Outlander Ep. 113 – The Watch

Horrocks the Redcoat deserter
Horrocks the Redcoat deserter

In the latest episode of Outlander, the Watch pays a visit, Jamie meets an old acquaintance and Claire reveals a secret.

Sometimes, going home can be a pain.  That’s the lesson Jamie is learning now that he’s returned to Lallybroch.  Things are being handled in a way that makes the hot-headed Scot mad as hell.  Last week, Jamie had a pistol in his face by someone he’d never seen before.  Turns out the man holding the gun is Taran MacQuarrie (Douglas Henshall), a member of a band of mercenaries called The Watch.  Luckily for Jamie, his sister Jenny eases Taran’s mind and tells him Jamie is a cousin.  MacQuarrie announces that he and his gang will be staying a few days, to Jamie’s surprise and chagrin.

The Laird lays into Ian and Jenny for allowing the Watch to stay.  Both let him know that they pay protection to the Watch so Lallybroch is safe from the Redcoats and Captain Randall.  Jamie being Jamie, he states he would never have agreed to such a thing, but Jenny reminds him that he wasn’t around so they had to make that decision for him.  They ask him to stay calm and keep that famous temper in check until MacQuarrie and his men leave.  Unfortunately, that only lasts until the next day, when Lennox (Douglas Russell) burns a pile of hay while Jamie is reshoeing a horse.  Jamie opens up a can of Scottish whoopass on the Watch until MacQuarrie breaks it up.  But instead of a bullet to the head, Jamie receives an offer to join the Watch on the road to go a‑robbing, especially now that their other man has arrived at Lallybroch.  And who should that man be but Horrocks!  In the famous words of Scooby-Doo, “ruh-roh!”

Jamie puts out a fire
Jamie puts out a fire

Meanwhile, Jenny and Claire are getting to know each other.  There’s still some mistrust on some level, but the walls are slowly starting to come down.  However, the baby in Jenny’s belly thinks they’re taking too long so it decides to help them along.  Jenny’s water breaks and Claire goes into full healer mode.  She pokes around a bit and realizes the baby is breech.  She tries to turn the baby around from the outside, but it doesn’t budge.  Both ladies are nervous about the delivery, but Jen says under no circumstances should Ian be told.  As a distraction, Claire asks Jenny what pregnancy is like, and by goodness does she get it right.  She was spot on when she said that at the end, “it feels like when your man’s inside you, when he comes to you deep and pours himself inside you and that throbbing begins.  Feels like that, only much bigger.  Like it’s him you’re taking into you instead.  That’s what they want sometimes, you know?  They want to come back.”  I’m sure there was a collective “YES!” from the female viewers after that speech.  Just then, Mrs. Crook comes in and tells Claire the midwife is unavailable, which means she’ll have to deliver.  Jenny tells her she’ll need a stiff dram first and when Claire says the baby will be drunk too, Mrs. Murray replies, “then it will come into the world a true Scot.”  Here, here!

While the ladies are preparing for the hard work ahead, Jamie makes a deal with Horrocks.  The Redcoat deserter wants money to sail to the colonies in exchange for keeping his mouth shut.  Jamie meets with Ian and tells him of Horrocks and his request for money.  Ian tells him of the money left by Brian Fraser, which Jamie refuses.  He talks to Claire about the situation and the money, which he wanted to give to her and their children if anything happens to him.  But she reveals that she may never be able to have kids and carry on the Fraser name.  Jamie is surprised but seemingly understanding, although I’m sure he’s extremely disappointed.  Claire tells her husband to give Horrocks the loot, which he does.

The two men meet outside and Jamie gives Horrocks what he asked for.  But instead of the bugger taking the money and running, he threatens the Laird with exposure if he doesn’t send him even more when he gets to Boston.  When Jamie makes a move to take him out, Horrocks, the punk, pulls out a pistol.  But then a sword comes through his chest, which belongs to none other than Ian!  He kills Horrocks but is shaken up by the act.  Jamie calms him down and they bury the bastard in the woods.  Later, MacQuarrie mentions that Horrocks has disappeared and Jamie comes clean without revealing who he truly is.  MacQuarrie doesn’t seem too bothered by Horrocks’ death, but then requests Jamie accompany him on the road to go on a raid.  He agrees and Ian goes with him while the ladies stay at Lallybroch.  Before the men leave, Claire hands a carving to Jamie, which is the same one that was given to him years ago by his deceased older brother Willie.

Taran MacQuarrie of the Watch
Taran MacQuarrie of the Watch

On the road, MacQuarrie tries to entice Jamie to join the Watch, which if not for Claire and his family, he would do in a heartbeat.  When the men get to the meeting point, Jamie realizes that they’re in a place with no escape and have been set up.  Just then, a team of Redcoats appear and start shooting at the sitting ducks.  At Lallybroch, Jenny is screaming bloody murder, which gets even louder when Claire has to reach in and guide the baby out (you men have no idea what we women go through during childbirth!).  She delivers a healthy baby girl, who she names Margaret after her grandmother.  Three days later, neither Jamie nor Ian have returned.  Jenny is more hopeful, but Claire is full of dread, and rightfully so.  Ian and one of the men from the Watch return, but the rest are dead.  Except for Jamie, who’s probably wishing he were dead, as he’s been captured!  And we all know where he’s going, don’t we?  What will happen to our favorite redhead?  Will Claire stay put at Lallybroch or will she get out there to save her man?

Stay tuned.

Outlander airs on Saturday at 9 p.m. on Starz.

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