The Walking Dead, Season 8 – Do Not Send Us Astray

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In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, the Hilltop goes to war and pays the ultimate price.

Simon, Simon, Simon.  You are one complete idiot.  Negan gave you specific instructions and you royally screwed them up.  Dwight tried to tell you.  He warned you.  Negan may still be out there and, if he is, he damn sure won’t be happy about what transpired at the Hilltop.  You, sir, are fucked.

So, the Saviors decided to attack the Hilltop.  And guess what?  That didn’t go very well for them.  At least not at first.  Maggie, Rick and the rest had their shit down.  They were prepared, they were armed and they did the damn thing.  Daryl started the show by riding in on his bike, gun blazing, taking out Saviors as he made his way to the gate.  Simon, being the dumbass we all know and “love,” fell right into that trap and followed Daryl through the gate, only to be met with a schoolbus to the grille.  As soon as the Saviors left their vehicles, they were met with heavy gunfire.  Many were taken out, but they struck back.  They shot arrows at Maggie and the prisoners, hitting some of them in the process.  The bullets kept flying, until the Hilltop took out all of the Saviors’ headlights, plunging them into complete darkness.

Simon was confident that they would get the upper hand, and brought his people out in the open to surround the main house.  But then, floodlights came on and the bullets started flying again.  Saviors went down, with Rick leading the charge to end them all.  When he ran out of bullets, he used his trusty ax to fuck shit up, taking Saviors down one by one.  Morgan, who ain’t doing too well, did his part, but that dude needs a shrink stat.  In the end, the Saviors retreated and the Hilltop survived another fight.  Or so we thought.

As the dead were being buried, the wounded were looked after and treated.  Tara, who took an arrow in the arm by Dwight to keep her from being killed by Simon was treated but came right back out to help.  Daryl, who saw Dwight shoot his arrow, thinks Tara needs to remember that the turncoat is not their friend and went back to the Saviors because he wanted to.  But Tara thinks otherwise and regrets being so suspicious.

Inside, Tobin, who was stabbed during the fight, is looked after by Carol.  He chose that time to get some closure, asking Carol if what they had was ever real.  She explained that basically no, it wasn’t, but not because of anything he did.  She just didn’t believe that a zombie apocalypse was a great place to start a relationship.  Tobin took it in stride and thanked Carol for her honesty.

After a bit, all was quiet.  Until everything went to shit.

Let’s start with that little punk, Henry.  I get it, kid.  You want closure or revenge or whatever the hell it is you need to get over your brother’s death.  But dammit, why now???  And WHY would you open the gate???  You had a GUN!!  And the prisoners are in the equivalent of a chicken coop!!  YOU DIDN’T NEED TO OPEN THE GATE!!

While Henry did his part of fuck everything up, Tobin died and then came back as a walker.  Wait, how?  Oh yeaaahhhhhh!!  The Saviors tainted all of their weapons with walker blood.  So anyone who was shot or cut will turn.  Everyone.  Including Tara.  Wait, including Tara?  INCLUDING TARA??  DAMMIT!!!

As Tobin’s dead body started snacking on anyone it came across (including yet ANOTHER doctor), more and more walkers began to wake up and the mayhem began.

As chaos ensued, Henry’s stunt came to a head when one of the prisoners who was hit by an arrow earlier turned and started biting her buddies.  Henry started shooting but Jared, that long-haired prick who JUST WON’T DIE, rushed the little brat and took his gun.  The prisoners escaped and Maggie’s leverage ran out of the Hilltop.

After Rick and his people cleaned up all of the walkers, they realized what the Saviors had done and then had the jacked up task of telling Tara.  She took it pretty well, maybe because she knew her people would make sure she went out properly.  Or maybe because she was tired of fighting and ready for some peace.

In the morning, Carol and King Ezekiel looked for Henry, but couldn’t find him anywhere.  Morgan, already feeling guilty about the kid, almost went over the deep end.  You see, our man is seeing Gavin’s bloody ghost wherever he goes, a ghost that keeps saying the same thing over and over again.  “You know what it is!”  Well, shit, tell the rest of us!  What is it?

How will the Hilltop recover after this bloody victory/loss?  Will Henry be found alive?  Will Gavin’s ghost tell us what it is?  And will Jared ever fucking die?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 pm on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.

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