The Walking Dead, Season 8 – Still Gotta Mean Something

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In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, it’s Rick and Morgan, two murderous friends together again.

So, this episode was mostly about Rick and Morgan, which was just fine.  Neither one of those two are okay and they both know it.  But that’s fine, cuz they had some killing to do.  And damn did they ever.

Morgan, who’s been seeing Gavin’s ghost since he died, has Carol concerned.  The two of them went out to find Henry, who’s badass disappeared after he inadvertently let the captive Saviors loose during the battle at the Hilltop.  Morgan saw Henry’s ghost, which didn’t bode well for him or the little brat (I’m still mad about what happened last week, so he’s still a brat).  Morgan couldn’t handle it and went out on his own.  Carol went out to find Henry thanks to her guilt and because of what the King said to her:  he called her a coward, which was harsh coming from him.

Back at the Hilltop, Rick is getting dressed and walks out putting on a t-shirt (Lord I wish that had been the other way around).  Michonne is there to check up on her man.  He apologizes for going after Negan when he should have stayed on course with the plan.  Then he melts our damn hearts and tells Michonne he loves her!!  When I tell you I almost died, yes I’m exaggerating, but damn it was so sweet!!!  FINALLY!!  And when Michonne returns the love, my death was complete.  I absolutely LOVE Rick and Michonne.  Anyway, after the lovefest, Rick puts on his murder jacket and heads out to try and find the escaped Saviors.

Speaking of Saviors, ole Negan is now Jadis’ captive.  After the slaughter of her people, which she only escaped because of her serious dead-woman skills, she grabbed Negan and Lucille and took them back to her base.  Negan is partially clothed (dammit) and tied to some wheely thing.  He tells Jadis that it wasn’t his call to kill all of her people, he just trusted the wrong person.  She doesn’t believe him and almost smashes the walker-infected Lucille in his pretty face but stops just short of impact.  Later, she wheels out some kind of walker chariot (I don’t know what else to call it) but she runs suddenly and hides.  Somehow, Negan has a gun, a flare and a bunch of pictures.  Either she lets him go and they work something out or he burns the pictures with the flare.  They struggle and Jadis gets the flare out of Negan’s hand but puts it out by accident.  She runs to find another one and while she’s gone, a damn helicopter hovers over the trash heap.  Negan says, “what the shit?” because that’s what we all were thinking.  It hovers for a few seconds and then turns before Jadis can run out and wave her new flare.  The writers need to explain that one!  After the helicopter leaves, a defeated Jadis takes Lucille and threatens to burn Negan’s prized possession, which we learn is named after his dead wife.  He begs her not to do it and she relents (because Negan normally doesn’t beg).  She lets him go and Negan promises her that he will get to the bottom of what happened.  He also offers her a spot at the Sanctuary whenever she wants it.  Will Jadis end up with the Saviors?

In the woods, Rick meets up with Morgan, who almost sticks him because he wasn’t sure Rick was real.  But since the two of them have been friends since the beginning, Rick knows what Morgan looks like when he’s Going Clear.  Rick is able to calm his friend down and then they both get knocked out by the escaped Saviors.  When they come to, Jared, the long-haired punk with nine lives, wants to ditch his sick compadres and take Rick back to the Sanctuary as a peace offering.  But some of them are saying the hell with the Sanctuary, they’d rather go back to the Hilltop.  Rick and Morgan try to talk them into releasing them, but they really don’t have to.  A ton of walkers come shuffling into their hideout and they have no choice but to free them both.  They all fight off the walkers and once things are clear, Rick and Morgan take out the Saviors one by one.  I know in the fan compilation video, some of the watchers weren’t cool with this move.  But I was fine with it.  I don’t trust the Saviors one bit and probably would have done the same in the land of The Walking Dead.  One of the most satisfying parts of this scene was watching Jared finally get his comeuppance.  He tried to overpower Morgan but Mr. Clear got the upper hand and pushed Jared into a space full of walkers, closing the gate and trapping that punk.  To make it even more savage, Morgan held Jared and LOOKED HIM IN THE EYES as walkers started chewing on him.  Finally, some justice.

While all this was going on, Carol found Henry and saved him from walkers.  The little brat became Henry again in my eyes because kids don’t need to be worrying about being eaten by zombies.  He was just a scared little kid who realized he was just that.  Henry and Carol hugged and he apologized for not listening to her.  When they got back to the Hilltop, Ezekiel’s look of relief at seeing both Henry and Carol safe was heartwarming.  Not long after, Morgan returned and when he saw Henry was alive, he told his young friend about Jared.  Henry put his arm on Morgan and said he was sorry, which wasn’t what he was expecting to hear.

On the way back to the Sanctuary, Negan stops his car, opens the passenger side door and beckons someone to get in.  We won’t know until the next episode who he was talking to (maybe) but I have my theories.

Rick, who had been avoiding reading Carl’s letter since his death, finally manned up and read it.  Of course, we have no idea what he said because the writers just want to torture us even more.  But whatever is in that letter, it made Rick look like a broken man.

Will we ever know what was in Carl’s letter?  Will Rick follow his dead son’s wishes?  And will Simon and Lucille have one last dance?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.


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