The Walking Dead, Season 8 – Time for After

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In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Rick is back in the Thunderdome, Daryl and Tara lose patience, and Eugene comes to terms with himself.

The Scavengers seem to get weirder and weirder.  Rick is still in the shipping container, waiting for whatever is supposed to happen.  When the doors finally open, we see that he is not naked (unfortunately), but in his boxers.  Jadis and her buddy Brion are a few feet away from him.  Brion is sketching and Jadis is holding a camera.  Rick gives her another chance to join him against Negan, but her answer is to snap a photo.  She snaps two more before closing the doors again.  Before they close, Rick asks why she’s taking photos.  She says to sculpt him after.  Lord, that sounds like some mess.

At the Sanctuary, Eugene’s traitorous ass has really gone all the way over to the Dark Side.  He visits Dwight and tells him that he knows he’s the mole and to either “cease and desist” or he’ll tell Negan and the others.  Dwight ain’t no punk, though.  He grabs Eugene by the shirt, plops his ass in a chair and then tells him what’s what.  The Sanctuary will fall.  Either join the revolution or perish.  Eugene, finding what little balls he has, repeats his request, then walks out.

While walking back to his room, Dr. Karson asks Eugene to step into the room where Father Gabriel is laid up.  It’s not looking too good for our Father Gabriel.  And Eugene, the punk, blames the possibly dying man for being sick.  Luckily, Dr. Karson is a better man than Eugene and tries to help.  He leaves Eugene with Father Gabriel while he goes to the market for herbs.  Father Gabriel wakes up after a bit of a coughing fit and sees Eugene standing at the end of the bed.  He tells the punk to sit and he does.  Father Gabriel tries to reach for his glass of water, and for a moment, Eugene just fucking sits there.  He finally helps the poor man out and gives him a drink.  After, the two men speak a bit about Eugene hopefully helping Father Gabriel get Dr. Karson to the Hilltop.  But Eugene is who he is:  a small man who looks out for himself, always.  At least he’s honest.  I think I may have said, “Fuck you, Eugene” about five times during that scene, though.

Outside of the Sanctuary, Morgan is inside one of the other buildings looking for anyone trying to leave.  He gets a call on his walkie about a truck approaching and Morgan sees that it’s Daryl and the rest.  The crew of Daryl, Tara, Rosita and Michonne are discussing next steps, with Rosita being the dissenter.  She thinks they should wait, as rushing to try and end things was what got Sasha killed and decides to go back to Alexandria.  Michonne is conflicted but decides to see it through with the rest.  Methinks this is going to go completely sideways.

Back at the Sanctuary, Eugene is visited by one of Negan’s wives, the same one who tried to get him to help end Negan.  Tanya stops by to get the boombox Eugene said he would fix in exchange for two bottles of wine.  But since the siege, he hasn’t been fixing shit.  Tanya tells him he’s got one more day but Eugene asks for the wine anyway.  He claims he needs it to sleep, but she knows it’s because he can’t deal with the fact that he works with Negan.  I mean, after seeing men being burned with irons, thrown into fire, and women basically trapped into being Negan’s wives, who the hell is sleeping in that place?  But Tanya doesn’t feel sorry for him because Eugene had a chance to end Negan and he chickened out.  Just like he always does.  Tanya decides to leave the wine but knows it won’t help.  As she’s leaving, Laura stops by to summon Eugene:  Negan wants to see him.

As always, Negan is at the table holding his girl Lucille.  He tells Eugene that if shit doesn’t get fixed soon, people will die.  Not Negan, of course cuz he’s good at staying alive, and he thinks Eugene is, too.  Eugene is smart, and strong and Negan likes that.  So he shakes his hand and tells the punk that he rarely shakes hands because that’s a sign of mutual respect.  Negan knew just what to say to Eugene to puff him up and get him to thinking.  He goes back to his room so he could work on Tanya’s boombox, or so I thought.  He needs more supplies and ends up in a darkened room.  He sees the coffin Sasha was in and Eugene has a flashback of her coming out of the coffin as a walker and he loses it for just a moment.  He calms down, opens the coffin lid and finds the iPod he gave Sasha.

Outside of the Sanctuary, Daryl, Michonne and Tara drive as close to the building as possible without attracting walkers.  Morgan is talking them through, using his vantage point as a guide.  Tara gets out of the truck, ready to roll, but Michonne is hesitating.  She wants to end things, but still thinks it’s too risky.  So she opts out and heads back to Alexandria.  Tara, Daryl and Morgan continue with their plan.

Meanwhile, Eugene is using his traitorous brain to come up with a way to get rid of the walkers.  He creates a glider that will play music from the iPod, drawing the walkers away.  It’s a brilliant plan and one that would work, save for Dwight pointing a gun at his head.  Eugene, terrified, sets the glider off anyway and the thing is working but Dwight shoots it down.  When Daryl hears the gunshots, he tells Tara and Morgan to move now and they begin shooting at the windows housing the Saviors’ snipers.  Daryl drives the truck towards one of the walls, and jumps out before it hits, which creates a giant hole allowing the walkers to swarm.  Eugene sees all of the carnage and he flips out.  He runs back to Father Gabriel’s room and tells him hell no he ain’t helping him, he’ll continue to work for Negan and Dr. Karson ain’t going nowhere.  Eugene will survive and will do whatever it takes and won’t feel bad about it.

He heads straight for Negan and tells him how to get rid of the walkers.  Eugene begins to rat on Dwight but changes his mind the others walk in telling Negan about the status of the walkers.  Instead of snitching, Eugene proceeds to get wasted on red wine, listening to sounds of gunfire.

Back in Crazy Town, Rick finds himself face-to-face with another Thunderdome walker, this time, on a stick.  One of the Scavengers is holding him down but Rick’s like, nah man, I’m out.  He starts knocking everyone out, using the Thunderdome walker as a weapon/shield.  He eventually gets Jadis down on the ground with her face inches from the walker’s gnashing teeth.  He tells everyone that he’s walking out of there alive, with his clothes, and his people are going to kill them all.  So it’s either join them or die.  Jadis decides to join, but she wants half of the Saviors’ stuff.  Rick tells her she’ll get a fourth, so she counters:  a fourth plus she sculpts him naked (hey I’d counter with that, too).  But he tells her hell no.  She reluctantly agrees and they all head out to the Sanctuary.  And when he gets there, he sees that all of the walkers have been cleared.  Every.  Single.  One.  Oh fuck.

How long before Negan retaliates?  Will Jadis betray Rick yet again?  Will Eugene survive another day at the Sanctuary?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.

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