with a jury finding her guilty of first-degree murder. Ten years later, having accepted her fate, she sits on death row in a maximum-security penitentiary, just six months away from her execution date.

Seemingly out of the blue, she is visited by Marlene Dixon, a high-powered Philadelphia attorney who is also the mother of the woman Noa was imprisoned for killing. Marlene tells Noa that she has changed her mind about the death penalty and Noa’s sentence, and will do everything in her considerable power to convince the governor to commute the sentence to life in prison, in return for the one thing Noa is unwilling to trade: her story.

Marlene desperately wants Noa to reveal the events that led to her daughter’s death – events that Noa has never shared with a soul. With death looming, Marlene believes that Noa may finally give her the answers she needs, though Noa is far from convinced that Marlene deserves the salvation she alone can deliver. Inextricably linked by murder but with very different goals, Noa and Marlene wrestle with the sentences life itself can impose while they confront the best and worst of what makes us human in this haunting tale of love, anguish, and deception.


The Execution of Noa P. Singleton is a train wreck. A tragedy in the making that you don’t want to watch, but are intractably caught up in seeing the disastrous conclusion. This is not to say it isn’t a great book. It very much is. The plot is intricate and well flushed out, the characters grab your attention and the author is quite effective at keeping you interested and intrigued through the end.

If there is a flaw to the story, it is how realistic the book is. There are no heroes in this story. No one to root for. Noa is just as sociopathic as Marlene. She is honestly deserving of her sentence and Marlene should be right there with her.

If you’re looking for warm and fuzzy, this isn’t for you. But, if you want excellent writing and your brain stretched, I highly recommend this book.

DISCLAIMER: This reviewer received a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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