The Walking Dead, Season 7 – Say Yes

In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Rick and Michonne are relationship goals.

Okay so first things first, I’M SORRY!!!  LO SIENTO!!  DÉSOLÉ!!  I know I said I would write while I was in Spain and that was just straight foolishness.  I was in Spain!!  There was just too much fun, food and history around me and I truly needed the break.  But I’m back now and instead of writing some quickie summaries of the TWD episodes I’ve missed, I’m going to watch and recap each one.  It’s the least I can do.  Ok, onwards.

So, Rick and Michonne are on the road looking for supplies, guns, and whatever else they’ll need for their war with the Saviors.  By day, they are a badass tag team, checking buildings for supplies and weapons, and at night, well, at night, they’re getting some quality nookie time.  I don’t blame them, since it’s probably been almost impossible to get laid during the past few months.  When Michonne suggests they go back to Alexandria, Rick wants to stay away a couple days more.  Wouldn’t you?  Wouldn’t you want to be away from the stress and responsibilities of your life for just a few days?  That’s what I thought.

So, they stay out a little longer.  When the two of them aren’t giving each other googly eyes, they’re working together to get those guns.  They end up at what looks like a carnival full of walkers.  Some are soldiers still wearing their uniforms and high-powered guns.  Before they can start collecting, Rick and Michonne fall through the ceiling of the building they’re standing on.  Luckily, they’re alright (cuz I would lead the revolt straight to AMC’s doors if anything happened to them).

TWD_712_GP_0929_0007-RTBack at Alexandria, Rosita is still pissed.  Well, Tara comes over to help her with her scar and talk, but Rosita is too busy being angry to listen.  Look girl, I get it.  Shit is crazy and you want to take some action.  But save that anger for Negan and his Saviors, don’t take it out on your friends.  Before she could make things worse, Rosita decides to head out and look for more guns.  She comes up empty, of course, and with nothing but blood on her face from a walker she chopped up and an attitude, she heads straight to Father Gabriel (who’s back on the Good Guy List) and starts ranting about Negan and her gun and listening to common sense.  Father Gabriel listened, and then dropped this serious truth bomb:  “Anything is possible until your heart stops beating.”  You hear that people?  Anything is possible until your heart stops beating!  I’d like to thank the writer who came up with that one.  That line needs to be on a damn t-shirt.  After Father Gabriel dropped that knowledge on Rosita, he quietly walked out, leaving her to think about things.

Back at the Walker Carnival, Rick and Michonne are definitely alright.  Both are laughing at their fall, which ended with a very soft landing on what looked like an air mattress.  Michonne said that it must be a sign that they’re at the right place and Rick confirms it when he points out the crates of ready-made food sitting in the corner.  The two of them have a lovely candle-lit dinner with nothing but themselves.  Michonne asks her man what would happen after Negan is defeated.  Would the deals between the communities be reworked or remain the same?  Who would lead them?  Of course, she thinks Rick should lead, but he wants them to do it together.  When she mentions going back to Alexandria, he stalls again.  Rick really has no desire to get back and it shows.  Later that night, while Michonne is sleeping, Rick sits on the side of the bed stressed as fuck.  Not a good sign.

In the morning, the dynamic duo come up with a plan to take out the Walker Carnival and get those guns.  Things seem to go well at first (of course), but then problems arise (of course).  The brakes in the car they tried to use to block the gap in the fence are dead (Problem #1), a walker wearing a high-powered gun starts shooting at Michonne purely by accident (Problem #2), which leads her to hide in the trunk of the car (Problem #3) and said car stalls in the middle of a group of walkers, leaving Rick and his love trapped (Problem #4).  Because these two can’t ever do things simply, can they?

The pair climb out of the car’s sunroof and jump behind one of the carnival’s barriers.  They begin the work of killing walkers, but the barrier doesn’t hold.  They decide to split up in order to make their jobs easier.  Things go pretty well, until Rick sees a deer.  He promised Michonne he’d get one and decides to climb up on the ferris wheel to get a better shot.  Before he can shoot, a group of walkers make their way to the deer, ending Rick’s plan.  But the writers at TWD love to fuck with us, and Rick falls, his gun going off to draw the walkers.  Michonne, done with her walkers, hears the gun shot and runs to her man.  But by the time she gets there, she sees the walkers chowing down on something bloody and she goes numb.  She drops her sword, just in time for one of the eating walkers to see its new meal.  But before they can take our girl, Rick comes out of a crate (literally), grabs Michonne’s sword, tosses it in the air to her, and the pair known as Richonne kick some major walker ass.  Once that mess is done, Michonne hugs her man tight for all of us.

After that scare, the pair begin the process of gathering all of the guns they can find to take back to Jadis and her creepy crew.  But Michonne is rattled.  In the van on the way back to Alexandria, Michonne is beyond quiet, which bothers Rick.  He pulls over and tells his love that he hasn’t been sleeping, thinking about all of his friends, especially Glenn.  Just the mention of Glenn’s name got me all teary-eyed (it’s too soon!).  And although he knows that people may and will die, including the two of them, they must go on to build their future.  Michonne can’t deal with the idea of losing Rick, but he tells her it’s not about them.  It’s about the future of the group and the only reason he’s even thinking about the future is because of Michonne.  Why does this show insist on making me cry?

Later, a cleaned up (and always fine) Rick and the group drop the guns off with Jadis.  Ms. Creepy wants to know if the guns work, and Rick is basically like, clean them and find out.  Jadis’ buddy looks at him like, “you want US to clean them?”  Uh, yeah!  Jadis has the audacity to tell Rick that they need MORE guns.  REALLY?  Rick tells Jadis that he’s keeping 10 of the guns and a negotiation begins.  Rick stands firm until Jadis tells him she wants the cat he got for Michonne back.  Rick is like, hell no, we’re keeping 20 guns plus the cat.  “Say yes.”  And Jadis does.

Rick is annoyed, but brightens up when Michonne tells him that they can stay on the road a few more days to find more guns.  I love these two!

TWD_712_GP_0929_0152-RTBack at Alexandria, Rick meets up with Tara to see if she knows where Rosita is hiding.  A distracted Tara says she isn’t sure and then begins to blab about Oceanside.  Man, don’t ever get Tara to swear to ANYTHING.

At the Hilltop, Rosita finds Sasha at Abraham’s grave (still too soon!) and reveals she needs her frenemies help.  Sasha knows exactly what Rosita wants and says that she gets to take the shot.  The two agree and Rosita takes out one of the high-powered guns Rick kept from Jadis.  The two ladies confirm they both know what going after Negan alone will mean:  they won’t make it back alive.

Will Sasha and Rosita finally get their revenge?  Will Tara’s blabbing sink Oceanside for good?  And will Rick and Michonne keep reminding us that even during the zombie apocalypse, you can still find love?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.

 As always, here’s the latest episode’s fan compilation video from Skybound, which is always hilarious.  Enjoy!


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