Outlander, Season 2 – La Dame Blanche

In the latest episode of Outlander, dinner is served.

Welp, things have started to go pretty cray for Les Frasers.  Poison, nighttime attacks and uninvited guests are just a taste of what’s to come for Claire and Jamie.

At Court, Jamie and Duverney are again playing chess, this time with Claire in tow.  For once, Jamie is losing, as he’s pretty distracted.  To make things worse, Comte St. Germain stops by their table, cool as a cucumber.  He reveals Duverney’s strategy to beat Jamie before casually walking away from the trio.  Jamie confirms what the Comte said and ends the game.  Claire leaves the men to a new game so they can talk politics.  As they talk, Claire takes a sip of a drink, with the Comte in the background watching her.  She starts choking and Jamie rushes her out of the room.

At home, Claire is in bed, diagnosing herself to her husband.  She’s been poisoned with bitter cascara, the same ingredient found at Master Raymond’s apothecary.  The Frasers know that St. Germain was behind it all, but with no proof there’s really nothing they can do.  As the antidote courses through her, Claire and Jamie talk of what to do next in regards to Prince Charles.  Jamie thinks having a dinner party at their home would expose Charles for the “delusional poppingjay” he truly is, especially in front of the Duke of Sandringham.  Yeah, about that.  Claire, knowing she can’t put it off any longer, finally confesses to Jamie that Captain Randall is still alive.  He takes it pretty well, as he wants to be the one to kill that man.  He now has something to look forward to and can start to feel like himself again.

Charles acts a foolThe next day, Claire heads out to see Master Raymond and confronts him about the bitter cascara.  He admits he did sell some to a servant he’d never seen before, but not to St. Germain.  Delphine interrupts to let Raymond know the shop is being watched.  He takes Claire to a secret room in the back, where all of his goodies are stored.  She tells Master Raymond that she’s worried about Frank’s future and he tells her to seek answers in the bones.  He uses sheep’s knuckles, which Claire tosses onto what looks like a zebra hide.  Master Raymond tells her that he cannot see Frank’s fate but Claire will see him again.  She’s like, “what?”  That’s the last thing Madame Fraser wants to hear.

Later that day, Claire is with Louise, who reveals that she’s pregnant by another man.  She wants an abortion, with Claire’s help, but she convinces her friend to trick her husband into thinking the baby is his.  That advice will work for the Frasers later.

Later that night, Jamie comes home in a spectacular mood, ready for some action with his wife.  Things are moving along nicely until Claire sees bite marks on Jamie’s thighs that are too damn close to the goods for her taste.  She flips, and starts going on about how he won’t touch her and she’s doing this all alone, blah blah blah.  But Jamie puts her in her place and tells her what he’s been going through.  He says the “fortress” where his soul resides has been blown apart ever since Wentworth.  Jamie says that’s where he’s been all this time, “naked, alone, trying to hide under a blade of grass.”  He goes to another room to sleep, leaving Claire to think about what she’s heard.  But not for long.  She goes to her husband and they finally make love.  Not the super sexy stuff we’ve seen before, but tender and easy (but still sexy), the kind of love Jamie needs to remind him that it still exists.Mary Hawkins

As the two share some much-needed pillow talk, Jamie hears someone on their roof.  He goes to the window, dirk in hand and grabs the intruder, pulling him into the room about to stab the life out of him.  Turns out the intruder is the Bonnie Prince!  He took it upon himself to come to the Frasers’ home since he had to leave his lover’s place like maintenant.  The Prince demanded Claire look at his injured hand and Jamie provide him with whiskey (jerk).  He starts going on about his lover spurning him and how he got the damn injury from her pet’s bite.  The damn thing bites everyone but her.  Wait, that sounds like Louise’s pet monkey?  Ohhhhhhhhhh!!  Louise is preggers for Prince Charles!!  Well, since they’re trying to stop the Jacobite Rebellion, Claire and Jamie decide to invite Louise and her husband to the dinner, then let slip that she’s pregnant so Charles can really act a fool.

The next week, dinner preparations have begun, but Claire decides to go to the charity hospital for a bit.  Jamie tries to talk her out of it, but she wants to feel useful and goes anyway (like he could stop her).  Murtagh and Fergus go with her so they can bring her home on time (again, like that would happen).  At the hospital, Claire is fascinated by the methods used by the men passing as physicians during that time.  One in particular seems to know what he’s doing and shows her how to numb the lower leg by tapping into a specific nerve.  That same physician gives her a balm to soothe burns.  Turns out that balm is called Hangman’s Grease, made out of the rendered fat of hanged men.  Mary Hawkins, who accompanied Claire to the hospital, looks like she’s about to faint, but Claire just keeps on going (cuz what else can you do in that situation?).  Mother Hildegarde stops by to talk to Claire and reveals that that same physician is the King’s Royal Executioner.  Hey, you’ve got to use what you can at a charity hospital.  Mother Hildegarde seems to think having Claire there was a blessing, which lights her up.  Madame Fraser may sometimes be a pain in the ass, but that woman knows her stuff and will learn whatever she can to help.

Since we all know Claire wasn’t going to make it home in time (and so did Jamie), he begins receiving guests as they arrive to dinner.  When he meets Alexander Randall, his demeanor changes for just a second, but he goes back to his cordial self.  I’m sure the Duke of Sandringham wanted Jamie to make a scene, but he kept his cool and was the perfect host.  Even when St. Germain arrives uninvited (by the Frasers anyway), who is still cool as a cucumber.  At the hospital, Claire and Mary come out to see that one of their carriage wheels is broken.  Claire is already running late as hell so she sends Fergus ahead to warn Jamie.  The rest start walking instead of waiting for the wheel to be fixed.

At home, the guests are having a decent time talking and drinking when Prince Charles arrives.  He is introduced to the Duke, and they both keep the charade of not knowing each other going pretty well.  As they talk, Louise and her husband arrive.  Prince Charles sees them and makes his way over.  Jamie introduces the couple to Charles, but he sees no one but Louise.  He kisses her hand for so long it looks like he’s going to have sex with it.  Louise takes her hand away, avoiding a very uncomfortable scene.

As the trio walk home, Mary reveals that she’s been secretly corresponding with Alex Randall and that she’s in love with him.  Claire isn’t sure what that means for Frank, but I’m sure that revelation is important.  Unfortunately, Claire doesn’t have time to digest this information, as they are attacked by brigands.  Murtagh is knocked out cold before the men turn their attentions to the women.  Poor Mary is raped (and her rapist is super excited she’s a virgin, the bastard).  Claire is about to be violated as well until one of the men removes her hood.  He starts exclaiming that she’s “La Dame Blanche” and runs for the hills.  The rest follow suit and Claire grabs Mary to try and comfort her before heading home.

Jamie is interrupted from the party and informed of Claire’s arrival.  She tells Jamie about what happened, which makes him want to kill St. Germain where he stands.  Oh yeah, Claire, about that.  Jamie tells her the man is in her home as the guest of Sandringham cuz this night just needs to get worse.  His secretary Alex comes out after hearing the commotion and sees his love.  He offers his assistance and they accept (how is he Jack’s brother?).  Jamie wants to cancel the dinner but Claire is like, hell no.  The dinner is on.  They take Mary upstairs using the back stairs since her father and fiancé are at the dinner too (of course they are).  Claire knocks her out with some drugs and Alex stays with her.  Claire gets dressed, pulls herself together and heads downstairs.  Jamie introduces his wife to everyone and the look on St. Germain’s face was classic!  He looks like he’s seen a damn ghost.

Dinner is served and Prince Charles tries to talk of politics, but Louise shuts him down.  She talks of the opera instead, and the conversation moves on to Sandringham telling a silly joke (which I have to admit made me laugh).  Then Jamie brings up Louise’s pregnancy and Charles looks like he just swallowed glass.  Just when he’s about to really act up, everyone hears a scream.  Poor Mary has woken up from her slumber and thinks Alex is one of the men who attacked her.  He tries to calm her down but she runs away.  He catches her and they fall, which is the perfect time for everyone to come into the room.  They all think Alex is attacking Mary, including her father.  After that, it all becomes a brawl, with Jamie and Murtagh dispatching the men easily.  The Duke, Prince Charles and St. Germain all leave (cuz why should they get involved) while Claire helplessly looks on.

Will this be the end of the Frasers’ plan to stop the Rebellion?  How will they recover from this most unfortunate scandal?  And what does it mean that St. Germain and Prince Charles have left the dinner together?

Stay tuned.

Outlander airs on Saturdays at 9pm on Starz.

Photos courtesy of Starz

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