Moving Forward

So it’s been a few days since The Clown was elected.  And the hatred he spewed during his campaign has manifested and become dangerous for many people.  But it has also caused many to fight back, and I am one of those people.  I will not allow anyone to take my rights or freedoms away from me and I will fight to keep them.  As always, I will fight for people who are in harms way (instead of wearing a silly safety pin to make myself feel better).  As always, I will donate to organizations that work to help those … Continue reading Moving Forward

Worst Hangover Ever

So the election is over and Hitler 2.0 has been elected.  I feel sick, disgusted and beyond angry.  I feel like I just woke up from the Matrix, desperately wishing I had taken the blue pill.  Unlike most people, I have the luxury of moving to another country if I so choose.  .  But I ain’t goin’ nowhere and I ain’t leavin’ no one behind, either.  I was born here, pay taxes (unlike Hitler 2.0), work in a job I love and live in the greatest city in the world.  But I am going to take a few days to … Continue reading Worst Hangover Ever

Book Con 2017 is coming!!!

Rejoice, book nerds (I proudly put myself in that category)!!  Book Con will be here in June 2017 in New York City.  The event that makes us book lovers dance in the streets will be at the Jacob Javits Center and Book Minded Mag will be there nerding out with the rest of you.  Tickets go on sale on November 16 at 12 pm EST, so be ready!! Here’s the link to the website with all the info you need and to sign up for the Book Con newsletter.  See you there! Continue reading Book Con 2017 is coming!!!