The Walking Dead, Season 7 -The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be (Season Premiere)

In the season premiere of The Walking Dead, Negan’s fatal choice was revealed.

Before I start, there are MAJOR spoilers. So, don’t read if you don’t want to know. I’m serious. Okay, you’ve been warned.

So, last season, TWD fucked us all by not revealing who it was that made their acquaintance with Lucille. Well, now we know. And it was truly fucked up.

twd_701_gp_0505_0030-rtThe show began with the clip most of us saw last week of a dazed and completely numb Rick, with blood smeared on his face and people crying in the background. He told Negan he was going to kill him (cuz Rick is a fucking savage) and Negan walked over to him, holding an unbelievably bloody Lucille in his hand. The two square off psycho y psycho, but it was Rick who blinked first. Negan is the new King Shit.

After Negan dragged Rick into the RV like a piece of nothing, he proceeded to mess with that man’s head in ways he couldn’t possibly imagine. Rick may be a savage, but Negan is a smart savage. He instills fear by playing the kind of mind games most people will never win. He took Rick for a ride, telling him how things would be from now on. Rick, stunned but still thinking like a boss, wasn’t listening. But that changed when Negan tossed his ass out of the RV into a walker party and told him to find his ax. Rick being Rick, fought off the walkers and then climbed on to the top of the RV. While there, he flashed back to the moment Negan played his sick version of Eenie Meenie Miney Mo, where he landed on my man Abraham. He stared at Negan like a fucking BOSS before getting his head bashed in. After the first hit, Big Red got back up and told Negan to suck his nuts (cuz we couldn’t say goodbye to him without one last swear quote). Impressed, Negan laughed before smashing his head like a rotten pumpkin. Sasha, Rosita and the gang couldn’t do anything else but watch (and sob) like the rest of us. But shit just got worse from there. Daryl being Daryl, jumped up and punched Negan in the face. His lackeys subdued him, with a punk-ass Dwight offering to end Daryl with his own crossbow. Negan decided to spare D for his transgression but made someone else pay the price. He surprised us all, bringing Lucille down on Glenn’s head. Now I was prepared for this at first, since that’s what happened in the comics. But dammit, this really fucked me up!! Shit slid downhill fast when Glenn struggled to speak even though he was a bloody mess. When he finally did speak, he said, “Maggie, I will find you,” and my tears went on overload. While the TWD fans were crying a river, Negan and Lucille took Glenn to the glory.

Back in reality, Negan told Rick it was time for him to find that damn ax and started shooting at the RV’s roof. Rick ran for cover, jumping on to the walker hanging from the bridge. Rick struggled to hold on, but the walker’s body started to come apart. Negan shot most of the walkers surrounding Rick, giving him another chance to find that damn ax. Not wanting to lose any more of his people, Rick found it and fought his way back to the RV. Once inside, Negan demanded said ax, which he received. They drove back to the woods, Negan dragged Rick back to his friends and then brought him down so fucking low there was nothing left to do but obey.

twd_701_gp_0503_0248-rt-gnNot convinced that Rick understood the new order, Negan pulled the ultimate mind fuck on him. He had his men point their guns to the back of everyone’s heads before summoning Carl to center stage. He asked Psycho, Jr. if he was a lefty and Carl said no (with some balls, I must add). Negan wrapped his belt around Carl’s arm and told him to lay down on the ground. See, Negan needed Rick to look at him with reverence, not hatred, not arrogance, not I’m-gonna-fucking-kill-you in his eyes. So he told Rick to take that ax and chop off Carl’s arm or he would kill all of his friends, kill Carl and then kill him, in that order. So, no matter what, Rick was fucked. Beyond fucked. Michonne tried to get Negan to change his mind (cuz Carl is her baby), but he knew that Rick needed to be tamed. Savage knows savage. Rick begged Negan to take his arm instead, but nah, that would be too easy. King Shit needed Rick’s complete submission and damn did he get it. Before Rick pulled a biblical Abraham (with viewers wondering if he would take Carl’s arm or his own), Negan saw the look he needed to see. He made sure Rick knew that he owned all of their asses now and forever. Negan ended the lesson and told Rick and the gang he would be back in a week for the offering. Oh, and he was taking Daryl with him in case Rick’s balls regrew and he decided to fight back. And just like that, the Saviors were gone and the gang was left with nothing but themselves and two pulverized bodies.

As they all tried to come to grips with what happened, Maggie struggled to get up, making her way over to Glenn’s body. She wanted Rick and them to go back to Alexandria so they could get ready to fight the Saviors. She blamed herself for them being caught out and wanted them to go back. But they weren’t doing that. They are, and always will be, a family. Sasha offered to take Maggie to the Hilltop for treatment, and they all pitched in to recover Abraham’s and Glenn’s bodies. Rick got in the RV and drove away from the horrific scene. A stray walker came out of the woods, and as Rick looked in the driver’s side mirror, he saw that walker drop to its knees and begin to feed on the bloody spot where Glenn died. The episode ended with the look in Rick’s eyes that he had before arriving in Alexandria: complete and total fear.

How will the gang recover from this crushing setback? How will we?

Stay tuned.

twd_701_gp_0512_0365-rtThe Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC. Photos courtesy of AMC.


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