The Walking Dead, Season 7 Finale – The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

In the season finale of The Walking Dead, the time to rise up has finally come.

Wait a minute!!!  What the hell did I just witness????  Sasha sweaty and apparently listening to music, gasping for air.  And then she passes out?  Jesus Cristo!!!  Is she dead!! What is happening???

Every time I think Rick finds a way to finally defeat Negan, that son of a bitch is 100 steps ahead of everyone.  And that sure as shit didn’t change in this episode.  Everything was ready:  Rick had the guns, the people, the plans, EVERYTHING.  And shit STILL went sideways.  I mean completely sideways.

First, we have the human POS named Dwight.  He came to Alexandria, claiming that he wanted to help Rick and kill Negan.  Last we saw him, Dwight had Rick’s gun in his face, with the order to get on his knees.  Well, that wasn’t enough for Tara.  She wanted him dead.  She reminded Dwight about how he killed Denise and the dummy said, “I wasn’t aiming for her.”  Daryl went ape shit at that knowledge, grabbed Dwight by the neck and pointed a big ass knife right near his eye.  Now I don’t like Dwight, but I don’t like seeing sharp objects near anyone’s eyeball.  I kept expecting to see that knife slide into Dwight’s eye, and Tara wanted the same.  She kept egging Daryl on, telling him to kill Dwight.  Dwight, though, made a compelling case as to why he should be trusted, telling Daryl that the only reason he’s free is because of Dwight’s wife.  That is the only thing that saved that dude.  Daryl let him go and Dwight told everyone there that Negan would be at Alexandria soon (and deep with people) so they needed to get ready.  So Alexandria did get ready.  Too bad Dwight is a lying sack of shit.

Side Note:  Please remind me to NEVER, EVER make a deal with anyone that sounds like he or she is just learning his or her ABCs.  Because that person may sound like a dodo, but their brain is working double overtime.  Case in point:  Rick and everyone at Alexandria had a solid plan that included Jadis and her cronies.  I mean it was frickin brilliant.  When the Saviors showed up, Alexandria was ready.  Eugene, who called himself trying to be a peacemaker, requested that Rick and the rest give up their cause and continue things as they were.  Rick and Rosita was PISSED that Eugene turned to the Dark Side so easily, and with heavy hearts, they agreed to blow his ass to smithereens.  Only that’s now how it went down.  The explosives never went off, and Jadis and her people turned on Alexandria, holding their guns (the ones that Rick go them, no less) to every Alexandrian.  See, Jadis may take and not bother, but that bitch knows how to turn traitor.  She backstabbed Rick and made an even better deal with Negan.

TWD_716_GP_1108_0132-RTAnd then here comes Negan, strutting his ass out of one of the trucks, carrying Lucille.  He goes on about how it’s all over, he has Sasha in a coffin, blah blah blah.  But Rick doesn’t give up.  He wants to see Sasha first.  So, Negan opens the coffin and out comes Sasha.  But she’s no longer Sasha, she’s now a walker.  Sasha Williams made the ultimate sacrifice and offed herself, using Eugene’s poison pill to end her life before she was forced to do anything to harm her friends.

TWD_716_GP_1110_0096-RT-GNNeedless to say, Negan was shocked as shit and she almost ate his face off.  The distraction was enough to get shit going, and who started it all?  Savage Junior himself a.k.a. Carl Mothafuckin Grimes!!  He started shooting everyone around him and everything turned into a bloodbath.  Everyone started shooting except for Rick, since Jadis still had her gun aimed at him.  She told him to get down and when he wouldn’t (of course he wouldn’t), SHE SHOT HIM!  Then she pushed him off of the landing they were both standing on!  REALLY????  FUCK YOU!!!

To make matters worse, Michonne was busy getting her ass beat by one of Jadis’ goons.  Like, seriously getting her ass beat.  She can wield a sword like it’s nothing, but she can’t throw a punch??  Come on!!  She needs to take lessons from Rick, he’s straight savage.

TWD_716_GP_1109_0211-RTNegan, pissed about everything that was happening around him, tells his boy Simon, “Plan B it is!”  Wait, what the hell is Plan B?

Plan B is Negan capturing Carl and telling Rick that he’s gonna kill his son and then have Lucille take his hands.  Rick, on the edge, tells Negan it doesn’t matter what he does, he’s still going to kill him.  Not today, not tomorrow.  But Rick is killing Negan.  Mr. Psycho looks at Rick for a moment, then laughs.  We all know laughing doesn’t mean anything good.  So, Negan stands up, walks behind Carl, takes his hat off and aims Lucille for that head.  Before I could literally scream, Shiva came out of nowhere and took one of the Savior’s down.  King Ezekiel, Carol and the rest laid waste to the Saviors, including Morgan, who went H.A.M. with his newly-sharpened stick.  Before the Saviors and Jadis’ people could get away, Maggie, Jesus and the rest of Hilltop attacked from the other side.  I felt like crying this was such an epic moment.

But before all of this happened, Sasha was in that coffin remembering Abraham.  She remembered the conversation they had before everything changed.  Before Glenn and Abraham met their ends.  Before they all belonged to Negan.  Sasha didn’t want to let Abraham go.  She knew something was going to happen to him and something worse than death did happen.  She remembered all of that and then some.  Sasha remembered the sunrise she saw with Maggie at the Hilltop.  She remembered the kisses she shared with Abraham.  And she remembered her friends, who she would not betray.  RIP Sasha!

Back to the chaos, Negan and what was left of his crew, along with Jadis and her people, had to fall back.  How is he still alive??  Oh yeah, he’s got “plot armor” (I heard Akasan from the Skybound fan compilation videos say that once.  Yes, I’m using it.  Thanks, Akasan!).

Anywho, Daryl, Carol, Aaron and the rest scour the place looking for Negan, but that sneaky fuck found his way back to an armored truck and escaped Alexandria, giving everyone the finger as he drove off.  Rick and Carl looked for Michonne and found her bloody, bruised and alive.  The clean up began.  The burying of the dead began.  And Jesus and Maggie sadly found Sasha walking in the woods and put Sasha down for good.  Because that’s what you do for your friends.

Back at the Sanctuary, Negan asked Eugene how Sasha ended up dead in that coffin.  Being the lying chicken shit that he is, Eugene was able to squirm his way out of that one, but I would have LOVED to see Lucille tap dance on his head.  But Negan’s got other things on his mind.  Like war.  And he’s got PLENTY of people, as we saw before the credits rolled.

Who will win the war?  Will Michonne learn how to properly throw some hands?  Will Morgan come back from all the killing he’s had to do lately?  And will Rick and Michonne continue to show us what relationship goals really look like in a zombie apocalypse?

Stay tuned.

Season 8 of The Walking Dead will air this Fall on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.

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