The Walking Dead, Season 7 – Service

In this episode of The Walking Dead, Negan pays Alexandria a visit.

Welp, Negan was as good as his word.  He came to Alexandria for his offering and basically took the guns, furniture, and Rick’s balls.  I have never wanted to punch someone in the face as much as I wanted to punch Negan (except maybe President Clown).  He and his Saviors waltzed right in and made their visit unbearable.

Watching Negan and his goons come in to Alexandria and basically do what they wanted had my gut clenched the entire time.  King Shit not only made his presence known and felt, he had everyone on edge and scared shitless.  Because he knew no one would cross him.  Rick surely didn’t, even though he was giving Negan the savage eye on occasion.  I kept praying he would do something, but after what he and the rest of his people went through in the woods, Rick kept his cool and his life.  Carl, on the other hand, was about to go Junior Savage, which made my heart leap for joy and terror at the same time.  Carl was ready to take some of the Saviors out, and even threatened Negan to boot, but he calmed his ass down and gave Rick his gun.  I love that kid!

twd_704_gp_0610_0120-rtTo make things much, much worse, Negan decided to bring Daryl with him to steal from his friends.  He looked like a broken down mess, which put Rick more on edge.  He eventually asked if Daryl could stay in Alexandria, but it didn’t work out that way, as Daryl wasn’t giving in just yet.  Not even seeing Dwight on his motorcycle, which made my blood boil!

Michonne was away from Alexandria during Negan’s visit, as she crept out early for target practice.  She wants to fight, as do most of the people of Alexandria.  Rick turned them all into fighters and seeing their leader bow down to Negan just made them want to fight even more.  And that’s a good thing.  Rick may be doing what he thinks is right to keep them alive, but preparing for a battle is what they do best.  I’m praying for an all-out battle, cuz that’s what it’ll have to come to eventually. twd_704_gp_0607_0253-rt

One of the most frustrating things about this episode was seeing Rick so low.  I’m used to Savage Rick, Strategic Rick, Always-Willing-To-Fight Rick.  But this guy, he’s This-Is-Our-Life-Now Rick, and he’s awful to witness.  But the savage is still there, as Spencer found out when he came at Rick, being disrespectful when he mentioned Glenn’s and Abraham’s deaths.  Rick stopped and told that fool that he would break his jaw and knock his teeth out if he ever came at him like that again.  Yeah he will!!


Will the people of Alexandria find a way to fight back?  Will Savage Rick make an appearance once more?  Or is this broken down version who we’ll be seeing from now on?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.



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