The Walking Dead, Season 8 – Monsters

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In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Morales and Rick have a chat, Jesus and Morgan duke it out, and the King keeps smiling until the end.

Apologies for this extremely late post.  Today was the first chance I’ve had to watch TWD.  So, let’s go!

Okay, so I still don’t remember Morales, but it didn’t really matter, did it?  Cuz after his little speech to Rick, Daryl put an arrow in him and kept it moving.  Like he should, since they’re at war.  No prisoners.  Unfortunately, that speech gave the Saviors enough time to come back to the outpost and hem our boys in.  But Rick and Daryl are a team for a reason.  Working together, they took some of the Saviors out while saving each other’s asses in the process.  Luckily, Aaron (I’ll get to him shortly) and the rest of the team cleared out the rest of the Saviors, giving Rick and Daryl a chance to live for another day.

Speaking of Aaron, how upsetting was it to see his man Eric brought low?  Last week, we learned that Eric had been shot and, although the bullet went straight through, it wasn’t looking too good for him.  But he managed to crack a joke while Aaron basically lost his shit.  We all know that finding love during the apocalypse ain’t easy and when you do find it, you have to hold on to it for dear life (just ask Maggie).  Aaron, not wanting to leave his love, had to do just that because there was more to be done.  So, our distraught hero left Eric sitting under a tree.  And The Walking Dead being what it is, I had little hope that Eric would survive.

Jesus and Morgan had what turned out to be a weird ninja fight, with Jesus trying to keep Morgan’s loco ass from shooting the Saviors they had captured.  Jesus, who is just too nice to be part of Rick’s gang, wants to keep the prisoners alive to bring them to the Hilltop.  But Morgan and Tara know that they should be put down, especially that long-haired prick Jared, who just won’t fucking die already.  The Saviors cannot be trusted.  Anyway, Jared and his buddies make a run for it when a bunch of walkers come rolling into their path.  Like literally rolled down a hill and into the path of Jesus and the gang.  Morgan ran after the escaped Saviors and put a bullet in the had of one of them once he caught up.  Before he could finish off the rest, Jesus intervened, and a fight ensued.  It didn’t last very long and no real damage was done.  Afterwards, Morgan came to his senses and said he knows he’s not right in the head, but he isn’t wrong about killing the prisoners.  Tara concurred, but Jesus was convinced he was right.  So, Morgan left and the rest went on to the Hilltop.

Speaking of the Hilltop, guess who brought his slimy ass back?  Gregory!  That damn coward drove back to The Hilltop and begged to be let back in.  Maggie stopped him at the gate and was like, nah, you ain’t comin’ in.  He was like, I built this place, you’re just a visitor.  And the Maggie said, “Shut your damn mouth!!”  And the way she said he, he had no choice but to shut his ass up.  Gregory begged and pleaded, and Maggie finally let him back in.  We know that was a mistake, but when you’re trying to figure out if you’re a monster or still a human being, you make mistakes.  As soon as Gregory waltzed back in, Jesus and crew arrived.  Aaaand Gregory turned around and said, nah, they ain’t comin’ in.  And Maggie told him to get lost, giving her a chance to speak to Jesus.  Even though she was hesitant about letting the Saviors in, she trusted Jesus and allowed them to be held there.  This can only be a bad thing in the end.

Back at the outpost, Rick and his team were making sure all of the Saviors were put down, with Rick taking polaroids of the dead.  As they were preparing to leave, a lone gunshot hit Rick’s truck and they all ran for cover.  Rick was able to figure out there was only one Savior left, and he was right.  The young man came out with his hands up.  If he looked familiar, it’s because he used to be on Boy Meets World as the nerd Stuart Minkus, among other shows.  The dude formerly-known-as-Minkus told Rick what happened to the guns they were looking for and the Daryl promptly put a bullet in his head.  Listen!!!  Daryl knows what’s up!!  No.  Prisoners.

Aaron went back to the tree where he left Eric and the spot was empty.  He looked for his husband and realized that Eric had died, turned and walked off.  Aaron saw his love down the road and just broke down.  He wanted to go to Eric so he could end him properly, but there was no time.  Scott consoled Aaron as best as he could, steering him back to the group.  Before they all left, Rick grabbed the baby Gracie from outpost, which Aaron volunteered to take to the Hilltop.

Last but certainly not least, King Ezekiel and Carol led their group through some treacherous situations, but the King smiled through it all.  He was smiling because not one person had been killed during their very strategic run through their plan.  It wasn’t until they reached their destination that their luck ran out and the King yelled, “Scatter!!  Now!!” and bullets began to fly.  Several of his men fell, while the rest dove to save their king, with many hit in the process.

Who will live and who will die?  Will Jesus regret the mercy he has shown to the Saviors?  Will Gregory betray The Hilltop once again?  And will we ever see Michonne and Carl again?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.

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