Game of Thrones, Season 5 – Kill the Boy

The ever-unpopular Lord Commander Snow
The ever-unpopular Lord Commander Snow

In the latest episode of Game of Thrones, Lord Commander Snow makes an unpopular decision, Ramsay Bolton gets some troubling news, Sansa meets an old enemy, Jorah and Tyrion tour a burnt ruin and Daenerys shows the masters who runs the world.

Who says you can’t use dragons to make a point?  That’s exactly what the Mother of Dragons did after the death of her friend, Ser Barristan Selmy.  Dany made an example of the masters and had the leader of each family arrested.  To let them know she was tired of the BS, Dany took them all to see her babies, Rhaegal and Viserion.  Her guards prod the terrified men forward little by little, until one of them is thrust to the front, falling in the process.  The dragons can be heard dragging their chains across the floor, but are themselves cloaked in total darkness.  Then one of them lights up the poor sap and the look of pure-D fear on the men’s faces is just priceless.  Hell, it’s a miracle any of them had clean underwear after that.  While the dragons are eating their meal, Dany tries to decide who will be next on the menu.  She slowly walks over to Hizdahr zo Loraq (Joel Fry) and puts a hand on his back.  To his credit, Hizdahr keeps his cool and says, “Valar Morghulis,” which probably kept him from being killed.  Dany sends the rest of the men to the dungeons while she ponders what to do.

Later, she meets with Missandei (whose affection for Grey Worm is heartwarming) and asks for her advice as to what to do next.  Missandei basically tells her Queen to do what she knows is right to keep the peace.  Dany visits Hizdahr in his cell, who has lost all semblance of his earlier bravado.  He falls to his knees and begs her not to kill him, admitting that he is afraid to die.  To his surprise, she admits that she was wrong and agrees to reopen the fighting pits to free men only and also to marry him.  I don’t know about Hizdarh, but I would be walking around like the cock of the walk knowing I was about to marry a hot queen with three dragons.  Or maybe not since he’s seen what happens to those who piss her off.

Sam reads a letter to Maester Aemon
Sam reads a letter to Maester Aemon

At Castle Black, Sam is reading a letter about Dany to her great uncle, Maester Aemon.  The maester is saddened to learn that his last living relative is alone in the world with no family to guide her.  “A Targaryen alone in the world is a terrible thing.”  Terrible for her or for the people she rules?  Lord Commander Snow interrupts the conversation seeking Maester Aemon’s advice.  Jon has a difficult decision to make but knows it will divide the Night’s Watch considerably.  The maester tells Jon to suck it up and just do what needs to be done.  “Kill the boy, Jon Snow.  Winter is almost upon us.  Kill the boy and let the man be born.”  Had the Mad King had Maester Aemon by his side, I believe the fate of the Targaryen’s would have been much different.

When Jon meets with his brothers to reveal his decision, he, as expected, is met with anger from his brothers.  The Lord Commander wants to let the Wildlings come through the Wall’s gates to protect them from White Walkers in exchange for their promise to fight with the Night’s Watch.  The brothers are not happy with the decision, particularly Jon’s steward Olly, whose village was slaughtered by the Wildlings.  The young boy expresses his thoughts to Jon, hoping to change his mind.  But the decision is final.  Jon meets with Tormund Giantsbane to convince him to go along with Jon’s plan.  Tormund resists at first, but when you’re faced with the option of being killed by an army of White Walkers, you start to rethink your priorities.  Tormund agrees to round up the rest of the Wildlings, but wants Jon to go with him.

In Winterfell, the Madman Ramsay Bolton is having a naked conversation with his equally-mad consort, Myranda.  She is (rightfully) jealous of Sansa and it is eating her up inside.  She asks Ramsay if he thinks Sansa is pretty and he answers truthfully.  I mean, what can she do to him?  He’s nuts!  But so is Myranda since she willingly sleeps with that psychopath.  Myranda tries the “I’ll marry someone else” tactic, but Ramsay could care less.  He tells her she isn’t going anywhere and that she belongs to him.  Here’s hoping the Seven watch over Myranda if Ramsay ever gets tired of her.

Sansa has a meal with her betrothed
Sansa has a meal with her betrothed

Later, Sansa is in her room when she receives a message from Brienne, although she doesn’t know it’s from her.  The Lady of Tarth is in the North, patiently waiting for a chance to help Sansa any way she can.  She uses the servants to relay her message that should Sansa need her help to put a candle in the window of the tallest tower, which is the same one that Bran was thrown from in Season 1.  Sansa visits the tower and meets Miranda there.  Like her boyfriend, she plays head games with Sansa, showing her where Theon sleeps when he isn’t at Ramsay’s beck and call.  Theon/Reek is beside himself and ends up confessing to his captor that Sansa saw him.  Ramsay claims to forgive his pet for keeping the secret, but then humiliates him and Sansa while eating with his father and stepmother.  Ramsay, enjoying himself to the fullest, makes Theon/Reek apologize to Sansa for killing Bran and Rickon and orders him to give her away at the wedding.  Hearing enough of his son’s musings, Roose and his wife Walda disclose that they are expecting a baby, which most likely will be a boy.  Not so cocky now are you?!  Roose likes his son insecure and uses it to his advantage.  He tells Ramsay of Stannis’ plan to attack the North, knowing the Madman will do whatever it takes to remain in his father’s favor.

Tyrion tries to avoid the Stone Men
Tyrion tries to avoid the Stone Men

And on the way to Meereen, Tyrion tries to make the long trip a bit more enjoyable by using his brains and his quick wit.  “Long sullen silences with the occasional punch in the face.  The Mormont Way.”  Jorah is quiet as ever, even refusing Halfman a bit of wine.  It isn’t until they reach the old city of Valyria that Jorah opens his mouth.  The city is a burnt ruin, a shadow of what it used to be.  It is both beautiful and terrible.  Tyrion begins to recite a poem about the Doom of Valyria with Jorah helping him at the end.  Tyrion, ever the funny man, looks at Jorah and says, “I would clap . . .” which is his hilarious way of getting his ropes cut.  The tension between them eases just a bit when the two see Drogon flying high; Tyrion for the first time and Jorah since he was exiled.  Both are in complete awe of the dragon and should thank their lucky stars he wasn’t hungry.  As the men gaze at Drogon, they are attacked by the greyscaled Stone Men.  Jorah fights them off, warning Tyrion not to let them touch him.  Halfman ends up in the water to get away from one of the Stone Men, when another pulls him down deeper into the water.  Jorah pulls him out, saving Tyrion’s life, thank the Seven, but is later seen to have a patch of greyscale on his wrist!  How long before the disease turns him into one of the Stone Men?  Will Jorah and Tyrion make it to Meereen before it’s too late?

Stay tuned.

Game of Thrones airs on Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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