Finals Week Craziness

So it’s Finals Week with a capital “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck.”  I am in the middle of examining my life choices and completing a research paper.  Cuz college.


I have not seen the last two episodes of The Walking Dead so I’ve been avoiding the Internet like crazy.  And luckily, my friends haven’t spoiled anything because a) I would cut them, 2) my stress level is on high alert and anything will set me off right now, and d) they know better.  But trust me friends, as soon as I get my life back, I will be watching and recapping before taking a well-deserved Winter break/drunken haze.  Cuz like Winter, Spring semester is coming.


For those of you dealing with Finals Week, how are you coping?  Tell me in the comments!!

Good luck, stay strong and drink heavily when it’s all over.  We deserve that shit.


Skye aka That Crazy Chick in the Library


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