My First Time Reading: Junot Díaz

I have absolutely no idea why it’s taken me so long to discover Junot Díaz’s work.  I have no excuse, no fathomable reason.  But I am so glad that I finally did.

Recently, I listened to a podcast called Big Think, Think Again, and Mr. Díaz was that week’s guest.  He was such a smart, funny and extremely thoughtful person and listening to him got me curious about his work.  The host of the podcast mentioned the book The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, so I borrowed it from my local library (yayyy libraries) and started reading.  I finished that novel in record time because it was absolutely brilliant.  Díaz’s used a mix of English and Spanish in his work, as well as descriptions that made his characters come to life. I was in the Dominican Republic and Paterson, New Jersey. I felt Beli’s love for her Gangster as well as Oscar’s constant desire to be with a girl. When the book was done, I found myself ready to hit the library again to read more of Díaz’s amazing work.


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