The Walking Dead, Season 7 – The Other Side

TWD_713_GP_1004_0134-RTIn this episode of The Walking Dead, Glenn and Abraham are remembered, the Hilltop prepares for war, and Sasha and Rosita head to the Sanctuary.

Side Note:  Almost there, people.  One more episode to go and I’ll be all caught up.  Thanks for sticking with me.  Let’s do this!

Well, the Hilltop looks like it’s preparing for battle.  The people there were serious when they said they would fight.  Maggie and Sasha have been training them every day, and the people have stayed with it.  It’s probably the first time they’ve felt powerful since the plague started.  By day, Maggie, Sasha, Jesus and even Enid are preparing and training the Hilltop’s residents.  By night, Sasha is trying to figure out how to get into the Sanctuary to kill Negan.  At one point, Jesus gives her a sheet of paper with a drawing of the Sanctuary.  But it isn’t enough.  Enter Rosita.

Rosita has a serious bone to pick with Negan.  She wants to take action and kill the bastard.  So she heads to the Hilltop to seek Sasha’s help.  The two of them are NOT friends, but they have a common enemy:  Mr. Big Bad Negan.  So they make plans to sneak into the Sanctuary and put a bullet somewhere in his body, preferably his head.  Sasha heads back to Jesus’ trailer and overhears him talking to Maggie.  Sasha knows that Maggie belongs at the Hilltop, with Jesus to help her out.  When they leave, she walks into the trailer and grabs some bullets, but Jesus and Enid come back before she can leave.  Jesus tries to talk her into waiting, but Sasha’s mind is set and so is Rosita’s.  Jesus won’t stop them, but he does think Sasha should talk to Maggie first.  He leaves, giving Sasha and Enid a chance to talk.  The two get a little emotional about what’s about to happen, but Enid agrees with Jesus and says that in ten minutes, she’s going to tell Maggie what’s going down.  Welp, time to go!

TWD_713_GP_1004_0044-RTSasha starts getting herself together when a bell starts ringing.  The Saviors are coming, meaning Sasha, Enid, Rosita, Maggie and an escaped Daryl need to hide fast.  Sasha and Rosita make it out of the Hilltop through a secret underground tunnel, but the rest won’t make it in time.  Daryl and Maggie hide in a storm cellar until the coast is clear.

Simon, the crazy Savior who usually comes to see the coward Gregory rolls up with about 20 men with him.  This guy rolls deep, so any chance of a revolt is pretty slim.  Or at least it used to be.  Anywho, Gregory begins the ass-kissing right away, it’s a wonder his lips aren’t chapped.  Simon cuts to the chase and says he wants Gregory to give him who he came for.  Oh crap.

Turns out, Simon came for the resident doctor, as the one at the Sanctuary was burnt to a crisp a few episodes ago.  It also turns out that said burnt doctor was the current Dr. Carson’s older brother, so he’s been involuntarily promoted and will be moving effective immediately.  And Bitch Ass Gregory just stands by and lets it happen.  But no worries, Negan isn’t a total douche.  He leaves them with a whole crate of aspirin in case the Hilltop’s residents need medical care.  FOH!!!

Gregory tries to reason with Simon by telling him that someone may not be as reasonable as he is (meaning a miserable suckup).  Things may go wrong, someone may try to take control.  Simon wants to know who, but Gregory backtracks and tells him no one in particular, but you never know.  So, Simon gives his sycophant what I think is the location of the Sanctuary, in case there’s trouble.  Here’s hoping that comes back to bite that fool in the ass.

In the storm cellar, Daryl and Maggie are hiding from one of the Saviors.  Enid tried to cut him off at the pass, but Savior=Asshole, so you know that didn’t go well.  Plus he took her knife.  I really hate those guys.  Dude went down into the cellar looking around for more stuff for him to filch.  Daryl and Maggie look like they’re ready to tear his guts out if he finds them (which I kind of hope he does so they can tear said guts out).  When dude has his back turned, Daryl makes a move, but Maggie stays his hand.  The Savior finally leaves, and Maggie and Daryl finally talk.  She noticed that Daryl hadn’t said anything to her and at that moment, he wouldn’t even look at her.  Maggie asked him to look at her and when he turned around, he was in tears.  He broke down and said he was sorry, but Maggie wasn’t having that.  She told her friend that Glenn’s death wasn’t his fault and that he was one of the good things in this world.  She said Glenn thought so too and he would know because he was one of the good things in this world, too.  (I’m not crying!).  Maggie told Daryl that she wanted to kill that Savior in the cellar as well, “but we need to win.  Help me win.”  And then the two hugged it out.  (Again, I’m NOT crying!).

TWD_713_GP_1004_0003-RTOn the road, Sasha and Rosita are still looking for a car.  Rosita comes up with a brilliant plan to get past a group of walkers and steal a car at the same time.  The badass breaks a window, sets a car on fire, the ladies climb over the fence while the walkers are distracted, and Rosita hot wires a car.  They back out of that enclosed space with the quickness and get the hell out of there.  Leave it to the ladies to get shit done.

Back at the Hilltop, the residents watch as Dr. Carson is taken to the Sanctuary.  Gregory can feel the tension in the air and he doesn’t like it.  Time to make some plans.  Later, Gregory sends for Jesus and proceeds to act like the proverbial boss.  But he’s really trying to separate Jesus from Maggie and the rest.  He wants Jesus on his side or Gregory will have to sic the Saviors on him.  What a punk.

Finally at the Sanctuary, Sasha and Rosita are waiting for the right time to blow Negan’s brains out.  So far, the only person they’ve seen is Eugene, who is pulling fence duty.  The ladies wait around and at first, things are super tense.  But then Rosita begins to open up, about her life, her ability to learn things quickly, and finally, her relationship with Abraham.  The women bond over their shared love for our red-headed smart mouth (we miss you, Abraham!), and for the third time, I am not crying.  They finally get through their differences, which is what they needed if they are going to do this thing.  After their talk, Sasha looks through the scope on her gun and sees the Saviors pull up with Dr. Carson.  And, like clockwork, here comes Negan.  He’s too close to the doc and then Eugene for Sasha to get a clean shot.  So, she and Rosita decide to go into the Sanctuary.  God help them!

Eugene comes out with one of the Saviors, talking defense for the perimeter.  Suddenly, the dude he was talking to loses his head, and Eugene does what he does best:  he falls down and cries like a baby.  Rosita and Sasha try to break him out, but he tells them he’s staying and runs back inside!  Both are understandably pissed, Rosita most of all.  Sasha offers to cut the fence so they can get inside and tells Rosita to stand watch.  What normally takes her only a few seconds was taking a little too long because she was locking Rosita out and herself in.  Sasha tells her friend that it isn’t her time and that their friends need her before running into the building.  Rosita (and the rest of us) are shocked and upset, but she has no other recourse but to run back the way she came.  She stops eventually, only to see someone in the shadows staring at her.  It looks like Daryl, but I wouldn’t put it past TWD to fuck with us.

Will Sasha survive being inside the Sanctuary?  Will Gregory make good on his threat to harm Jesus?  And will Eugene ever grow some balls?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.

And here’s this episode’s fan compilation video from Skybound, a source of joy for me every week.  Enjoy!

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