Modern Romance – Aziz Ansari

Author: Aziz Ansari Rating: 4.2 Stars More Info Author Bio Where to buy: Amazon | BN | Strand Maybe we are trying to meet every single person in order to be sure we have the best. Maybe we have it all wrong. Dating in today’s technology age is downright bizarre. Texting has replaced phone calls, sexting is the new whispering of sweet nothings in someone’s ear, and emojis are how feelings are shared with someone (I still have no idea what the penguins mean). The dating world has been turned upside down for us regular folks, what is it like … Continue reading Modern Romance – Aziz Ansari

The Shore – Sara Taylor

Author: Sara Taylor Rating: 4.0 Stars More Info Author Bio Where to buy: Amazon | BN | Strand ‘You’ve probably been thinking about coming back here for a while,’ she finally says. ‘Not really.’ ‘Ever thought about coming back to live?’ I can’t answer right away, instead pretend there’s more tea in the empty cup. ‘Not til today.’ When I say it I realize that I have been thinking about it, have been easing back into the landscape like putting on a favorite coat. I hate this place and I love this place and I don’t know if I want … Continue reading The Shore – Sara Taylor