The Walking Dead, Season 8 – The King, the Widow and Rick

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In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Rick tries to make a deal, Carol tries to rouse the King, and Michonne and Rosita try to get back to their badass selves.

Yes, I know.  This recap is SUPER late.  Life!  It doesn’t care about recaps.  But I do.  Here it is.  Screw you, Life!

So let’s talk about King Ezekiel.  The man is broken.  So broken that he won’t see anyone.  Not his people, not Carol.  Not even little Henry.  He is no longer the man to lead the Kingdom.  But Carol doesn’t see it that way.  She tries to see the King and the ever-faithful Jerry is guarding his quarters.  The King has told Jerry that he no longer needs to guard him, but he does it anyway because he just has to.  Carol, a little tired of this mess, pulls out a shotgun and is about to blast the door open before Jerry says, “Yo!  It’s unlocked.”  Carol heads inside and the King is in the auditorium, just sitting there holding Shiva’s chain (RIP, sweet girl).  He knows Carol is there to convince him to rejoin the real world, but he ain’t trying to hear it.  The King is no more.  I don’t like this Ezekiel but I understand why he’s so despondent.  His people trusted him, went to war for him, died for him.  How do you come back from that?

Back at Alexandria, we finally see Michonne (damn woman, we know you’ve got Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity Wars coming up, but we missed you!).  Some of the residents have come back after the siege at the Sanctuary.  They tell her what happened but she needs to see it for herself.  So she gets in a car to head out, but Rosita tries to stop her.  “You’re still healing,” she says but Michonne says she just needs to see it.  Rosita gets in the passenger seat much to Michonne’s surprise.  “You’re still healing.”  Yeah, well, what are you gonna do with two headstrong women?  Absolutely nothing.  So the two badasses head out.

In the woods, Carl is looking for the young guy he saw previously before Rick scared him off with random gunfire.  He finds the young man and offers him food and water.  Now we all know that Carl is a trigger man, so the fact that he’s playing nice is great.  He asked the requisite questions and the young man’s answers seem legit.  Carl take a chance on the young Siddiq (Avi Nash) and decides to take him back to Alexandria.  I’ve been watching TWD way too long to feel comfortable whenever new people show up.  For his sake, I hope Siddiq is on the level.

Back at the Hilltop, Jesus is still trying to do the right thing by the Saviors, but Maggie is the one who has the final say.  She has a pen built and has the captured Saviors put inside.  Jared a.k.a. Long Hair tries to grab a gun from Dianne but Maggie butts his face with her rifle.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who wanted her to blow his brains out, but I’m hoping he gets a more gruesome end.  She butts him one more time for good measure.  Gregory chimes in and says there shouldn’t be people roaming the Hilltop who can’t be trusted.  Maggie agrees and has Gregory thrown into the pen, as well.  The way he cried was funny as hell.  That weasel had it coming.  Will the pen be enough to hold the Saviors?

On the road to the Sanctuary, Rosita and Michonne come across a couple of Saviors in a well-stocked building.  They’ve rigged speakers to a pickup truck in order to lure the walkers currently surrounding Negan and his crew.  The ladies split up and try to sneak up on the Saviors, but Michonne’s foot hits a ball and it goes rolling towards, you guessed it, the damn Saviors.  A gun fight breaks out and the two women try to stop the Saviors.  Michonne gets into a fist fight with the woman, who gets the best of our girl and makes a run for the truck.  Rosita has better luck.  She pulls out an RPG and points it at the man.  He underestimates Rosita and ends up being blown to bits where he stands.  Michonne and Rosita then go after the woman, who jumps in the souped up truck and begins blasting classical music from the speakers.  Just when it looks like all is lost, a huge trash truck slams into the Saviors, ending them and their plan.  When the doors open, Daryl and Tara step out and my heart was whole once again.

Once they realized that everything was clear, Daryl, Tara, Rosita and Michonne go to the Sanctuary.  Michonne sees the walkers surrounding the place and was satisfied.  But Daryl and Tara were on a different mission.  They wanted to end it all and decided to deviate from Rick’s plan.  Now if you all remember the season premiere, Rick was looking like something positively devastating had happened.  I hope that Daryl’s and Tara’s lack of patience is not the reason why things go sideways.

Speaking of Rick, our boy visits Jadis and the Scavengers, who are busy making art while in the buff (don’t ask).  Thankfully, they get dressed before letting Rick in.  He tries to make another deal with Jadis (who still sounds like she’s just learning how to talk) and gives her a choice:  join us or we destroy you.  Pretty simple.  But she says no and then keeps a naked Rick in a shipping container.  What kind of pickle has Rick put himself in now?

Will Rick’s people fulfill his promise to destroy the Scavengers?  Will Daryl and Tara kill Negan and end the war?  Will the King ever become the King again?  And will Daryl EVER take a damn shower?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.

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