Outlander, Season 2 – Useful Occupations and Deceptions

Jamie plays chess
Jamie and Duverney enjoy a game of chess.

In the latest episode of Outlander, the Bonnie Prince Charles reveals a secret.


Stopping a Jacobite rebellion is hard work.  It’s bad enough that Jamie has to listen to Prince Charles blather on and on about his cause, he has to do it in a brothel full of beautiful women to boot.  Yes, our favorite Scot is a busy man.  Running his cousin’s wine business, practicing with Murtagh to get back into fighting shape and then meeting with the Prince has kept him from sleep, and his wife, for many a night now.  Claire, on the other hand, is bored.  She doesn’t do much but run the household and have tea with Louise and her silly friends.

Claire is with said ladies when she makes a horrible realization.  As she, Louise and Mary Hawkins are playing cards, Mary blurts out that she does not want to marry a Frenchman.  Claire asks her why and her answer is sad and hilarious at the same time.  Poor Mary is horrified that Frenchmen want to put their “things” between women’s legs!  Why on Earth would they want to do such a thing?  I guess no one told her that pretty much every heterosexual man wants to do that.  Or that women usually enjoy it, if done right.  Louise bursts out laughing, but Mary says men where she comes from don’t do such things (umm, okay).  Louise asks if she came from the moon and Mary tells her she’s from Seaford in Sussex.  Just then, Claire looks like she’s about to drop dead on the spot, as she flashes back to when Frank showed her a book that lists his family line from 1746, the year Captain Randall married Mary Hawkins!  She’s Frank’s ancestor, which means Black Jack has to stay alive in order for that to take place.  Dammit!

Claire comes back home in a foul mood, which grows even worse when she realizes her lady’s maid Suzette (played by Adrienne-Marie Zitt) hadn’t done her mending.  She searches for the servant and finds her on top of Murtagh.  Suzette seems to be okay with her mistress walking in on her and asks milady if she needs anything (I love the French).  Claire decides to leave before blowing her stack.  A few minutes later, Murtagh comes down to speak to Claire.  He says he won’t apologize for seeking comfort and Claire doesn’t expect him to.  She does, however, expect him to do something besides lay around the house doing nothing.  They argue and Claire says something rude, which she quickly apologizes for.  She says she isn’t herself and Murtagh agrees.  Claire finally tells him about Black Jack and Murtagh begs her not to tell Jamie, which is wise advice.  Afterwards, Murtagh goes back up to Suzette to finish his business, but not before Claire asks him about birth control.  He looks at her like she’s speaking Chinese, and she tells him she’ll get something for Suzette instead.

At Court, Jamie and Minister Duverney are playing a game of chess.  Of course, Jamie kicks Duverney’s ass in the game and they move on to more pressing matters.  Jamie urges the Minister to not finance Prince Charlie’s rebellion and invites him to Maison Elise to tell the Bonnie Prince himself.  Duverney of course says yes to the invitation.

Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser

While Jamie schemes, Claire visits Master Raymond, who just happens to be conversing with Comte St. Germain.  Master Raymond reintroduces them and they both are cordial but just so.  After St. Germain leaves, Claire asks about contraception for Suzette and then proceeds to vent about feeling inadequate.  Master Raymond suggests she put her medical knowledge to good use at the charity hospital, L’Hôpital des Anges.  When she gets there, she is shown around by Sister Angelique (Audrey Brisson) and decides she wants to volunteer.  She starts working, doing odd jobs here and there.  Then Claire sees a woman clearly in distress and notices a jar of urine under her bed.  She sniffs, then tastes the urine to figure out what’s wrong with the sick woman.  Mother Hildegarde (played by Frances de la Tour), who had been watching Claire closely, asks her if she knows what ails the poor woman.  Turns out she’s diabetic but back then it was called Sugar Disease.  Mother Hildegarde is impressed because no woman has ever correctly diagnosed a patient before.  She gives Claire more responsibility, which makes her very happy.


As Claire uses her medical skills, Jamie and Duverney meet with Prince Charles at Maison Elise.  Turns out, the Bonnie Prince has some funds already secured for the rebellion, which comes as a bit of a shock to Jamie.  Apparently, the Prince has been secretly collaborating with some of the British aristocracy and tells the Minister he only needs enough money from King Louis to close the gap.  In exchange, he offers an alliance between Britain and France when Prince Charles takes the throne.  This is too much to pass up, and Duverney tells Charles he will talk to the King about his proposal.  Jamie is pissed but hides it well, but just barely.  He heads home to discuss the news with Claire, but his wife is nowhere to be found.  Hours pass and no sign of her.  Jamie, who is used to his wife being around, grows ever more annoyed.  When she does finally arrive home, he ain’t too happy with her and lets her know.  She tells him that feeling useful is what she needs, but he tells her that he’s been hanging out with that idiot Charles to get him to call off the rebellion.  When does he get to feel useful?  Before she can answer, Jamie walks out and heads back to Maison Elise to drink away his anger.

When he gets there, he notices a young boy going around the brothel pocketing whatever he can get his hands on.  Jamie comes up with an idea and follows the boy outside.  When he approaches, the boy makes a run for it, thinking Jamie wants to punish him for stealing.  When he finally catches him, Jamie tells the boy he wants to give him a job.  The boy turns out to be young Fergus (played by Romann Berrux), who will play a giant part in the Outlander saga.  Fergus agrees and heads home with Jamie.

At the house, Claire is in bed tossing and turning, until she hears a crash.  She heads downstairs and finds Fergus in the dining room.  She learns that Jamie has hired young Fergus to steal letters in order to find out whether Charles truly has the money he boasted about to Duverney.  Claire thinks the idea is a clever one, but Jamie is still pissed about her new endeavor and goes to bed.  Fergus begins his work the next day and is pretty damned good at it.  Murtagh and Jamie read every letter and come across sheet music that’s written in German.  Murtagh thinks he can find someone to figure it out and Jamie agrees.

At the hospital, Claire is flourishing.  She’s seeing patients and successfully diagnosing until she comes across one patient that tests her knowledge.  She’s stumped as to what is ailing a man with a broken leg.  Claire realizes that the man has an underlying infection, but can’t figure out where.  No worries, Mother Hildegard gets Bouton to figure it out.  Who is that, you ask?  Well, Bouton is an infection-sniffing dog, that’s who.  In French, Mother Hildegarde gets her buddy to sniff out the man’s infection, which was caused by a healed wound in his leg.  Claire uses a scalpel to cut into the man’s leg, removing a piece of bone that was causing all the trouble.  After, Jamie comes to the hospital and asks Mother Hildegarde for her help.  He brings the sheet music to see if she can figure it out.  The good Mother says the music is like her friend Bach’s.  Like in Johann Sebastian Bach.  Mother Hildegarde likes her friend’s work, but tells Claire that she doesn’t think it will endure (if she only knew).  As she plays, Mother Hildegarde realizes that there is a difference in the music and they realize it is in code.  Jamie, Claire and Murtagh figure it out and find that Prince Charles really was collaborating with British aristocracy and definitely has money for the rebellion.  Forty thousand pounds, to be exact, and the collaborator Charles was working with was none other than the Duke of Sandringham.  Solving this puzzle puts Jamie in a good mood and decides drinks are in order.  But Murtagh and Claire are terrified.  If Jamie meets with the Duke, that bastard will let slip that Captain Randall is still alive.  Murtagh thinks now is the time to tell Jamie, but Claire can’t seem to do it.  Jamie is in such a festive mood, she doesn’t want to spoil it.

How will Claire get out of this mess?  What will Jamie do when he finds out about Randall?  And will Prince Charles ever stop going to Maison Elise?  Stay tuned.

Outlander airs on Saturdays at 9pm on Starz.

Photos courtesy of Starz

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