The Walking Dead, Season 6 – No Way Out

Have you all recovered from the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead yet?  If not, I don’t blame you.  It was one of the most intense episodes I’ve seen in a while and set up the rest of Season 6 as one that promises to be full of shocking surprises.

Although I have read all of the graphic novels to date, TWD still managed to shock the crap out of me.  Too many times I found myself standing up from my seat, my hands over my mouth wondering what the hell was going to happen next.  There were a few times when I just said, “Oh shit!” because something that happened in the graphic novels appeared on the small screen.  One of the biggest events was Carl’s injury (I won’t say what it was, you really need to watch).  I was just talking to another TWD fan last week about it because he was wondering if it would ever happen on the show.  I would loved to have been a fly on that guy’s wall when Carl was struck.

How much more tragedy can Rick take?  The man is becoming unhinged and rightly so.  I’ll be honest, I have no idea how sane I would be after all of the death he and his comrades have seen.  Carl is the only thing keeping Rick from killing everyone in Alexandria.  We saw how much of a savage he had become in Season 4, and if he loses Carl, we may has well say sayonara to Sheriff Grimes’ sanity.

Rick’s rampage inadvertently brought the residents of Alexandria out of their shells and into the streets to fight off the walkers.  None of them had ever dealt with any real danger until Rick and his group came along.  Living in those giant houses made them soft, but they came out in force and helped clear the walkers out of their town.  Even Eugene finally found his bolas and got out there with the rest of them and did his duty.

And can we talk about Daryl Dixon and his grenade launcher???  I did NOT see that coming, but damn was it something to see.  One minute Negan’s men are deciding Sasha and Abraham’s fate, the next they’re being blown to pieces, which actually made me laugh (not sure what that says about my sense of humor).  But it still leaves the question: who is Negan?  I know who he is, and if this episode is any indication, you will too.  And you ain’t gonna like what you see.

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9:00 pm on AMC.

Photo courtesy of AMC


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