The Walking Dead, Season 8 – Wrath

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In the season finale of The Walking Dead, it’s all out war, maybe.

Yes, I know.  I’m SUPER late with this one.  But you still love me anyway.

The last time I watched a television show on the big screen was when Game of Thrones aired two of its episodes back-to-back.  They were on IMAX, which was freaking EPIC.  TWD decided to do something called “Survival Sunday,” where it aired the season finale of TWD and the season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead.  It was decent for several reasons:  1) I went to a theater that has reclining leather seats; 2) my best friend bailed at the last minute so I had an empty seat next to me; and 3) seeing Rick Grimes on a giant screen is something I could definitely get used to.

The finale itself was decent, but nothing Earth shattering.  As predicted, Rick and Co. fell right into Negan’s trap, finding themselves out in the open surrounded by well-armed Saviors.  And just when it looked like they were all about to die, Eugene, the original coward, came THROUGH!!  Apparently, the jacked up pep talk he got from Rosita the week before lit a fire under his cowardly ass and he did something to the bullets he made for Negan.  So when his boss yelled for everyone to shoot, every single last gun practically exploded in the Saviors’ hands and they went down, with Father Gabriel punching Negan in the face for good measure.  Negan ran for his life and Rick followed while the remaining Saviors made their last stand.  Back at the Hilltop, the other Saviors came but the residents were ready.  They evacuated to the woods to get the jump on their enemies, but before a shot was fired, a huge fireball consumed the Saviors.  It was the women of Oceanside to the rescue!!  Aaron convinced them to fight and damn if they didn’t!  Never underestimate the ladies.

Back in the field, Rick and Negan are going at it, with Negan on top, as always.  Before he could get his head bashed in though, Rick tried to convince Negan that they could stop fighting, that they could end the war without killing each other.  Negan wasn’t buying it and was about to take a swing until Rick invoked Carl’s name.  Negan must have had a serious soft spot for that kid cuz he looked like he was about to cry his eyes out.  And just when it looked like they were about to call a truce, Rick sliced Negan’s throat.  The whole theater went nuts when that happened, but it didn’t last because Rick surprised us all (well, not those of us who read the comics) and told Siddiq to save him.  Maggie went nuts and cried, “No!!!  He killed Glenn!!  It’s not over until he’s dead!”  But Rick wanted peace so he told everyone that either they get with the program or suffer the consequences.

After all of that craziness, the remaining Saviors did their part to try and make things right again.  Daryl took Dwight to the woods, where we assumed he was going to kill him.  But instead, he let Dwight go so he could be reunited with his wife.  Carol stayed on at the Kingdom to help with the rebuild (and to finally hook up with Ezekiel, I hope).  Morgan went to the landfill and told Jadis (real name Ann) that she could stay with the others if she wanted.  He was leaving but wanted to be alone before he left.  Rick let a recovering Negan know that he was now a prisoner and nothing else.  And at the Hilltop, Maggie, Jesus and Daryl made plans to end Negan’s life, whether Rick wanted that or not.

Will Maggie and Rick become enemies?  Will Negan be able to handle being a prisoner for the rest of his life?  And will we see Rick and Michonne hold hands again (cuz that was amazing)?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead will return for Season 9 in Fall 2018.  Photos courtesy of AMC.

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