The Walking Dead, Season 8 – Some Guy

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In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, the King becomes a man.

Last week, King Ezekiel, Carol and the rest were on a strategic roll when their luck ran out and the Saviors got the jump on them.  This week, we saw the aftermath of that jump and it was devastating.  Everyone was dead.  And not just dead.  The King’s subjects had been obliterated.  Limbs were strewn, holes were blasted through torsos, and bodies were everywhere, potential walkers in the making.  In the center, was a pile of dead bodies, save for one.  The King struggled through and pulled himself out from under the carnage.  He was hurt, but the physical pain was nothing compared to the emotional.  His people, who trusted him and followed him, were gone.  Was he the only one left?  Not for long, as one by one, the King’s subjects woke from death and reached for him.  Unable to walk, Ezekiel crawled for dear life.

Elsewhere, Carol found herself inside the building where the shots came from.  The Saviors had a military grade weapon, one that caused the carnage below.  As they packed up, Carol hid until she was able to blast them.  Other Saviors came after her, but they had to get gone and decided to leave her.

King Ezekiel, sure he was about to die at the hands of Walker Daniel, was rescued by one of the few who survived the massacre.  The King did not want to be saved, however.  But his people were loyal and this one was no different.  They made their way from their former friends and headed for safety.  That is until one of the Saviors shot the survivor and grabbed the King as a prize for Negan.  While they walked, the Savior dropped some truth bombs on the King:  without Shiva, who was he?  Was he still a King?  Or was he just a con man who got his people killed?

As they continued to walk, the Savior realized that the King was too infirm to make it back to the Sanctuary safely, so he decided Negan would be happy with the King’s head on a spike.  Before he could off with his head, our man Jerry came in and cut that dude in half!!  Like literally cut him in half!!  Gross, but satisfying.  Jerry helped the King up so they could get the hell out of dodge.  But the gate was chained and Jerry couldn’t get it open.  So the two men faced the oncoming walkers together.  Jerry thanked the King and when he asked what for, Jerry answered, “For being such a cool dude.”  Awww, Jerry!!

Outside, Carol went after the Saviors to get those guns.  But she was outnumbered and was hemmed up behind a truck with gunfire coming from every direction.  But Carol wasn’t letting those guns get back to the Sanctuary.  She fooled the Saviors into thinking she was going to give up her people, when instead, she grabbed one of their guys and then opened the gates so the walkers would swarm them.  The tables turned, and she was about to take some heads, but then she saw the King and Jerry surrounded by walkers and decided to help her friends.  The Saviors got away but not for long.  Carol heard Daryl’s motorcycle and knew it would be alright.

On the road, the Saviors were making their way back to the Sanctuary, but Daryl and Rick were on their tail.  One of the douchebags shot at Daryl and he wiped out but Rick took them out and got those damn guns.

On the way back to the Kingdom, Carol, Ezekiel and Jerry came across a stream full of disfigured walkers (well, more disfigured, I guess).  The King didn’t think he would make it and wanted Carol and Jerry to go without him.  Before he could protest too much, Shiva came out and jumped on one of the walkers, but she was surrounded and the walkers ended our beautiful girl.  The King wanted to help her, but there was no way he would have survived either.  The look on his face was painful, as not only did he lose his girl, but he may have now become what the Savior said he was:  a con man.

Finally at the Kingdom, the gates opened and in walked Ezekiel, Carol and Jerry.  Ezekiel was a king no more.  He was now just a man, and had no idea how to be that person again.

Will Ezekiel still be the king his people need?  Will the Kingdom survive this devastating loss?  And will the writers make sure that nothing ever, EVER happens to Jerry?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.

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