Game of Thrones, Season 5 – Sons of the Harpy

Jaime Lannister arrives in Dorne
Jaime Lannister arrives in Dorne

In the latest episode of Game of Thrones, Jaime and Bronn take a trip, Melisandre makes Jon an offer, Cersei makes some moves and the Sons of the Harpy get medieval.

In Volantis, Jorah steals a boat in the night and sets sail for Meereen with Tyrion as his only cargo.  While on the water, Tyrion annoys his captor just enough to have his gag removed.  He asks some questions of Jorah but gets nada in return.  Lest we forget, however, that Tyrion is a smart man and figures out who Jorah is and that he’s been exiled.  Jorah, not one who likes to hear the truth apparently, knocks Tyrion out.  Talk about sensitive!

In King’s Landing, Cersei is busy making moves against the Tyrell’s.  At a meeting of the Small Council, she sends Lord Tyrell on a rouse to the Iron Bank, sending Ser Meryn Trant with him, which probably means Margaery’s father will end up dead.  Afterwards, she meets with the High Sparrow, where they discuss the reformation of the Faith Militant.  He agrees and the craziness in King’s Landing gets even crazier.  The Faith Militant bring their own brand of religious justice to the people, including Loras Tyrell.  When Margaery hears of her brother’s arrest, she goes straight to her husband to demand his release.  King Tommen, still very green, goes to his mother and demands Loras be released.  But she takes advantage of her son’s innocence and tells him to see the High Sparrow.  Always a dutiful son, he makes his way to the Sept, but is turned away by the Faith Militant.  The situation becomes tense, with some residents calling the King a “bastard” and “abomination.”  Tommen gets scared and turns back.  When he speaks to his wife of his failure, the Queen is none too pleased and decides to let her grandmother handle things.  I’m looking forward to seeing Lady Olenna and Cersei go to-to-toe.

King Tommen tries to see the High Sparrow
King Tommen tries to see the High Sparrow

At Castle Black, Lord Commander Snow is doing things to keep the Night’s Watch running smoothly.  Stannis wants Jon to ride with him to Winterfell, but as we saw last week, he refused.  Stannis’ wife doesn’t understand what he sees in Jon and blames herself for not having sons, only a daughter with greyscale.  Lady Melisandre reminds the Queen that Princess Shireen has her father’s blood in her veins and the Lord of Light cares not about her affliction.  The Red Lady then warns Stannis not to march on Winterfell without her, reminding him of the disaster at Blackwater Bay.

In Jon’s quarters, he and Sam go through pledges by the families of the North.  Each one has promised men to the Night’s Watch, which is good news to Jon’s ears until he comes across a pledge from House Bolton.  Jon refuses to sign, but Sam reminds him that he is Lord Commander and must not let his feelings cloud his duties to the Watch.  Jon reluctantly signs the document, leaving a bad taste in his mouth.  Lady Melisandre stops by to speak with Jon about marching with Stannis, but he refuses.  She opens her clothes and tries to convince him that way, which he almost does, but he stays strong and refuses.  Jon still loves another redhead you see, but before she walks out, Melisandre looks at Jon and says, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”  That is one creepy woman!

Elsewhere in Castle Black, Princess Shireen visits her father in order to relieve her boredom.  They chit chat for a bit before Shireen flat out asks her father if he’s ashamed of her.  In a rare show of love for his daughter, Stannis talks of how the Princess ended up with greyscale and how he told everyone to shove it when they advised him to send her away.  Instead, he told every maester available to do whatever was necessary to save her.  The Princess hugged her father and all of us realized that Stannis was human after all.

In Winterfell, Sansa visits the tombs of her ancestors.  It’s ironic how badly she wanted to leave her home in Season 1 and now probably wishes she had never left.  So much has changed for the Starks.  Her marriage to Ramsay Bolton just seems to be a continuation of her bad luck, but Lord Baelish thinks otherwise.  He tells Sansa of Stannis’ plan to take Winterfell and win the North, which, if successful, would make her Wardeness.  The young girl has doubts, but Littlefinger encourages her to do what is necessary to secure her home.  Whether that encouragement is for his own gain remains to be seen.

Jaime and Bronn make their way to Dorne to rescue Princess Myrcella (who may or may not want to be rescued).  Bronn wants to know why Jaime is going himself instead of sending an army.  The one-handed hottie claims that he doesn’t want to start a war, but eventually confesses that “it has to be me.”  He knows that Cersei will never see him the same way again if he fails to bring their daughter back home safely.  When they reach the Dornish shore, they are met by four guards who demand they drop their weapons.  Instead, Bronn kills two guards and maims a third so Jaime can take him easily.  That’s not how it goes down, however, and all seems lost until luckily, Jaime uses his fake hand to stop his head from being taken off.  The guard’s sword gets stuck and Jaime cuts him down.  Jaime wants to bury the bodies first before searching for Myrcella, leaving Bronn to do most of the work.  Having one hand does seem to have its perks.

Obara Sand gives us a lesson in spear throwing
Obara Sand gives us a lesson in spear throwing

Elsewhere in Dorne, we are finally introduced to the Sand Snakes, Tyene (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers), Nymeria (Jessica Henwick) and the ultimate badass Obara (Keisha Castle-Hughes).  They meet with Tyene’s mother Ellaria, who wants them to avenge their father, Prince Oberyn.  It doesn’t take much to convince them, especially when they learn that Jaime Lannister is in Dorne, thanks to the merchant captain who smuggled him in.  That same captain is currently buried in the sand with scorpions crawling all over his face.  The Sand Snakes mean business and will do what their uncle Doran will not.  The ladies all agree, with Obara sealing her agreement by sending a spear right into the merchant captain’s face!  Prince Oberyn taught his daughters well.

And in Meereen, Dany’s city is still under siege.  The masters are still vying to reopen the fighting pits, sending Hizdahr zo Loraq (Joel Fry) once again to change her mind.  But while Dany is arguing about this silliness, the Sons of the Harpy openly attack the Unsullied, killing them at will.  During the fighting, Grey Worm falls under attack and is seriously wounded.  Before he’s cut down for good, Barristan Selmy arrives and kicks some Harpie ass.  He cuts a few Harpies down but as they close in, Selmy is stabbed repeatedly, until he goes down, fighting until the end.  Ser Barristan dies like a true knight, defending his Queen.  Will Dany finally stop being diplomatic and bring out her dragons?  Or will she continue to lose control of Meereen and its people?

Stay tuned.

Game of Thrones airs on Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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