The Walking Dead, Season Finale – Last Day On Earth

In the season finale of The Walking Dead, Negan makes himself known.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce to you a man we’ve been waiting for, whether we wanted to or not.  A dude so vicious, so sick and twisted, he’s got the lock on the rest of the sick and twisted dudes (and dudettes) out there.  And Rick & Co. are no match for him.  I give you, NEGAN.

Yes, folks, Negan (played to creepy perfection by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has finally shown us who he really is, and my friends, he’s a motherfucker.  Negan and his Saviors played a psychological game of chicken with Rick and the gang as they tried to get Maggie to the Hilltop for medical treatment.  But they were blocked at every turn.  I mean literally blocked at every turn.  Blockade after blockade after freaking blockade.  Even Eugene’s big brain couldn’t outsmart this guy.  He was everywhere and nowhere without breaking a sweat.  It wasn’t until the group was surrounded in the woods before Negan finally showed his face.  And it was terrifying.

Here’s what makes Negan worse than anyone Rick & Co. have faced, even the Governor (and he was one sick son of a bitch, so that’s saying something):  he out thinks everyone and will kill without any hesitation; he believes in punishment for any offence (You steal, you’re punished, you run, you’re punished, you kill his men even though they tried to kill you first, well, you know); and he does it with a smile that fools you into believing he may give you a pass.  Don’t fall for it!  You ain’t gettin’ a pass!!

Danai Gurira as Michonne; Michael Cudlitz as Sgt Abraham Ford; Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene; Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes; Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha; Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes; Josh McDermitt as Dr Eugene Porter – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Rick, who’s been on an ego trip for the past few episodes, was brought down to size, back to what he was like before Alexandria.  Rick had no card to play, no words to say.  He had nothing.  Negan put it so eloquently when he said, “Sucks don’t it?  The moment you realize you don’t know shit.”  And he was so right.  Rick didn’t know jack shit about his enemy and someone in his group is going to pay the ultimate price.

But Negan didn’t choose that someone swiftly.  No, no children.  That’s not how he rolls.  Negan took his sweet, sweet, agonizing time before he made his choice.  And when he did, all we saw was him swinging Lucille (his bat covered in barbed wire) coming down on someone’s head.  Then that person’s vision went hazy and there was lots of blood.  And then Negan came down on that person’s head with the viciousness it takes to beat the “Holy Hell” out of someone.  Everything went dark and all we heard was Negan smashing what sounded like a pumpkin to bits and people screaming.  And then the show ended.  It fucking ENDED.  SCREW YOU, AMC!!!

So now we’re left with the vision of Negan and Lucille playing baseball with someone’s head and that sound that will take a few days to get out of my head.  I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna need a few drinks after watching that episode.

For now, let’s all rejoice in knowing that The Walking Dead has been renewed for another season and that we’ll all be stressed out again come Fall.  Until then, enjoy what I hope will be an epic Summer and thanks so much for reading.

The Walking Dead will return for Season 7 on AMC this Fall.

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