Outlander Ep. 114 – The Search

Jenny and Claire track Jamie
Jenny and Claire track Jamie

In the latest episode of Outlander, the ladies of Lallybroch take charge and hit the road in search of their Laird.

What would you do to find the one you love?  Well, the ladies of Lallybroch will do pretty much anything to find Jamie.  As soon as they learned of Jamie’s capture, Claire was ready to roll all on her own, but her sister-in-law had other plans.  Jenny Fraser Murray is a BOSS!  The woman just gave birth a few days ago, but she strapped two pistols on her dress and jumped on a horse to help Claire.  And it was a good thing she did, because Jenny is a helluva tracker.  She found the trail where Jamie and the Watch were set upon very easily, using nature’s resources to find it.  Eventually, the women came upon a redcoat campsite, seeing a very much alive Taran MacQuarrie sitting in a cart, but no Jamie.  The ladies notice a lone redcoat leaving the campsite on horseback and decide to ambush him.  Jenny dramatically falls in front of the man’s horse, causing him to almost trample her in the process.  He, of course, gets off and both Claire and Jenny draw their pistols.

At first, the redcoat doesn’t give them any information, even though he’s tied up.  Since they’re only women, the redcoat doesn’t take them seriously and calls them “harlots.”  Really?  Well, Jenny ain’t gonna stand for that.  She takes off one of the redcoat’s boots and proceeds to burn the bottom of his foot with a hot blade.  Claire, who has seen blood and guts during the war, is actually squeamish.  She begs the redcoat to tell them about Jamie before Jenny uses that hot blade on his balls.  He claims to only be a messenger so Claire goes through his bag and finds the letter he was supposed to deliver.  The ladies read it and realize that Jamie has escaped and is on the run.

Claire and Jenny intercept a letter
Claire and Jenny intercept a letter

The letter is a request for soldiers at Fort William to search for the redheaded fugitive.  Luckily, Claire and Jenny intervened and they destroy the letter.  After that bit of business, Claire decides to treat the redcoat’s injured foot, but Jenny lets her know that he cannot live after what they’ve said and done.  Claire doesn’t want to do it, but Jenny is very clear about what needs to be done.  If Claire is going to survive in the 1740’s, she’s going to need a stronger stomach.  But the decision to end the redcoat’s life is made for her when Murtagh appears and sticks a knife in the unfortunate man’s neck.  Taciturn as ever, he complains about how easy it was to find the ladies and then looks for dinner.  When he leaves, Claire confesses to Jenny that if Murtagh hadn’t shown up, she would have killed the redcoat.

Now that Murtagh as arrived, Jenny can go back to Lallybroch and her new bairn.  She gives Claire the rent money collected at Quarter Day and a small knife to hide in her garter.  Mrs. Murray can leave knowing that her brother’s wife will do whatever it takes to find her brother and she tells her so.  Before Jenny leaves, Claire tells her she should plant potatoes and sell any property of no use for gold.  She warns of the coming war and famine so that Lallybroch and its tenants can survive.

On the road, Murtagh and Claire try to generate some buzz so Jamie can find them.  The two start off by stopping in different villages so Claire can treat anyone needing a healer.  She also does a little palm reading while Murtagh hilariously does a traditional Highland sword dance.  But with no information on Jamie’s whereabouts, the two take it up a notch, dressing Claire in a juggler’s costume to sing a bawdy Scottish tune using the melody from “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.”  They collect a lot of coin, but still can’t seem to get any intel on Jamie.  The gypsies, however, have been paying close attention to their act and take it for themselves.  When they’re confronted by Claire and Murtagh, the gypsies basically say sorry/not sorry for the steal.  Surprisingly, Claire offers the gypsies money if they promise not to sing that song again.  Come on Claire!  Have you not learned anything from living with the Frasers and MacKenzies?  Dammit woman!

Murtagh and his amazing Highland Sword Dance!
Murtagh and his amazing Highland Sword Dance!

Murtagh lets Claire have it, telling her that the gypsies are not going to stop singing that song and Jamie won’t know which way to turn.  Claire continues to sing it anyway and that’s basically what happens (she’s as stubborn as Jamie).  The two finally have it out, Murtagh blaming Claire for their situation and she selfishly saying that he’s never lost anyone he loved.  Oh contraire Mrs. Fraser!  Murtagh did lose someone he loved:  Jamie’s mother.  The bracelets Jenny gave to her were crafted by the bearded softie.  Claire shows them to Murtagh and he reveals how much he loves Jamie.  The two hug it out and the next day decide to end the act and start the search from the beginning.

While at an inn, the gypsies make an appearance and try to get more coin from Claire in exchange for a message that may or may not be from Jamie.  This time, Claire tells them to get lost before Murtagh puts the hammer down, who by this time is itching for a fight.  The gypsies smartly relay the message and the two are off.  They get to the destination and find not Jamie but Dougal MacKenzie.  The War Chieftain tells the two that Jamie has been captured again and is now in the notorious Wentworth Prison, where he is waiting to be hanged.  Claire is ready to rescue her husband but Dougal has other plans.  He tells Claire that she should let Jamie go as he’s as good as dead anyway, that way she can marry Dougal with no baggage.  Huh?

That’s the same expression Claire has on her face when she hears Dougal’s proposition.  Jamie isn’t even dead yet and his uncle is already creeping on his wife.  Just plain grimy.  But Claire knows what Dougal is really after.  He wants Lallybroch so he can control the Fraser land.  Even grimier.  Instead of telling him where to stick that proposal, Claire makes a deal with Dougal:  let her take his men to Wentworth to save Jamie and if they fail, she will marry him.  They shake on it and Claire tries to convince Angus, Rupert and the rest to help her rescue Jamie.  But the cowards say no, all except young Willie.

Claire and Company head to Wentworth
Claire and Company head to Wentworth

He makes the others look bad, manning up to save his friend so Rupert and Angus quickly change their minds.  Claire, Murtagh and the rest get back on the road and make their way to Wentworth.  Will Claire make it in time to save her husband or will she be married for a third time?  Will we ever see Murtagh dance again?  Please?

Stay tuned.

Outlander airs on Saturday at 9 p.m. on Starz.

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