The Walking Dead, Season 8 – The Big Scary U

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In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Father Gabriel finds his purpose.

The last time we saw Father Gabriel, he was stuck in a trailer with Negan after that punk Gregory stole his armored car.  In this episode, we see some of the events leading up to the showdown at the Sanctuary.  Father Gabriel is praying.  He no longer fears death, and asks that if he should die, that it be worth something.  This conversation already has my hackles up because now I’m worried that something may happen to him.

At the Sanctuary, Gregory is in a room napping when Simon walks in with breakfast.  Gregory is understandably leery of anything he gets from that psycho.  The Saviors never give you something for nothing.  Simon wants Gregory to shut down the rebellion before it even begins.  Why the Saviors have any faith in that coward is beyond me.  Later, Gregory meets with Negan, Simon, Dwight and a few others (including that traitor Eugene) to convince them of his worth.  Dwight excuses himself from the meeting (to possibly meet with Daryl).  Gregory tells Negan that he’ll exile anyone from the Hilltop who joins the revolt but Negan doesn’t think he still has the clout.  He thinks he’s a punk.  “You’re a thin dick politician threading the needle with your thin, thin dick.”  Leave it to Negan to point out the obvious in a creative way.

Negan asks Gregory how come he didn’t know about Maggie and the attack at Alexandria.  I burst out laughing when I saw Gregory’s face because he was petrified.  He started stammering and speaking incoherently, causing Simon to calm him down.  Gregory puts on a good front and tells Negan he’ll shut everything down.  Then Simon jumps in and says if the residents of the Hilltop don’t cooperate they’ll just kill everyone.  Negan slams Lucille on the table and says that people are “resources.”  In other words, no one’s killing anyone unless it’s necessary.  Then Negan quietly asks Simon if he forgot who was in charge.  Simon (with a frightened Eugene sitting next to him) backtracks and says that it was “a pronounced event and a fragile moment.”  Negan told the group that Rick, Maggie and King Ezekiel will die in front of everyone in the worst way possible.  And then we hear gunshots.  Rick and Co. have arrived.  Negan tells his group that they’re going out to chat with Rick and they all walk out.

Back to present day, Negan and Father Gabriel are trapped.  Instead of using his gun and blowing Negan’s brains out, Father Gabriel gets slammed to the ground and his gun taken.  Seriously????  You had one job!!  After, the two men start talking (cuz they ain’t going anywhere) and then Father Gabriel says that he knows his purpose:  it’s to hear Negan’s confession?  Okay, huh???  What’s happening??

Inside, Simon and the rest are trying to figure out what to do about fixing their situation.  They try to come up with a solution, which would involve using the workers as bait for the walkers.  They feel like the workers are expendable so who cares?  Eugene speaks up and says that idea won’t work and Dwight agrees.  The workers would revolt and then the Sanctuary would be in chaos.  Which is what almost ends up happening.  The workers come upstairs and start complaining about the lack of air and water.  Simon tries to take charge but the workers aren’t having it.  Then Regina shoots one of the workers right before Negan and Gabriel walk in.  The men found their way back to the Sanctuary, covering themselves in walker guts.  After Negan makes himself known, the workers are controlled and all is back in order again.  Father Gabriel is taken to a room (probably the same one that held Daryl) until further notice.

Outside, Rick and Daryl are trying to get information from the Savior Rick stabbed.  He tells them that all of their people are dead except for Ezekiel, Jerry and Carol.  They go through the overturned jeep to find dynamite.  Daryl starts packing it so they can blow up the Sanctuary.  Rick wants to stick to the plan but Daryl wants to end it all.  Rick knows there are families who work for Negan and wants them to be on their side, but Daryl is like, nah man, let’s get this show on the road.  Rick tries to stop Daryl and gets punched in the face for his trouble.  Then the two friends start fighting!  Daryl puts Rick in a choke hold, bringing Rick down to the ground.  While these two idiots are fighting, the jeep blows up thanks to Rick tossing the dynamite during the fight.  Afterwards, the two men, still salty with each other, continue with the plan, going their separate ways.  While Rick is walking to his destination, he sees of all things a helicopter.  Where the hell did that come from?  He decides to walk the same way the coptor went, and ends up being spotted by one the creepy Scavengers.  He alerts the others, using some sort of whistle.  So weird.

At the Sanctuary, Eugene brings Father Gabriel some items and starts rambling on and on.  But Father doesn’t answer.  When Eugene opens the door, Father Gabriel is sweating profusely.  Dammit, I knew something would happen to him!!

Will Father Gabriel survive?  Will Dwight’s betrayal be revealed?  And will Rick and Daryl make up?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.

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