The Walking Dead, Season 8 – The Damned

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In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Rick’s team is going through some things.

So, during last week’s premiere, Father Gabriel risked his life to save that snake Gregory and ended up being left behind surrounded by a herd of walkers.  Now he’s stuck in a trailer with Negan and Lord knows what will happen to him now.  This week, Jesus made the mistake of showing mercy to the Saviors, which is absolutely ridiculous.  This season is called “All Out War” for a reason.  Take.  No.  Prisoners.  Jesus is taking the love-thy-neighbor thing way too seriously.  But Tara let him know, “Maggie may listen to you, but Rick will listen to me” when he tried to plead his case for sparing a rogue Savior.  Having a heart in a fight with the Saviors ain’t Rick’s way.

However, going all H.A.M. like Rick has its own set of consequences.  He took down a dude who he thought was trying to hide the guns he and Daryl were looking for, when really, he was trying to hide his baby.  Sometimes Rick’s inner savage takes over and bad fucking things happen.  Like being so focused on beating Negan that you turn an innocent baby into an orphan.  When Rick realized what he had done, he looked like he was about to crack.

And speaking of cracking, Morgan went loco for a bit after being shot at by the Saviors.  Two of his comrades were killed and that made something in him snap.  Morgan got up, grabbed some guns and proceeded to take out pretty much every Savior he came across.  As he was making his kill shots, Morgan was recalling a previous conversation he had with Rick about not sparing any lives when it comes to war.  By the time he made it outside, Morgan had killed about 15 Saviors.  Had the sun not blinded his ass and brought him back to reality, Morgan would have kept shooting.  This war is going to take more than people’s lives.  Some souls are going to be lost on the way.

Towards the end of the show, Aaron’s man had been shot (when the hell did that happen?) and someone named Morales returned and had a gun to Rick’s face.  I’ll have to watch back episodes because I vaguely remember this guy.  But the real problem is that he’s called the Saviors back to the outpost and shit’s about to go down?

Will Rick and Co. make it out alive?  Will Aaron’s man survive?  Will Rick?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.

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