The Walking Dead, Season 7 -Hearts Still Beating

In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, the gang is back together again.twd_708_gp_0804_0103-rt

The show opened with Maggie at the Hilltop sitting by Glenn’s grave.  After sitting there for a bit, she got up, pulled herself together and went on guard duty.  Gregory brought his smug ass over and told her not let the nice things the residents were saying about her and Sasha get to her head.  What things, you ask?  Well, the Hilltop residents think Maggie and Sasha (with help from Jesus) saved the day when the Saviors attacked.  Which they did like the badasses they are.  They see Gregory for what he is:  a spineless suckup who can’t stand that two women have more backbone than he ever will.  And one of them is pregnant, no less.  Maggie told Gregory not to let the kind words bother him, because it seemed like they did.

At Alexandria, Negan made himself quite at home.  He kept Judith and Carl close as he shaved (damn he looked good), cooked (the man cooks too?) and basically played house in Rick’s home.  Poor Olivia was terrified to be in the same room with him, but she hung in there.  She wanted to make sure she kept her promise to watch over Judith, even if it could possibly get her killed.  After setting the table, Negan told Carl to set one more place for Rick, who never showed.  Negan got tired of waiting and they began their meal.

twd_708_gp_0802_0378-rt-gnRick and Aaron decided to make a try for the supplies.  The boat they planned to use to get though the moat of walkers was full of bullet holes, so the chance of them making it was very slim.  But they tried anyway.  And made it.  It was a harrowing experience, especially when Aaron was pulled into the water by walkers.  But he survived unscathed.  They loaded up the truck with supplies, and while they did, Aaron told Rick that the deal they have with the Saviors is what is keeping their loved ones alive, whether they agree with it or not.  When they were done, they got into the truck and drove off, but not before someone came out of the woods to watch them.  Who the hell is this?  Why does AMC do this to us?

On the road, Michonne is still driving with the Savior she ambushed.  She tried to get some info out of her but that chick wasn’t budging.  She’d rather die than betray Negan, which is what ended up happening.  Red took Michonne to the outskirts of the Sanctuary and any hope of defeating him right then and there went out the window.  There are just way too many Saviors.  Red told Michonne to take the car they were in, burn it or roll it in a ditch and that there was a silencer in the glove box.  She knew that if she went back to Negan and told him what happened to her, she’d either get the iron or worse.  Michonne took her advice, shot Red in the head, then took the car and turned back.

twd_708_gp_0801_0056-rtCarol, who we haven’t seen in a while, was sitting in her cozy home reading a book.  She heard a noise outside her door and saw that Morgan had left something for her.  She opened the door and called him back.  He brought some fresh fruit and veggies for her from the Kingdom’s garden, which she really didn’t need, as King Ezekiel kept her kitchen flush.  As Morgan was about to leave, Richard, one of the King’s soldiers, arrived.  He wanted Carol and Morgan’s help to convince Ezekiel to attack the Saviors and destroy them.  Neither one of them wanted anything to do with fighting and that didn’t sit well with Richard.  He told them if they didn’t fight now, the blood of those who will die would be on their hands.  It’s safe to say that neither Carol nor Morgan had any idea of what happened to Glenn and Abraham.  Will they change their minds when they hear the news?

At Alexandria, Rosita was sitting in church, staring at the bullet Eugene made for her.  Father Gabriel asked her a series of questions to find out what she was really thinking.  Turned out Rosita didn’t care if she died trying to kill Negan.  And that wasn’t what Father Gabriel wanted to hear.  So he told her that they will win against the Saviors, but they must do it together and when the time is right.  He also told her that she is part of the “together.”  They need her.  Will Rosita listen and stay her hand?

Spencer got some praise from the Saviors and decided to capitalize on it.  He went home, got cleaned up and took his brown-nosing ass to Negan.  He even brought a bottle to share with him, the fuck.  He sat his prissy ass next to Negan, on Rick’s porch, and shared a glass with the guy who has Rick by the cojones.

twd_708_gp_0728_0030-rtSpeaking of Rick, he and Aaron arrived at Alexandria, only to see that the Saviors were already there.  He got out of the truck and Negan’s lackeys had the gall to tell Rick he took too long getting back.  One of them even smacked Rick a little!  Rick’s face went temporarily savage and I prayed he would take that guy out while I screamed, “aww fuck you!” at the screen.  But he kept his cool.  Me, not so much.  While the Saviors were unloading the truck, one of them found the note with the middle finger Rick and Aaron found on their supply run.  Of course, they got all bent out of shape and decided to kick Aaron’s ass.  Rick stayed to make sure they didn’t kill the man, and they slowly made their way to Negan.

Spencer dug an even deeper hole for himself and had no clue it was happening.  He and Negan were playing pool in the street after Spencer mentioned a pool table being in the house across the street.  He made his case about Rick not being an effective leader, Negan listened.  Negan being the smart man that he is saw right through Spencer’s claim to Alexandria’s throne and stopped it in his tracks by shoving a knife in his stomach and spilling his guts.  Rosita, who was standing right behind Spencer, took out her gun and fired.  Unfortunately, the bullet hit Lucille and Rosita was tackled to the ground by a Savior.  Negan wanted to know who made the bullet and Rosita lied and said it was her.  Again, Negan being a smart man knew she was lying and ordered one of the Saviors to kill someone.  She chose poor Olivia, and that was that.  Negan asked again and Tara said it was her, but Eugene stepped up and said it was him.  Rick got to the group and Negan filled him in on all the shenanigans that transpired while he was gone.  Which meant that Alexandria is in the hole for supplies and whatever else Negan can think of.  Oh, and he was taking Eugene to the Sanctuary.

After Negan’s departure, Rick went to one of the prison cells to think.  Michonne came in and the two hugged briefly.  She told him that they won’t be able to fight against Negan unless they do it together.  When he said he knew that now, the look of relief on Michonne’s face mirrored mine, only I didn’t get to kiss Rick afterwards.

twd_708_gp_0726_0211-rtThe next morning at the Hilltop, Maggie visited Glenn’s grave, then headed over to the gate for guard duty.  She looked out and saw something that made her happy as hell, and the rest of us, too.  When the gates were opened, Rick, Michonne and the gang were all there.  Rick hugged Maggie and told her he was wrong for not listening to her.  They needed to fight.  Just then, Daryl came out of one of the buildings.  Jesus was able to break him out of the Sanctuary, but before they left, Daryl made sure to bash Fat Joey’s head in for good measure.  Rick saw his friend and the two men walked up to each other and hugged.  Not just any hug, but a hug of brothers being reunited.  When the hug ended, Daryl handed Rick his police gun.  Rick put that gun in his hand and I knew it was going to all work out somehow.  It will be bloody and people will die, but they will win.

How will the gang defeat Negan?  Will Gregory sabotage their efforts?  And who the hell is the guy in the ratty boots?

Stay tuned.

The second half of Season 7 of The Walking Dead will air February 12, 2017 on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.

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