The Walking Dead, Season 6 – East

In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, the search for Carol is on.

Last week, Carol decided that she’d had enough of killing and left Alexandria.  Well, we knew that wouldn’t sit well with the rest of the gang and now things are coming to a head.

The show opens with Carol’s voice in the background telling someone to come out.  While she’s speaking, shots of her car and various spots of blood are being shown.  The person she’s speaking to, possibly a Savior, says he thinks he’ll pass on her offer.  Then we hear him scream and then a gunshot.

Rewind to the day before.  Carol is in Alexandria preparing to leave for good.  Tobin stops by and he starts talking about Dr. Denise, but she isn’t listening.  She snaps back to reality and decides to give Tobin one last shag (although he doesn’t know it) before leaving.  Later that night, Carol leaves while Tobin is sleeping and disappears before anyone sees her.  In the morning, we see Carl in the armory holding his gun.  Is he ready to use it again?  We’ll see.  Maggie and Glenn are having some shower time (lucky ducks), which is definitely a treat for them.  Daryl, back on his bike where he belongs, is holding the “Denise” keychain and decides to leave the camp to find Dwight.  At the wall, Abraham relieves Sasha from duty and they share a cute moment, with her giving Big Red a cigar.  Rosita sees the chemistry but says nothing.  And then there’s Rick and Michonnne a.k.a. Richonne.  They are spooning in bed, quite content in their bubble.  Michonne grabs an apple from the nightstand, takes a bite and then shares it with Rick (sigh).  She needs to get ready to meet with Maggie but Rick tries to convince her to stay in bed.  She laughs and says, “I’m not pissing off a pregnant lady.”  Michonne tells him that Maggie is worried about an attack, but Rick, always confident, says “The world is ours, and we know how to take it.”  Again, we’ll see.

At the wall, Daryl rides up so he can open the gate.  Rosita, Glenn, Maggie and Michonne try to convince him to stay and protect the camp, but Daryl is going no matter what.  Glenn, Michonne and Rosita decide to ride out with him in case he needs protection.  Around the same time, Tobin gives Rick Carol’s note and he freaks out.  He gets ready to leave and finds out from Abraham that some of the others have left.  He asks if Michonne is one of them and he answers in the affirmative.  Rick’s face gets emotional for a second but he holds it together.  Morgan, who was standing close by, decides to look for Carol and Rick goes with him.

- The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
– The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Out on the road, Carol is driving one of the cars used to trap walkers, as its full of long wooden spikes.  She sees a truck up ahead full of armed men and decides to keep driving.  However, they have other plans and shoot out her tires.  The really cute one named Jiro (played by Rich Ceraulo) tells her to get out of her car and she complies.  She tells them she doesn’t have anything, but they want information.  She tells them she’s no one from nowhere but Jiro guesses she’s from Alexandria.  She starts freaking out and says it doesn’t have to be this way.  But, being the cocky Saviors they are, they think she’s pleading for her life.  Turns out, she was hiding a machine gun in her coat sleeve and she shoots them dead.  Not all of them, unfortunately.  The driver of the truck gets out and starts shooting, but Carol uses one of the spikes to shove in his chest from the other side of the car.  She takes his gun and searches him for weapons.  She sees another Savior (the really cute one) hiding behind the truck, which is where the show begins.  Cute Savior Jiro comes running out with a knife and then we hear a gunshot off camera.

Back in Alexandria, Maggie is about to take a shift on the wall, but Enid volunteers in her stead so she can rest.  Maggie tries to argue, but Enid has had to grow up a lot over the past few months.  She takes the shift for a few hours and Maggie gets some much needed rest.

On the road again, Morgan and Rick are having a fight, but a very calm one.  Morgan thinks he knows why Carol left but Rick thinks he has no idea what he’s talking about.  How can Morgan know her already?  Because he basically was Carol before he changed his ways.  The wrongness of killing was pulling him down.  Rick doesn’t think the wrong has pulled him down, but Morgan tells him it will because he does know Rick.

At the scene of the gunfight, one of the Saviors Carol thought was dead actually comes to.  He’s wounded but not so much that he’s not ready to find Carol.  He gets out of the truck and sees the Cute Savior dying on the ground.  He tells him to just let it go before setting off.  Luckily for him, he just misses being caught by Rick and Morgan, who drive up on the scene.  Rick asks Cute Savior Jiro about Carol, but he’s pretty much dead anyway so Rick helps him along (RIP, Cutie).  They see a trail of blood and decide to follow it.  Rick tells Morgan that the thing with the Saviors hasn’t ended after all.  Morgan corrects him and says that Rick has started something.  Oh yes, he definitely has.  As they leave, the surviving Savior comes out of the bushes where he was hiding all along.  He picks up Carol’s rosary and starts walking.

Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee; Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon; Danai Gurira as Michonne; Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Elsewhere, Rosita, Michonne and Glenn are on the tracks at the spot where Dr. Denise was killed.  Glenn wants to know which way Dwight ran so they can track Daryl.  Michonne finds D’s bike to confirm he was there.  Daryl is in the woods with his trusty crossbow and almost shoots Rosita in the face.  The group try to get him to come back to Alexandria.  They all know that something is coming and they need to be ready.  But Daryl has too much guilt over Dr. Denise’s death and would rather find Dwight.  Rosita decides to go with him because she feels bad, as well.  Glenn and Michonne walk back to the van so they can head back to camp, but end up surrounded by Saviors, including that prick Dwight.

Morgan and Rick find a patch of blood in the grass and then a walker who could be Carol.  Thankfully, it isn’t.  They hear something coming from the barn up ahead and walk towards it.  A guy comes out and freaks when he sees Morgan and Rick.  He says he’s just looking for his horse, but Rick being Rick, wants to blow his brains out just in case.  Before he can, a group of walkers converge on the barn and they lose sight of the guy.  He starts running and Rick takes aim, but Morgan shoves him so he hits a walker instead.  Rick says he doesn’t take chances anymore but Morgan says maybe he should.  He finally tells him about the Wolf he had hidden in the basement and what went down.  Morgan said if that Wolf hadn’t changed and saved Dr. Denise’s life, then she wouldn’t have been around to save Carl when he was shot.  That shut Rick up (which never happens) because it was the truth.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes; Lennie James as Morgan Jones – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Although I don’t always agree with Morgan about his philosophy, he was right in this instance.  Morgan tells Rick to go back to Alexandria so they can prepare for what’s coming and he’ll look for Carol.  Rick asks him if he’s coming back and he says yes, but if not, don’t come looking for him.  Rick gives him a gun and then admits that Michonne did take his last protein bar.

Back in Alexandria, Rick talks to Abraham to see if anyone made it back yet.  He says no, but they will.  Then Red asks Rick if he’s afraid to go to war knowing that he’s gotten close with someone again.  He’s says yes but it’s worth it.  Abraham says that he feels like he wants to “tear the world a brand new asshole” now that he’s got someone worth fighting for.  They both stand at the gate and wait for the gang to come back.  Enid visits Maggie at her home and is charged with one more task.  She cuts Maggie’s hair short, which looks pretty good.  Enid asks her why she wanted it cut and Mags says, “I have to keep goin’ and I don’t want anything gettin’ in my way.”  And then she gets the worst pain ever in her abdomen and no doctor to speak of to help her.

In the woods, Glenn and Michonne are tied up and gagged while the Saviors camp out, but they see Daryl and Rosita creeping up for an ambush.  Glenn tries to warn his friends but it’s too late.  Dwight and another Savior get the jump on them and D and Ro put their weapons down.  When Daryl tries to turn, Dwight shoots him!!  Blood splatters on the screen and then it goes dark.  The last thing we hear is, “You’ll be alright.”  BASTARD!!!

Is Daryl dead?  If not, will D get his revenge and finally kill Dwight?  We’ll find out next week when we’ll also finally be introduced to Negan.  I’m so scared because in one of the few shots we see of him, he’s holding Lucille and that is not good.  Be prepared folks, cuz Negan is gonna rock our worlds.

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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