Outlander, Season 2 – Faith

In the latest episode of Outlander, the Frasers suffer a devastating loss.

Last episode saw Claire collapsing after watching Jamie stab Black Jack Randall in his goodies, possibly erasing Frank Randall from existence.  In this episode, it begins in the year 1954, with Claire and her adorable red-headed daughter Brianna at the library.  Brianna, already a quizzical child, asks about a bird in a book she’s reading.  She asks Claire if she’d ever seen a bird like that and she answers that she has, a long time ago in Scotland.

Screenshot-2016-05-14-23.42.11-1024x576Back in France, 200 years previously, Claire is at the L’Hôpital, surrounded by medical staff.  Things are hazy, but she hears Mother Hildegarde calling her name, and young (?) is praying over her.  The physician is working feverishly to save her life and the life of her baby.

When Claire wakes, she feels her belly and realizes she is no longer pregnant.  She yells for her baby and Mother Hildegarde tells her that her baby, a daughter, was stillborn.  Claire does not believe that her baby is dead and starts freaking out.  She screams that she wants her baby, knocking over a statue of the Virgin Mary.  When she calms down, Mother Hildegarde tells Claire that the baby was baptized and given a name.  Her daughter was named Faith and Mother Hildegarde made sure the baby was buried on hallowed ground.  Some solace, but Claire was sick and possibly dying.  She asked for Jamie, but no one had heard from him.  Before leaving her, Mother Hildegarde told her dog Bouton to stay with Claire, which he dutifully did.

That night, a mysterious guest arrived at the L’Hôpital, face covered.  Bouton began to growl, until the guest told him to calm down.  Turned out it was Master Raymond, risking his life to save a friend.  He used his powers to relieve Claire of her infection, which was due to an unpassed placenta.  As Master Raymond’s hands worked their magic, Claire’s fever began to break.  Her friend then reached under her nightgown and used his magic to remove the infected placenta.  Master Raymond told Claire to call to Jamie, somehow knowing that the link those two share is special.  She did and pushed the infected placenta out of her body.  Master Raymond took a chance with his life to save Claire’s.  Before he left, Master Raymond told Claire that he would see her “in this life or the next” and then disappeared, with Bouton returning to his post beside her.  Mother Hildegarde and (sp?) attend to Claire, thanking the Lord for her recovery.  When she asks about Jamie, Mother H tells her that he is in the Bastille for dueling with Randall, who, of course, is still alive.  Claire blames Jamie for losing their daughter and it will take a miracle for her to forgive her man.

Weeks go by and Claire has recovered somewhat.  Fergus appears at the L’Hôpital and asks her to come home, which she does.  When her carriage arrives, Claire slowly comes out and comes face to face with her servants.  She begins her walk towards the house with Fergus at her side, and it is a very tearful one.  Suzette steps forward, crying profusely, which meant I started crying profusely.  When Claire reaches Magnus, the usually reserved man is overcome, apologizing for her loss.  Before he can bow to her, Claire stops him, takes his hand, thanks him and then bows to him.  And that, folks, is when I lost it.

Later, Fergus is in Claire’s room brushing her hair.  Since Milord is still in the Bastille, Fergus has taken it upon himself to look after Milady.  She thanks him for brushing her hair and Fergus returns the brush to the dressing table.  He looks at the scents there and gets a weird look on his face.  Claire notices and asks him what’s wrong, but Fergus says nothing and bolts out of the room.  Uh oh.Outlander-Faith-2x07-promotional-picture-outlander-2014-tv-series-39619291-1800-1200

Turns out, Jamie was dueling Black Jack after he caught him raping young Fergus.  Jamie went apeshit and challenged the rapist to a duel, which is why he broke his promise to Claire.  And although she’s still angry with him, hearing Fergus’ tearful confession about what happened made her change her mind about helping her husband.  Claire went to visit Mother Hildegarde to request an audience with King Louis.  Mother H. was to the point:  the King will expect sex, plain and simple.  And since all kinds of shit has happened to Claire anyway, what’s sleeping with a famous king to win your husband’s freedom?

The King does see Claire, who looks gorgeous in a beautiful deep green dress with plenty of cleavage.  May as well look hot if you’ve got to give a king the goods.  She arrives at Versailles and the King is ready for her.  He offers her some chocolate from Spain and an orange, which she accepts.  After a sip of the chocolate, Claire begins her appeal, which the King at first seemed like he was going to refuse.  But Claire knew what was required of her and tells Louis how “grateful” she would be for his help.  He takes her hands, noticing both wedding rings.  The King admires her loyalty and then kisses her hands.  He plays with her and asks what she will provide to him in return for his mercy.  Claire says she is at his disposal, he says “tres bien, tres bien,” and then asks for her to come to him.  She Outlander-Faith-2x07-promotional-picture-outlander-2014-tv-series-39619292-500-333figures, okay, it’s about to go down, but no.  Instead, the King takes her to a secret room guarded by weird dudes in masks.  The King wants Claire to help her with a decision and in walks the physician from the L’Hôpital, also known as his Royal Executioner.  The doors on the other side of the room open and guards usher in Master Raymond and the Comte St. Germain.  Both have been indicted on sorcery charges, meaning one or both will die.  And now Claire, Le Dame Blanche, has to make the decision as to who will live or die.

She plays the role well, and tells the Comte that she sees a shadow behind his eyes.  She then tries to get him to confess that he knew of the attack on her and Mary.  He denies it (in English, le putain de merde) and accuses her of being a witch who can drink poison.  When the King asks how he knows that, the Comte confesses that he was the one who poisoned her.  Claire, who could have easily had him killed, won’t cross that line just yet.  So she continues to play the game, stating that all men have a darkness in them, even a King.  But Louis wants some action and he has his men bring in a serpent.  He wants the men to handle the serpent, but Claire asks that she give them her own poison instead.  The King agrees and she creates a concoction using bitter cascara.  Master Raymond drinks it first and the symptoms take hold.  But he recovers and gives the cup back to Claire.  As she gets ready to hand it to the Comte, her necklace changed color.  Master Raymond had slipped real poison into the cup.  They had no choice but to go along or displease the King.  The Comte drinks, the poison takes hold and he dies in that room.  Afterwards, the King released Master Raymond and then made good on his demand for “payment.”  Which lasted about five seconds.  Wow.  When he was done, the King agreed to pardon Jamie.

Outlander Season 2 2016

Days later, a bearded, dirty and brought-low Jamie returned home.  He asks Claire if the baby was a girl or a boy.  Claire almost didn’t answer him, but she does.  She tells of the baby’s name, where she’s buried.  She also tells Jamie that she was able to see Faith before she was buried.  She describes everything she felt and saw when holding her girl.  Claire held Faith all day and most of the night, until Louise came to see her.  Louise tells her friend that it is time to bury Faith.  Claire, completely broken, kisses her baby goodbye and lets Mother Hildegarde take her away.  And then she sobbed like she never sobbed before, from deep down in her soul.  She tells Jamie that she did, in fact, hate him for what happened to Faith.  But she blamed herself because she put Frank before her family.  Jamie told her that Frank is also her family, but she won’t accept that.  He refuses to let her take the blame and they both try to figure out where to go from there.  Claire comes up with the perfect answer:  they go back to Scotland.

Before they leave, Claire and Jamie visit Faith’s grave and say goodbye to their little girl.  Jamie leaves one of the Apostle’s spoons with his daughter before they go back to Scotland.  The Frasers are going home.  How will they go on now that everything has changed?

Stay tuned.

Outlander airs on Saturdays at 9pm on Starz.

Photos courtesy of Starz

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