Outlander Ep. 112 – Lallybroch

The Laird and Lady of Lallybroch return
The Laird and Lady of Lallybroch return

In the latest episode of Outlander, Lallybroch’s Laird returns, Claire is no match for her sis-in-law and Captain Randall’s motives are revealed.

The show begins with Claire and Jamie on their way to Lallybroch, homestead of the Frasers. To pass the time, Claire tells Jamie what it was like to fly in an airplane, which he can only imagine since they won’t be invented for some time. When they arrive, Jamie is greeted by his pregnant sister Jenny (Laura Donnelly) who is very happy to see her brother. She introduces her son, Wee Jamie, to his uncle and is then insulted for her trouble. Jamie basically calls her a whore and wonders why she would name her bastard after him. Thankfully, Jenny is no shrinking violet and gives as good as she gets. She lets her brother have it and calls Claire a trollop when she tries to jump in. Before any blood can be drawn, Ian Murray (Steven Cree) appears. Jenny tells her hardheaded brother that she is married to Ian, the father of her children. Jamie changes his tune and tries to apologize to his sister, but she’s just as hardheaded and wants to hear none of it.

Jamie and Jenny have words
Jamie and Jenny have words

Later, Jamie asks his sister to tell him what happened the day Randall came to Lallybroch. She tells of Black Jack’s inability to get it up and how she laughed at him. Because Randall is who he is, he cracks her across the face a few times until she hits her head on the bed post and goes down. When she awakes, Randall is gone. Jenny wants an apology from her brother for thinking she dishonored the family, but he doesn’t think he owes her one. Claire again tries to jump in, but Jenny lets her know the argument is between her and Jamie. The Laird takes his Lady to another room and lets her know that she can’t always say what she wants in front of everyone. He knows Claire is free with her words, but reminds her that she is now Lady of Lallybroch and must act as such. She surprisingly agrees, although I’m sure that was a hard one to swallow. When the couple come back, Jenny mentions that they should move into the Laird’s bedroom.

After the move, Jamie finds his father’s blade under the bed, leading to a conversation about the last time Jamie saw him. He reveals that it was on the day he was to be flogged for the second time at Fort William. Brian Fraser (Andrew Whipp) had come to try and win his son’s freedom, to no avail. He gives his son a kiss and tells him to pray before he’s taken to Captain Randall’s quarters. Black Jack tells Jamie in no uncertain terms what he wants: his body (don’t we all?). Jamie tells his wife that he considered the offer to avoid being flogged again so soon after the first time. But he refused, not because he cared about being “buggered,” but because he didn’t want to give Randall the satisfaction of knowing he broke him. And thus, the mystery of Randall’s obsession with Jamie is revealed.

Quarter Day at Lallybroch
Quarter Day at Lallybroch

The next day, Lallybroch is all atwitter due to Quarter Day, which is basically rent day. This particular Quarter Day is also a bit of a celebration in honor of the returned Laird and his new Lady, but things are a bit tense at times. Jamie, dead set on being a firm but fair Laird, gives some of his tenants a break on their rent after hearing a couple of sob stories, to Ian’s chagrin. When Claire intercepts Ronald McNab’s (Richard Jack) “discipline” of his son Rabbie (Jamie Kennedy), she’s met with hostility. Using her head instead of her mouth, she gets Rabbie away from his father and sees the man’s handiwork on his son’s back. Jamie sees said handiwork and Claire expects him to do something. But he decides having a drink would be more fun.

Later that night, the Laird comes home drunkety-drunk-drunk, tells Claire that he beat McNab’s ass, asks her if she’s ever seen an elephant and then passes the eff out. Jamie wakes up with probably the worst hangover he’s ever had, only to be yelled at by Jenny for not collecting all of the rents. Claire tries to butt in again, but the siblings ignore her. Jenny reminds her brother that she and Ian ran Lallybroch while he was away and that he should include her in any decisions he makes. He again gets pissed and takes it out on the cook, telling her that the bread was crap. She tells him that the mill needs repairing so he decides to be a man and fix it himself. When he gets there, he strips to his shirt and goes underwater to remove whatever is blocking the wheels. Jenny arrives to try and persuade her brother to let someone else handle it when a bunch of redcoats arrive on horseback. Jamie sees them and hides underwater, while Claire and Jenny hide his clothes. One of the redcoats, who just happened to know everything about mills, offers to repair it. Jamie, who seems to have the lungs of a blue whale, gets the wheel moving, using his shirt as the culprit. The redcoats leave and Jamie finally comes up for air, gloriously naked. His sister sees his back for the first time and hightails it out of there.

Jenny Murray (Laura Donnelly)
Jenny Murray (Laura Donnelly)

Later, Claire gets some much-needed advice on how to deal with the Frasers from Ian, who obviously knows a thing or two about the subject. Afterwards, she abruptly wakes her husband and tells him to stop acting like a tool before he loses the only family he has left. The next day, he and Jenny make up in front of their father’s grave, both realizing that his death was the fault only of Captain Randall. Jamie says to his sister, “there is a devil in that man that no one can influence.” Back home, Jamie tells Claire how much he loves her and she repeats the sentiment. In the morning, she wakes up with a big smile on her face (as always), only to have it wiped clean off when she sees a strange man pointing a pistol at her man. Good grief! Will the Frasers ever have any peace? Who’s the guy with the gun? How will Jamie get out of this latest kerfuffle?

Stay tuned.

Outlander airs on Saturday at 9 p.m. on Starz.


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