The Walking Dead, Season 8 – The Lost and the Plunderers

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So I’ve had some time to get through Carl’s death.  It was hard to watch and I still can’t believe it happened, but in the world of The Walking Dead, no one is safe.

In the latest episode, the story this week was told from the perspectives of six people: Michonne, Negan, Enid, Simon, Jadis and Rick.  Michonne’s story was the least fucked up (I guess, what the fuck do I know?), with her really in her feelings about losing Carl.  She was sad, and angry and full of emotion because how do you help the man you love who’s just lost his son?  How do you move on and stay strong after seeing your home destroyed?  But she put her anger to good use, slaying walkers like the badass she is, but with a bit more purpose.  Each one she killed could be the one that ended her beloved Carl, so she slashed, bashed and cut her way through them as she and Rick grabbed what they could from their former home (which was miraculously still standing).  Before she walked in, Michonne saw the painted handprints that Carl and Judith left on the porch.  She almost lost it when she saw them, but gathered herself together so she and Rick could get out of dodge and to safety.  On the road, Michonne tries to convince Rick to read the letter Carl left him, but he wasn’t ready.  And then she drops the bomb that Carl left a letter for Negan as well.  Rick ignores that revelation and says that he needs to talk to Jadis.  The couple head to the landfill and when they walk in, a trap dumps a bunch of trash in front of the doorway and walkers come for them.

The next point of view we saw was Negan’s.  He’s gonna have a problem with Simon cuz that dude is on edge.  He likes being the voice of Negan and also doling out the punishment.  He tells Simon to handle the Garbage People but Simon thinks Negan means kill them.  But Negan gives him clear instructions: kill ONE and the rest will fall in line.  Then Simon does the unthinkable: he questions Negan and tells him he thinks they should basically forget about Rick, the Garbage People and the rest and find a new place to hang their heads.  Negan laughs (which is never a good thing) and says nah, they’ll be just fine as soon as they clip Rick’s balls.  The two are interrupted by a delivery from the Hilltop, which is a walker formerly known as Neal.  Simon flips and says he wants to kill everyone at the Hilltop, but Negan nips that shit and tells Simon he’ll do his job.

Next up is Enid, who is at Oceanside with Aaron.  Cindy and a few of her crew have taken them hostage and discuss what to do with them.  Of course, the little psycho Rachel thinks they should both be killed.  After a brief discussion, they decide to take Enid and Aaron to the beach to kill them.  But Enid talks them out of it and Cindy lets them go with a warning to never come back.  They won’t help and they don’t want to see Rick or any of them again.  Aaron decides to stay and try to convince Oceanside to help anyway.  He tells Enid to go back to the Hilltop and she makes him promise that she’ll see him again.  Dumb move cuz whenever that happens, someone dies.  But he promises anyway.  Sheesh!

Next up is that fool Simon.  And that dude is gonna get FUCKED UP when Negan finds out what he did.  He had one job.  Just one!  See Jadis and the Garbage People, get them to fall back to Team Negan and then shoot one of them as punishment for their disloyalty.  But nooooooo.  Simon went overboard when he felt Jadis wasn’t showing enough remorse.  He shot two of her people, which pushed her over the edge, causing her to punch his ass out.  Well all that did was make him shoot everyone except Jadis.  Every single last one of them.  When he got back to the Sanctuary, Negan asked him how everything went and Simon remembered who he was dealing with.  He came up with some lie but you know that’s gonna come back and bash him in the head.  Literally.

Next up, Jadis.  Her story opens with Rick and Michonne fighting their way out of the landfill.  They end up on one of the trash heaps where Jadis calls to them.  She’s actually speaking in regular sentences, which trips me out.  She talks of what the landfill was before the virus took hold, and what it became after.  But Rick ain’t trying to hear her talk.  He blames her for what happened to her people (glass houses, Rick).  He fashions himself a weapon and tells Michonne they’re going to make a run for it.  Jadis asks if she can come with them, but he says no and leaves her there to fend for herself.  Later, Jadis is seen banging a metal pole over and over to attract her former friends to what looks like a giant meat grinder.  She unhooks the chain blocking it and watches as one by one, her friends fall in and are ground to a bloody pulp.  As she watches, you can see the change that comes over her.  Jadis is broken and I have a feeling that Rick, Negan and the rest will pay dearly for it.

Last but not least, we come to Rick’s point of view.  In the van, he’s trying to come up with excuses why he left Jadis.  But Michonne hits him with the ultimate guilt trip and says this is what Carl was talking about.  When she says that, Rick has to pull over, telling his love that he needs a minute.  He grabs the walkie and Carl’s letters and takes a walk to a field.  He reads Carl’s letter to Negan before his own and then calls his nemesis on the walkie-talkie.  He tells Negan that Carl is dead, and surprisingly the psycho is messed up about it.  He tells Rick that Carl was built for living in the apocalypse, that he had plans for our Little Savage.  But Rick doesn’t want to hear that shit and tells Negan he’s gonna kill him.  But Negan sounds almost rational when he tells Rick that Carl died because of his stupid decisions, that he failed in his rebellion and he failed as a father.  He tells Rick to stop because he’s already lost.

Will Rick listen?  Will Simon get a kiss from Lucille when Negan finds out about the massacre?  Will Aaron make it back from Oceanside safely?  And will Jadis take them all out?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 pm on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.

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