The Walking Dead, Season 6 – The Same Boat

In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Maggie’s and Carol’s fates are revealed.

? - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Jill Jane Clements as Molly – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Last week, the plan to rescue Craig went well until a lone Savior named Primo (Jimmy Gonzales) tried to escape on Daryl’s bike.  When he was captured, a voice came over the walkie‑talkie and it was revealed that Maggie and Carol had been captured, as well.  This week, the show opens with how it all went down.  We meet four more of the Saviors, with the redhead seemingly in charge.  She demands that Primo be released or Carol and Maggie die.  We know Rick won’t have that so he demands Primo for the two women.  Carol, for once, looks scared and that worries me.  She’s normally very calm and collected but she looks terrified, while Maggie looks like she’s ready to take the L for the group.  The redhead doesn’t take the deal and the group leaves with Carol and Maggie.

The women are taken to a safe house, and while on the way, Carol does what she can to see where they are going.  She hears the redhead give instructions regarding their location and also sees a couple of things on the way that may help Rick and the rest find them.  Once they arrive at the safe house, Maggie’s jacket is removed just in time to see a walker killed right in front of her.  Although that would normally freak out a regular person like me, Maggie didn’t seem too bothered.  The redhead has the ladies sit on opposite sides of the room and tells them if they try to escape she’ll kill them with no hesitation.  Like they’ve never heard that one before!

While the Saviors try to clear out the walkers in the safe house, Maggie tries to untie her binds while Carol grabs the rosary left by her feet when one of the Saviors removed the dead walker in the room.  She hides it in her pocket before the Saviors come back.  Once they do, Carol starts to hyperventilate, which freaks Maggie out.  The Saviors are too busy arguing about pretty much everything to care, but Maggie finally gets their attention.  The Redhead (whose name turns out to be Paula (played by Alicia Witt)), roughly pulls Maggie’s gag off and says, “What?”  Maggie tells Paula that Carol is hyperventilating and to remove her gag.  It’s done and then one of the Saviors gives Carol the rosary in her pocket.  Paula walks over and asks her if she’s afraid to die.  Carol says no but for them not to hurt Maggie or the baby.

The Saviors look at Maggie like she’s lost her mind for getting pregnant now that they live in Hell (seriously, how are more women NOT pregnant since birth control is pretty much non-existent in a zombie apocalypse?).  Anywho, Paula and Maggie start waxing philosophical on the pros and cons of having a kid, they come to an impasse and Paula walks away, but not before we see the Savior holding the gun on Maggie make a weird face.  The Savior named Molly (played by Jill Jane Clements) pulls out a cigarette and promptly starts hacking as soon as she takes a drag.  Carol reminds Molly about the baby, but she’s like whatever, you’ve got bigger problems, but Michelle (gun-holding Savior, played by Jeananne Goossen) gets Molly to put out her cancer stick.  Molly then starts coughing up what sounds like a lung, but is just some blood.  She’s a “dead woman walking,” which means she’s got nothing to lose and is probably the most dangerous one there.

? - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Rus Blackwell as Donnie – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Well, maybe not.  Turns out the crybaby named Donnie (played by Rus Blackwell) who Carol shot in the arm is pissed that Paula hasn’t killed her yet.  His arm hurts sooooo bad and he needs Primo and why is that bitch still alive?  Wah wah wah!!!!  He gets up in front of Carol because he really wants her dead but Paula says no, so he fakes the pain in his arm, decides to be a “man” and do what he wants anyway.  He hits Paula in the face and then goes for Carol, but Maggie attacks.  He grabs her by the hair and calls her an “uppity bitch” and she answers with a head butt (take that, asshole!).  Carol grabs his legs but he kicks her repeatedly before Paula knocks him out cold.  She tells Michelle to take Maggie to another room for questioning.

In the other room, Michelle tries to get Maggie to talk, but so far all she does is vomit cuz morning sickness (or she’s really good at stalling).  Michelle then tells Maggie that she is not the good guy, whatever that means.  In the other room, Molly is patching Paula up after Donnie’s tantrum.  Carol says thank you for helping her and Maggie.  She starts to tell her about the abusive ex-husband but Paula doesn’t want to hear it.  She thinks Carol is pathetic and could care less about her.  Carol starts rubbing the rosary again and Paula asks her if she still believes in “that crap.”  Carol says her faith got her through the death of her daughter (R.I.P. Sophia) and Paula tells her she’ll probably see her again pretty soon.

Back to Maggie and Michelle.  Maggie asks Michelle about the half of a pinkie finger.  Apparently, Michelle stole gas to find the body of a dead boyfriend and got caught.  Well if that’s what happens when you steal gas, I can’t imagine what happens when you steal important stuff like food or water.  Turns out Michelle was pregnant but something happened where she wasn’t anymore.  Maggie said she was sorry but Michelle knew better.  Both of them are tough and neither wants to die.  I see a serious cage match coming between these two ladies.

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier and Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Rick tries to contact Paula on the walkie to convince her to make the trade.  Of course she doesn’t and leaves him hanging (he’s probably going nuts right now because someone is saying no to him).  Carol continues with the water works and she tells Paula why her people were blown to bits on the road.  She and Molly seemed okay with that, but wanted to know why Rick and the group killed more of them.  Carol mentions Negan being a maniac and Molly says that they are “all Negan.”  What the hell does that mean?  Paula calls Carol weak and again wants to know what she’s so afraid of.  Good question.  Paula takes the time to talk about her life B.Z.A. (Before Zombie Apocalypse).  She was a secretary, hated her boss, blah blah blah.  Now post‑B.Z.A. she’s a strong killer who will kill as many people as possible to stay alive.  Carol thinks that’s a load of crap and tells her so.  Paula is just afraid to die as Carol, but Paula will die.  Paula contacts Rick and agrees to make the trade.  She’s leery about it because she thinks the agreement was too easy.  Rick and the rest are close and they need backup.  Paula and Molly leave Carol alone and she begins with her plan of escape.

She sharpens the cross on the rosary, cuts the tape from her hands and feet and walks out of the unlocked room.  She finds Maggie and frees her of her binds.  They go back to the room where Donnie is still laid out and realize he’s been dead and is turning.  They use him as a trap and when Molly comes in, he bites her on the arm.  Maggie knocks her down and then bashes her head in.  Paula comes in a few minutes later and sees the carnage.  For a few seconds, she’s in shock, but then gets a hold of herself, cocks her gun and looks for the escapees.  Maggie and Carol walk into a bunch of walkers, who are used as bait to keep them in and others out.  Paula walks up behind them and Carol tells her to run away.  She doesn’t and Carol wounds her.  Michelle hears the gunfire and heads their way.  She and Maggie fight and Michelle cuts Mags in the stomach (that bitch).  Before she can make another move, Carol calmly walks up to Michelle and blows her brains out.  Paula laughs because Carol played them all so well.  She asks Carol one more time what she was so afraid of.  She was afraid of turning into the killer she is and not caring about it.  And then she kills Paula.  The backup Saviors call Paula on the walkie and Carol tells them to meet on the Kill Floor.

As Mags and Carol wait for the Saviors’ arrival, Carol talks about the number of people that she’s killed.  Before they can discuss Carol’s kill score further, the backup Saviors arrive.  Once they arrive and are gathered on the Kill Floor, Carol lights a cigarette, then comes out, locks the Saviors on the Kill Floor and throws her cigarette in, which ignites a fire and burns them alive.  Maggie and Carol walk out of the safe house and right into Glenn, Daryl and the rest.  Both women are shaken up and I’m not sure how much more they can take of this crazy life they’ve been living.

Rick asks Primo about Negan and that dummy says he’s Negan, although we know he meant it in the figurative sense.  Rick doesn’t have time for that crap and blows his brains out.  Carol, already on edge because of what she did a few minutes ago, squeezes the sharpened cross on the rosary and her hand begins to bleed.  What on Earth does this mean for Carol and Maggie?  Are Rick and Company done with the Saviors for good?  Or is this just the beginning?  Let’s see what next week brings.

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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