The Walking Dead, Season 7 – Something They Need

In this episode of The Walking Dead, Tara leads the group to Oceanside, Sasha is captured and Eugene’s balls are nowhere to be found.

Now that Tara has spilled the beans about Oceanside, the gang is on the move.  Even Aaron’s husband, Eric, is there.  And although he’s terrified, Eric has come to the realization that fighting the Saviors is necessary if they’re going to survive at all.

Daryl and Jesus are setting up what looks like a trap when Jesus says that he should have fought harder to keep Sasha and Rosita at the Hilltop.  Daryl tells him that they both can take care of themselves and are probably at the Hilltop right now.  Ummm, not so fast.

TWD_715_GP_1103_0091-RTSomehow, Sasha has been captured, as we see when a door opens to a dark room and she’s tied up.  A creepy guy named David opens the door (there’s always a creepy guy), who decides he wouldn’t mind a little bit of rape to pass the time.  Before he can commit the act (and after Sasha heads butts the fuck out of him), Negan makes an appearance.  For once, I’m glad to see that guy. Negan may be into a lot of things, but rape ain’t one of them.  David is understandably scared.  Negan pulls out a giant knife, making David cry and me very happy.  He apologizes but Negan’s like, “Nah, I don’t accept your apology,” and then shoves the knife in his neck.  Sasha watches the whole thing calmly because what the hell else can she do?

Negan has someone get Sasha a new t-shirt (since David ripped the one she’s wearing) and unties her.  Apparently, Sasha came in like a boss and tore shit up, which is why she was tied up.  Negan looks at her again and realizes she was there when he killed Glenn and Abraham.  “You got some beach ball-sized lady nuts on you to come here all kamikaze like that.”  Here’s hoping we get to see the damage she inflicted for Negan to make a statement like that.

TWD_715_GP_1103_0180-RTAnywho, Negan wants to know if Rick put her up to attacking the Sanctuary and she convincingly says no.  “Rick?  Your bitch?  No.”  So, he gives Sasha the knife he used to end David and offers her some choices:  try to end Negan; try to end herself; stay in the room with Dead Rapey Davey and let him eat her face when he turns; use the knife to keep Rapey Davey from turning; or keep Rapey Davey from turning and join the Saviors.  Then he gives her some time to figure out her next move.  But where’s Rosita?

Later, Eugene visits Sasha, bringing her a pillow, blanket and something to drink.  Sasha wants to know what the Saviors did to him, and he explains why he is now part of their crew.  Eugene came to the realization that he will never, ever be brave.  The night he drove the RV before everyone was captured and Glenn and Abraham were killed was the most frightening night of his life.  He said that being with the Saviors will guarantee that he will never be that scared again.  Eugene asks Sasha to join the Saviors so she won’t have to either, but she just tells him to go.  After he leaves, Rapey Davey starts to reanimate.

TWD_715_GP_1026_0489-RTBack at the Hilltop, Gregory visits Maggie, who has been running things pretty well there, to his chagrin.  He tells her that they need to work together and show a more united front to the people.  She’s willing and tells Gregory that she’ll come by later so they can talk.  She asks him to stand watch as she finishes digging up a blueberry bush for replanting and he agrees.  For a moment, it looks like he’s going to try and make a move on Maggie, but he reconsiders.  Just then, a walker comes out of the woods, and it’s clear that Gregory has never killed one before.  Maggie offers to do it, but he doesn’t want the “pregnant lady” protecting him.  He gets close enough to the walker to be absolutely repulsed and then asks Maggie to handle it.  She agrees, but then another walker comes up behind Gregory and they fall to the ground.  He calls for Maggie and she takes care of her walker and then Gregory’s.  A few Hilltop residents walk up and she tells them he’s never killed a walker before.  “That’s not what he told us,” one of the residents replies.  Not surprised.

At Oceanside, it’s just another day.  Rachel, the psycho kid from before, has caught a fish and is damn proud of it.  Natania, the leader of Oceanside, goes back to her home where she’s surprised by Tara, who is currently pointing a gun at her.  Tara tries to convince Natania to fight with Alexandria against the Saviors.  Cyndie walks in and can’t believe Tara has returned.  On top of that, she broke her promise, but Tara tells her she didn’t have a choice and she’s on a time limit.  Natania refuses but Cyndie thinks they should at least talk to Rick.  But it’s too late.  Rick and the rest are coming for the guns.

Just then, an explosion rocks Oceanside and the plan is in motion.  Everyone starts running away while two of Oceanside’s people run for the arsenal.  When they get there, Michonne fires warning shots.  Jesus and Daryl come out, gun and crossbow drawn.  The rest of Oceanside is running for their lives but are stopped by Tobin and Father Gabriel.  Rick comes out and explains what’s happening, but before they can get the guns they need, Natania interrupts.  She’s holding a gun to Tara’s head (cuz Tara’s a dodo) and says in no uncertain terms that they will NOT fight the Saviors.  But her people look like they may want to at least try.  While Natania is on her tirade, Michonne is trying to find a shot, but Tara begs her not to shoot.  She doesn’t but sees walkers coming.  A lot of them.  Michonne warns the group and Alexandria and Oceanside come together to fight them off.  Even psycho Rachel picks one off.  With that business done, the two groups look like they may work together after all, but without Natania.

Back at the Sanctuary, Negan wants Sasha’s answer.  When he walks into the room, the knife he left for her is in Rapey Davey’s head.  She has decided to work with the Saviors, but she’ll need to do a bit more convincing before Negan trusts her.  Later, Eugene stops by to tell Sasha she made the right decision in joining Negan.  But she can’t do it and would rather die.  She begs Eugene for something to help her end her life, a gun or a knife, something.  He tells her he will take her request under consideration.  Turns out, Sasha is a good actress.  She just wants a weapon to get at Negan.  Later, Eugene makes good on his promise to bring her something.  But he can’t even do that right.  Instead of a gun or knife, he brings her the pill he created for two of Negan’s wives a few episodes ago.  When she sees it, Sasha is beyond disappointed.  What now?

Back at Oceanside, Rick and the group start loading the guns.  Father Gabriel asks if they need all of them and Rick says yes.  Before they leave, Rachel walks up behind Tara and asks if they’re going to take all of the guns.  Tara, remembering what a jerk Rachel is, says yep and then gives her the finger.  When they arrive at Alexandria, Rosita is there to open the gate.  They rush her and ask if she’s okay and about Sasha.  Rosita just says, “there’s someone here.”  She takes them to their makeshift prison and low and behold, Dwight is there.  Daryl goes charging for him, but everyone holds him back.  Rosita tells them that Dwight wants to help.  Rick turns around and asks if that’s true.  When Dwight says yes, Rick pulls out his gun, cocks it and says, “Get on your knees.”

Will Rick pull the trigger?  Will Sasha join Negan for good?  Will Natania change her mind and join Alexandria in its fight?

Stay tuned.

Alright people!  All caught up and ready for the season finale this Sunday.  Thanks for reading and being so patient.  You’re the best!

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.

And here’s this episode’s fan compilation video from Skybound, a source of joy for me every week.  Enjoy!

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