The Walking Dead, Season 7 -Sing Me a Song

In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Carl infiltrates the Sanctuary.twd_707_gp_0719_0070-rt

Something’s up with Michonne.  I’m not sure what it is just yet, but I have a feeling it’s gonna be something that makes a statement.

In the meantime, Rick and Aaron woke from their slumber, ready to continue with their run for Negan.  The two saw something in the distance, which turned out to be a herd of walkers.  We know this because two of Negan’s men were stopped by the same herd and had to wait it out in their truck.  The same truck that Carl and Jesus are hiding in.  Once the coast was clear, Negan’s men were on their way, and Jesus and Carl came out of hiding.  Jesus, ever the thinker, looked for any landmarks to leave a trail for Rick and the gang to follow.  He also sliced up some of the boxes to screw up some of the Savior’s stolen stash.  As they got closer to the Sanctuary, Jesus suggested that he and Carl jump out and follow the trucks the rest of the way.  In a rare moment, Carl was actually scared to jump out of the truck.  I should have known it was bullshit because when he asked Jesus to show him how to jump (which he did cuz Jesus fell for that mess too), Carl waved bye as the truck kept on going.  Carl is a fucking gangster.

When the truck arrived, Carl was ready.  He grabbed one of the automatics and got into position.  Negan was just outside the truck, listening to some crap about problems with the redirect.  One of the Saviors grabbed the box that Jesus sliced and the contents came crashing down.  Dude then had the unfortunate luck to see Carl and he got a handful of lead in his gut.  Carl came out with that gun aimed at Negan, which I must say was impressive.  Negan said what we all think about when we see Carl with a weapon:  “Kid, I ain’t gonna lie.  You scare the shit out of me.”  Which was evident when he put one of his Savior’s in front of him just in case Carl sent some of those bullets flying his way.  One of the other Savior’s tried to jump Carl, but he got some lead in the gut, too.  Unfortunately, Dwight grabbed his gun and Carl became an unofficial guest of Negan and the Sanctuary.twd_707_gp_0718_0174-rt

Now we all know that Negan is the king of all things Mind Fuck, but even I was a bit nervous about what may or may not happen to Savage Junior.  Negan started the mind games when he offered his hand to Carl, who was busy giving him the stink eye to take it.  Negan mentioned that it was rude to not take his proffered hand, as he was “lucky to have a hand.”  When that didn’t work, he mentioned how hard it would be for Daryl to work without an arm, who was helplessly watching everything go down.  Well shit, who can argue with that logic?  Carl did the smart thing and took Negan’s hand.  When Savage Junior asked what Negan had planned for him, I daresay King Shit was offended by that question.  He liked thinking that Carl was a badass (which he is) and wanted it to stay that way.  Plus, Negan ain’t gonna tell him what’s gonna happen to him.  He’ll just do it when it’s least expected.

Negan started his tour of the Sanctuary with a rudimentary show of his power.  When he walked in, everyone, and I mean everyone, kneeled.  He made some announcement that everyone clapped to and then they didn’t get off their knees until he said so.  Carl was in awe, and not in a good way.  That’s some straight up fear these people have of their leader.  Next stop was Negan’s Room of Wives, which looked like something out of a Bunny Ranch video.  His ladies were all just sitting around waiting for their “husband” to decide which one he wanted for the day.  Hell, if it means surviving in that crazy ass world, I don’t blame them.  Negan took Dwight’s wife Sherry to the side to ask about the redirect.  Well it looks like one of his men screwed that up to be with Amber, one of Negan’s wives.  Not sure how or why someone would be that stupid, but stupid he was.  Sherry asked Negan to go easy on the wife and when he asked if he had ever hit one of them, she said, “No.  But I know you.  There’s worse.”  And she wasn’t lying.  The fear Amber had for Negan was palpable.  His mind games run deep and Negan screwed over Sherry, Amber, Carl, Dwight and Daryl all in one scene.  Good Lord.

Back at Alexandria, Eugene was rambling on about the best way to find stuff for Negan, but Rosita was not trying to hear that mess.  She’d rather find a way to fight.  But Spencer tried to convince her to fall in line.  He said he could do a better job than Rick because Rick is the one who got them in this mess (I bet he won’t say that to Rick’s face, though).  Rosita basically told Spencer to fuck off and headed out, dragging Eugene with her.

On the road, Rick and Aaron stopped at a driveway with a sign that basically told travelers to keep going or else.  But when you’ve got Negan down your throat, you don’t bother with that shit.  Rick pulled out his ax and the two men climbed over the gate and ran up the driveway.  Meanwhile, Spencer and Father Gabriel were on the road again looking for supplies.  Spencer confessed that he hoped Rick dies and Father Gabriel made him stop the car.  He then politely called Spencer a shit, got out of the car and walked back to Alexandria.  Father Gabriel ain’t no dummy.  If Spencer tries to make a move against Rick, he’ll most likely end up dead.  No reason they should both die.

twd_707_gp_0719_0079-rtAt the Sanctuary, Negan and Carl went to Negan’s private quarters and discussed things.  King Shit wanted to get to know Savage Junior and decided to start by having Carl remove his eye bandages.  Because he killed two of Negan’s men, he had no choice but to comply.  Negan ragged him hard, even asking if he could “touch it” and Carl actually started to cry.  Negan, with what I’m sure was bullshit sincerity, told Carl he was just joking and forgot that he’s just a kid.  He told him that Carl should leave the bandage off cuz no one would fuck with him looking like that.  But he wasn’t done.  Negan wanted something else.  He wanted a song, and Carl was gonna sing it to him or get Lucille to the head.  Carl, really scared this time, started singing “You Are My Sunshine” while King Shit swung his bat for effect.  When he was done, Negan took Carl to see what his brand of justice looks like.  No pun intended.

Negan and Carl went to the furnace room, where a crowd was gathered, including Daryl.  The unlucky SOB on Negan’s shit list was Amber’s former man.  He was tied to a chair crying his eyes out, and for good reason.  He was about to get the iron, literally.  Apparently, Negan’s justice is to put a piping hot iron to someone’s face.  And others had to watch in case they got any ideas.  Carl got an eyeful (sorry) and I’m glad he did.  If anyone is going to understand what Negan is about and how to defeat him, it has to be done from the inside. twd_707_gp_0714_0357-rt

Back at the old bullet factory, Rosita and Eugene have arrived.  Rosita wanted a bullet made for Negan’s head.  But the resident coward changed his mind.  So Rosita had to tell him about himself, even if it hurt Eugene’s feelings, which it definitely did.  Her words were HARSH.  But she got her point across and Eugene started making the bullet.

Back at the Sanctuary, Carl asked if he could wrap up his eye again.  When Negan said no, Savage Junior came out and said, “Why the hell not?”  Negan being Negan, said he wasn’t done with him and liked looking at Carl’s “radass, badass eye.”  Carl’s balls returned and he told Negan he could just jump out of the window to save him the trouble of killing him.  He also told him that if he knew his crew, Negan would kill him, Rick and the rest.  But he can’t.  Negan agreed, but then decided he’d like to play even more mind games.  So he and some of the Saviors took Carl home to Alexandria, with Jesus riding on top of the truck like a ninja.  Before they left, Daryl told Negan that if anything happened to Carl, but we never heard the rest of that sentence.  Negan told Dwight to put Daryl back in his cell for a “time out.”  When they left, Jesus was nowhere to be found.  While in the cell, someone, not sure who, slipped a sheet of paper that read “go now” under the door and had the key attached.  Is it another Negan mind game?twd_707_gp_0714_0107-rt

On the road, one of Negan’s Saviors is stopped by a pile of walkers.  She got out, gun drawn, only to be met by the pointy end of Michonne’s sword.  And there’s the statement I mentioned earlier.  Michonne took the woman’s gun and knife and told her to take her to Negan.  The woman reluctantly complied, but then tried to overtake Michonne.  No dice, cuz Michonne has been out here in these streets handling worse than a lone Savior.  She knocked some sense into Red, pointed that gun deep into her cheek, and said, “Take me to Negan.”

Negan and Carl arrived in Alexandria and they dropped in on Olivia at Rick’s house.  Terrified, she told her visitor that Rick was out scavenging as they were practically starving.  Negan made a dumb fat joke, which caused Olivia to burst into tears.  Negan apologized by offering to screw her brains out, and she slapped his smug (but very handsome) face.  I thought she was gonna get a taste of Lucille for that, but instead the slap turned him on a little.  He then ordered Olivia to make everyone some lemonade while Carl took him on a tour of the house.  I have to say, this part had me cracking up.  Watching Negan play darts, turning the kitchen faucet on and running his toes in the carpet was pretty funny.  Until they went into Carl’s baby sister’s room.  Then I got scared all over again.

Rick and Aaron, still sneaking up on the property they found, came to a very detailed sign.  The writer had ammo, food and other things, but so far hadn’t shot them.  Probably because the writer was already dead.  His supplies, however, were still safe because he had a moat of full of walkers protecting everything.  What now?

After Eugene was done making Rosita’s bullet, she tried to apologize for what she said to him.  But he didn’t believe her and wanted nothing more than to get back to their awkward silence.  When they arrived at Alexandria, they were met by Spencer, who found an entire cache of supplies thanks to the dead walker he found.  He was all ready to give everything to Negan but, as the gate was opened, they all learned that Negan was already there.twd_707_gp_0720_0054-rt

Sitting on the porch with Carl and holding his baby sister, Negan decided he liked Alexandria so much, that maybe he should just kill Rick and Carl and move right in.

Will Negan make good on his promise?  Will Spencer sell everyone out to get rid of Rick once and for all?  And seriously, will Carl ever cut his hair?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.

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