The Walking Dead, Season 7 – Go-Getters

In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Maggie and Sasha made it to the Hilltop.

Definition of Go Getters:  aggressively enterprising people.
New definition of Go Getters:  Badass women named Maggie Rhee and Sasha Williams.

We finally found out if Maggie and Sasha made it to the Hilltop.  And yes, they did.  Maggie woke up in a comfy bed.  The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was flowers.  Not a sight one sees on this show very often, but a welcome one, to be sure.  Maggie learned from a very serious Dr. Carson that she and her baby will be just fine.  But she needs to rest and it would be a good idea if she stayed at the Hilltop until the baby was born.

twd_705_gp_0621_0214-rtOutside, Sasha was sitting on the steps having a snack when Maggie came out of the trailer.  She and Sasha visited Glenn’s and Abraham’s graves and tried to come to grips with what happened.  Maggie revealed Dr. Carson’s advice and Sasha thought it was a good idea:  they would stay at the Hilltop.  Together.  Then Sasha handed Maggie the watch her father Hershel gave to Glenn what seemed like ages ago.  Trying to get a handle on herself, she kissed the watch and laid it on her husband’s makeshift headstone.  Just then, Jesus returned.  No not that one (although they could have used a visit from the Savior), the handsome, bearded guy with the Kung Fu action star moves and baby blues.  With flowers in hand, Jesus spread some of his Zen, giving the women a lesson in flower colors and existentialism.  Before he could pass on a good green juice recipe, Gregory showed up.  Oh yeah, that guy.

If you remember from last season, Gregory is kind of a bitch.  And a coward.  And an asshole.  Did I mention he’s a bitch?  He came through whining about Marsha (meaning Maggie) being there, messing everything up and basically making him look bad with the Saviors.  When Sasha gave him a look, he confused her with someone who already lived at the Hilltop, dismissing her and Maggie.  So, I guess he’s a sexist and kind of a racist too?  Anywho, Sasha told him that they were staying (cuz she’s a BOSS) and revealed that Maggie was pregnant.  When dude said, “that’s her mistake,” Sasha almost rolled up on his ass.  That would have been fun to witness!!

twd_705_gp_0621_0376-rtLater, Jesus set the women up in one of the trailers and tried to make them comfortable.  But Sasha wasn’t trying to hear that mess.  She wanted to know why Jesus wasn’t doing more.  He came back with some lame excuse about not being a leader and just always wanting to help.  Help, schmelp man, get some balls!  Jesus could run circles around Gregory and would be a better leader.  But leading a group of people, especially against the Saviors, is not an easy task.  Just ask Rick.  Jesus then gave Abraham’s necklace to Sasha and told her that Red was the only person who could make a person smile and wince at the same time.  Man, I’m gonna miss those swear quotes.

Back at Alexandria, Rick tried to convince Carl to come with him and Aaron to scavenge, but Junior Savage wasn’t interested.  He wanted to fight and wasn’t going to partake in any scavenging for Negan.  Before he left, Rick gave Michonne a walkie in case she decided to join them.  She wasn’t going either, but wished him luck (cuz that’s still her man).  He went to kiss her on the cheek, but she gave him a very tender kiss on the lips, which was something Rick desperately needed.  He needed to know that even with all the shit with Negan, he had something good that was still his.

After his Dad left, Carl saw Enid climbing over the wall.  He tried to stop her, but she wanted to see if Maggie was ok.  She climbed over the wall, hopped on a bike and headed to the Hilltop.  While riding, Enid saw a large puddle of blood and got off the bike.  Behind her, a walker came out and made its way to her, but then a car came out of nowhere and smashed the walker once, then twice.  The driver was none other than Junior Savage, who decided to accompany Enid after all.  While they walked to the Hilltop, Carl explained why he never looked away when Abraham and Glenn were being bludgeoned:  because when the time came to kill Negan, he would remember why.  As they continued walking, Carl found a bag with, get this, roller skates!  Not roller blades (I curse the person who invented those hideous things), but roller skates.  Watching Carl and Enid roller skating was adorable, since they almost never get to be plain ole kids.  To see them smile was a joy, especially Carl.  That kid is always pissed.

Later that night at the Hilltop, loud music suddenly came on and when Sasha and Maggie looked out of the window of their trailer, they saw fires burning and the gates to the Hilltop open.  Walkers started pouring in and the community had been breached, courtesy of the Saviors.  Maggie and Sasha did what they do best and took charge of the situation.  With Maggie’s help, Sasha climbed to the roof of the trailer to assess the situation.  She jumped down to the ground so she could get to the car and turn that damn music off, but there were too many walkers in her path.  Maggie, of course, climbed to the roof as well and started shouting orders first to Jesus and then to two men watching from the balcony.  All three sprang into action (because like Sasha, Maggie is a BOSS).  Once Jesus reached Sasha, the two of them proceeded to take the walkers out.  Unfortunately, getting into the car to turn off the music wasn’t going to happen.  And then Maggie did some go-getter shit and drove a monster truck right over the car!!  While all of this was going on, Gregory’s bitch ass saw all the mayhem from his bedroom window and did absolutely fucking nothing.  Because he’s a bitch.

The next day, Jesus told Gregory that he, Sasha and Maggie were all staying at the Hilltop and that Bitch Ass was no longer in charge.  The leader role was now vacant.  And at that moment was when the Saviors decided to stop by for their offering.  A line of trucks pulled up and something like thirty guys made their way to the mansion.  Gregory panicked and told Jesus to hide the women while he dealt with the Saviors.

No matter who comes to pick up the offering, I always want to smash that person’s smug face to a pulp.  This time it was Simon, the same creep who set up Rick and the gang in the woods. Simon and his pornstache had a little chat with Gregory, who did his best to properly kiss dude’s ass.  It seemed like things were going well, but then Simon asked if there was anything else.  Bitch Ass caved and walked Simon over to the hall closet, with the hopes of ratting on Maggie and Sasha.  But instead of the women, Gregory was met with his secret stash of good scotch.  A whole case of it.  With a smirk, Jesus watched as Gregory had to cough up the whole case to Simon, along with half of the stuff at the Hilltop, per usual.  Jesus may not be a leader, but he definitely saves.  The icing on the proverbial cake though was watching as Gregory knelt in front of Simon, and then having his head patted like a dog’s, making his humiliation even more profound.  Welp, that’s what happens when you’re a bitch!

twd_705_gp_0627_0263-rtAs they watched the Saviors pack up, Gregory came bursting into the room, running his mouth like he was still a boss.  Just then, Maggie punched him in the jaw because Bitch Ass was wearing Glenn’s watch!  She told him that he wasn’t to call her Marsha, Dear or Honey.  Her name is Maggie.  Maggie Rhee.  Fucking right!  Before rejoining Maggie, Sasha and Jesus had a powwow about finding the Sanctuary, which he hesitantly agreed to keep from Maggie.

In the woods, Enid and Carl watched as the Saviors packed up their offering.  Carl noticed that Negan wasn’t there and Enid realized that he never came to stop her from going to the Hilltop.  He wanted to find Negan and kill him.  She tried to talk him out of it, and they even shared a kiss (alright now!), but Carl is Rick’s son.  He’ll do what needs to be done.  The teenagers part ways and Enid finds the graves, leaving balloons on both.  Maggie found her and the two ate and talked.  Sasha joined them and they all prayed and ate together.  As the Saviors drove off, Jesus jumped into the back of one of the trucks, emptying the scotch on the way.  But he wasn’t the only one with that idea.  Junior Savage did the same and now they both were on their way to the Sanctuary.

Will Carl and Jesus be caught?  Will Gregory cause more trouble for Maggie and Sasha?  And will Carl ever cut his hair?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.


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