Game of Thrones – Season 7 – Stormborn

In the latest episode of Game of Thrones, Dany’s restless, Euron makes his move and Grey Worm becomes a man.

Well, it didn’t take long for Dany’s attitude to change.  She hasn’t been on Dragonstone that long and already she’s pissy.  She wants to take the Seven Kingdoms now.  But Tyrion and Varys want her to wait.  They know Cersei, her cunning and her strategic brain.  She won’t go down without a hell of a fight.  A storm is raging on Dragonstone and Dany is told she was born on a night like this one.  But Dany doesn’t want to hear all of that mess, instead, she wants to know where Varys’ loyalty lies.  She starts to ask questions, wanting to know why he constantly changed position when it came to the kings of Westeros.  Varys doesn’t mince words because he’s lived a cruel life, he knows what it’s like to be hungry, scared and alone.  “You wish to know where my true loyalties lie?  Not with any king or queen, but with the people.  The people who suffer under despots and prosper under just rule, the people whose hearts you aim to win.”  Yes!  Dany, wary of Varys but willing to work with him, tells him to swear that if she ever fails the people, that he will tell her to face and he does swear.  But then she tells him, “And I swear this.  If you ever betray me, I will burn you alive.  Varys ain’t no fool.  He answers, “I would expect nothing less from the mother of dragons.”  The two come to a truce, for now.

MelisandreAfter, Dany is visited by Melisandre, recently kicked out of Winterfell by Jon Snow.  She tells Dany that she must summon the newly-crowned King in the North.  Tyrion hears the name and tells Dany that Jon is a good man and would definitely be a great ally.  Dany tells Halfman to send a raven to Jon summoning him to Dragonstone.  Oh yeah, and to “bend the knee.”  Umm, ok.

At Winterfell, Jon, Sansa and Davos are discussing the raven from Tyrion.  Sansa thinks it’s a trick but Jon knows the note is really from Tyrion thanks to the last line:  all dwarves are bastards in their father’s eyes.  Sensibly, Jon asks Sansa for her advice about Tyrion.  She tells him that Halfman is not like the rest of the Lannisters and was always good to her while she was in King’s Landing.  But she thinks it’s way too risky for Jon to meet with Dany and advises against it.  Davos agrees but also mentions that if the white walkers make it past the Wall, will they have enough men.  Jon has a decision to make and fast.

At King’s Landing, Cersei meets with the remaining bannermen of House Tyrell, including Samwell’s repulsive father.  The Queen tries to scare the men into fighting for the Crown, even throwing in a dig about the “foreign Dothrakis.”  Sounded a bit too much like real life, to be honest.  However, not everyone is convinced.  Sam’s dad steps up and says that Dany has three grown dragons, so how in the Mother are they gonna defeat them?  As always, Qyburn has a plan.  After the meeting, Jaime meets with Tarly to try and persuade him to fight for Cersei.  Tarly isn’t a sycophant, though.  The man was willing to kill his own son to preserve his name.  He won’t fight for House Lannister unless he knows it will be in the best interest of House Tarly.  So, what will the old bastard do?

Back at the Citadel, a frightened Sam stares at Jorah as he’s being examined.  The greyscale has covered most of his body, meaning it won’t be long before he loses his mind.  Sam mentions to the Archmaester that Princess Shireen (RIP, Princess), was cured of her greyscale.  But the Archmaester tells him it was because her affliction was caught right away.  No such luck for Jorah.  The Archmaester gave Jorah a day to figure out what he plans to do, but he can’t stay at the Citadel.  Sam asks Jorah if he should contact his family, and when he realizes that the sick man is a Mormont, Sam tries to find a cure instead.

Back at King’s Landing, Qyburn take Cersei down into the dungeons to show off his newest toy.  It’s a giant crossbow strong enough to kill Dany’s dragons.  He demonstrates its power by having Cersei shoot one of the giant arrows into the one of the dragon skulls, the largest one of the bunch.  The arrow goes straight through the skull, which spells trouble for House Targaryen.

Back at Dragonstone, Yara, Lady Olenna and Ellaria are trying to convince Dany to attack King’s Landing.  They don’t understand why she’s waiting around, but they soon find out.  Halfman tells the ladies that their armies will attack the capital, surrounding King’s Landing and trapping Cersei.  The women are pissed about that, thinking their armies will be doing all of the heavy lifting.  But then Tyrion reveals the kicker:  the Unsullied will attack his own family home, Casterly Rock.  The women are speechless, but think this plan is a good one.  They agree to it before Dany requests a meeting with Lady Olenna alone.  Dany tries to convince her that she will eventually bring peace to Westeros.  But Olenna knows much, much better.  She knows that Tyrion is a clever man, but so were many men she’s known over the years.  And she outlived them all by ignoring them.  “The lords of Westeros are sheep.  Are you a sheep? No.  You’re a dragon.  Be a dragon.”  The time will come when Dany will absolutely have to be a dragon.

Dany and TyrionLater that night, Missandei visits Grey Worm before he leaves for Casterly Rock.  The two have grown ever closer, but never made a move on each other.  But that all changed when Grey Worm explained that Missandei was his weakness.  He kisses her, but she stops him.  She stops him so she can take off her robes, then proceeds to undress Grey Worm.  But he doesn’t want her to see him, being a eunuch and all.  But she’s like, nah man, you’re leaving, we’re doing this.  They both get naked and Grey Worm is vulnerable for the first time since he was a boy.  Missandei takes him to the bed and they finally get intimate.  Grey Worm may not have a penis, but if you think that’s what you need to be intimate, you’re doing it wrong.  Here’s hoping GOT doesn’t fuck us all up by having Grey Worm die at Casterly Rock.  Cuz you know this show doesn’t care about our feelings!

Back at the Citadel, Sam sneaks into Jorah’s room so he can perform the cure for his greyscale, which is strictly forbidden.  He tells Mormont that the procedure is extremely painful (and positively nauseating to watch).  Not sure how he survived the ordeal, but here’s hoping it works and Jorah can return to his Khaleesi a new man.

Still on the road to King’s Landing, Arya meets up with her old friend Hot Pie, who’s culinary skills have only gotten better.  As she’s eating, Hot Pie wonders why she isn’t at Winterfell.  She’s like, “why would I go there since the Boltons have it?”  And he was like, “you haven’t heard?  Your brother fucked Ramsay up and took Winterfell back.  He’s there now.”  Arya is conflicted because she wants to kill Cersei but damn does she want to see her brother and go home again.  She leaves her friend and while outside, makes the decision to head back to Winterfell.  I’m not ready for that reunion!  I’m getting choked up just thinking about it!!

Back at Winterfell, Jon meets once again with his bannermen to tell them that he will be meeting with Dany after all.  The men are pissed and think he’s making a mistake.  Even Lady Lyanna told him to stay in the North.  But Jon tells them all that he’s seen the army of the dead with his own eyes.  The North will need as many allies as it can get to defeat it and the Night King.  Sansa (looking more and more like Cersei every day) tells him not to go, until he tells her that he’s leaving Winterfell for her to rule until he returns.  That shut her up, but she needs to watch out for Littlefinger.  This was the moment he was waiting for and don’t believe for a minute that he won’t try to take advantage.  Which he did immediately.

In the crypt, Jon is paying respects to his father when Littlefinger comes down to speak with him.  Lord Baelish starts talking about Ned and Caitlyn but Jon doesn’t want to hear it.  He starts to leave but when he brings up Sansa, Jon chokes him out.  He tells Lord Baelish that if he even talks to Sansa, he’ll kill him.  Jon lets him go (for now) and he and Davos leave for Dragonstone.  What will Littlefinger’s next move be now that Jon is away?

On the road, Arya is trying to get a fire going when she and her horse are surrounded by wolves.  They all look like they’re ready to attack when a giant direwolf comes up behind her.  Turns out it’s her own direwolf, Nymeria.  The wolf is HUGE and looks like it’s ready to tear her up, but when Arya talks to her, she recognizes her old friend and calms down.  Arya wants Nymeria to go with her to Winterfell, but the wolf turns and goes back into the woods.  Arya is devastated at first, but then she realizes that it’s been too long since Nymeria last saw her and she’s accustomed to being free.  “That’s not you,” she says, remembering when she said the same thing to Ned in Season 1 (so long ago!).

On the water, Theon, Yara and Ellaria are below deck having some drinks.  Ellaria and Yara are flirting relentlessly, with poor Theon feeling the loss of his prized possession.  The two ladies start making out when something crashes into the ship.  Yara grabs her sword and she and Theon go above deck to see their Uncle Euron’s armada on top of them.  Euron and his men attack and it’s all-out war.  The fighting is vicious, leaving everyone on board (including the Sand Snakes) dead and Yara captured.  Theon, who could have saved his sister, freezes in place, remembering the horrors he endured while under Ramsay’s control.  He jumps overboard, leaving his sister to be captured by Euron.  When the fighting is over, Theon is in the water, surveying the carnage that was left in Euron’s wake.

What will happen now that part of Dany’s army has been slaughtered?  How will Theon deal with the loss of his sister?  And will we be able to contain ourselves when Jon and Dany finally meet?

Stay tuned.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.  Photos courtesy of HBO.

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