The Walking Dead, Season 8 – Worth

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In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Negan stays ahead of the game.

I have no idea why people think they can get over on Negan.  That man is twenty steps ahead of everyone, which is why he’s the boss.  Simon and Dwight found that out the hard way.

But before we get to that, at the Hilltop, Rick FINALLY reads Carl’s letter.  In it, our Little Savage implores his father to stand down and make peace with Negan.  No more fighting.  No more killing.  Rick read his son’s words but will he take them to heart?

Back at the Sanctuary, Father Gabriel is still feeling sick, but no one cares.  Everyone has a job to do, and that includes him.  The poor Father is at the end of his rope and feels defeated, especially after what happened with Dr. Carson.  But Eugene basically tells him to shape up or die.  After his “pep” talk (and consuming something that looked absolutely disgusting), Eugene stepped outside only to be greeted by Rosita and Daryl, who kidnapped the weasel to take him back to the Hilltop.

On the way there, Eugene kept running his mouth, so much so that Daryl pulled out a huge knife and told him to shut up or have his tongue cut out.  But he kept talking and then Rosita put her gun under his chin and told him he was basically worthless and a coward (facts) and they were only going to use him for his brain.  She didn’t give two shits about his “pathetic life.”  For some reason, that statement made him mad (not Daryl threatening to cut his tongue out).  But I guess since a woman correctly told Eugene he was pathetic, then well, I guess that was just crossing the line.  Figures.

The trio ran into some walkers and while Daryl cleared out the ones ahead of them, Eugene saw a few more coming up in the rear.  But instead of alerting Rosita, the punk MADE HIMSELF THROW UP as a distraction!  Eugene has done some ridiculous shit, but this takes the cake!  As he ran away, Rosita was stuck fighting off walkers.  By the time she and Daryl regroup, fucking Eugene had hidden himself under a bunch of what looked like trash or what have you, getting away yet again.  He made his way back to the Sanctuary and basically told his crew to up the bullet count and he didn’t want to hear shit else about it.

Outside, Dwight is smoking a cigarette when he hears that familiar whistle:  Negan has returned.  He sets up a meeting with Dwight, Simone and a few more of the Saviors.  They’re all on edge now that the boss is back.  Except for Simon.  That dude is super cool and calm.  When Negan makes a move like he’s going to bash Simon’s skull in for what he did to Jadis, again, he’s super cool and calm.  But then Negan said, “all is forgiven,” shocking pretty much all of us.  But Simon saw that forgiveness as a way to end Negan’s reign once and for all.  He came up with a plan, asking Dwight to join him, which he did.  But Dwight betrayed him and told Negan about Simon’s planned coup.  Simon got super pissed and lunged for Dwight, but Negan got some of his people to hold him back.  Then he challenged Simon to a fight, which was HILARIOUS.  Were we seriously about to watch these dudes fight?  Apparently so.  And it turned out to be a good fight, with Simon (who’s in pretty good shape) getting some good swings in on Negan.  But like I said before, Negan is the boss for a reason.  He ended up choking Simon to death, crushing his windpipe in the process.  With his bare hands.  The crowd is fucking stunned, including Dwight.  And scared.

Afterwards, Negan promoted Dwight to second in command now that Simon has been permanently fired.  Dwight ain’t no dummy and said yes, and then got a nasty surprise when he walked into his room: Laura, who we haven’t seen since the siege at Alexandria, has returned and told Negan everything.  Dwight is basically fucked.  And so is Rick because the plan that Negan told everyone about was fake.  Negan already knew about Dwight and knew he would find a way to get the plan to Rick.  So, the Hilltop is heading right into a damn trap.  Of course they were.

Later, Michonne contacted Negan on his walkie and read Carl’s letter.  He listened to what Carl had to say and then told Michonne that he’s coming for the Hilltop and he’s going to kill them all.  Okay then.

Will Rick stand down and offer Negan peace?  Will Dwight find a way out of the mess he’s in?  Will Eugene continue to survive where better men and women could not?

Stay tuned.

The season finale will air this Sunday, April 15, but I’ll be watching it on the big screen as part of The Walking Dead’s “Survival Sunday” double feature.  Check the Fathom Events website for more information and to purchase tickets (click here).  See you there!

Photos courtesy of AMC.

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