Book Expo 2018

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Well hello there, my lovelies!!  Did you miss me??  OF COURSE YOU DID!!  I missed you all, as well and I’ve got LOADS to talk about.  Let’s go!!

Aside from taking a much-needed break (which was glorious), I ended May with a bang.  How, you ask?  I went to Book Expo, that’s how!

But what is Book Expo?  It’s like a convention of sorts, but for books, and also so much more.  Book Expo is where publishing houses, marketers, literary publicists and agents, booksellers, editors, librarians and authors all come together to talk books.  I spent two glorious days at Book Expo and left with a new sense of purpose.

On the first day of Book Expo, I was running on three hours of sleep (because I have a regular job) and didn’t get there until the afternoon.  I used the time I had to get the lay of the land and plan my next day.  The staff at Book Expo was amazing and answered all of my questions.  One thing I can’t stress enough if you ever attend Book Expo is to grab a show map and show guide.  These two items are a must, especially the show guide because it lists every panel, talk, signing and special event for all three days.  The show guide also gives you a breakdown of where each exhibitor’s booth is located so you save time.

On the second day, I started early by attending the adult author breakfast.  Hosted by Nick Offerman and his wife, Megan Mullally, the authors on the panel were Barbara Kingsolver, Nicholas Sparks, Jill Lepore and Trevor Noah.  Everyone on that stage talked about their upcoming work and what it’s like for them to have a book (or books) published.  I normally hate getting up early if I don’t have to, but this breakfast was definitely worth it.  After the event, audience members were given advanced copies of all the books that were just discussed.

Since I was new to Book Expo, I pretty much wandered through the exhibition floor, taking my time to talk to people and expose myself to authors and publishing houses.  One of my main goals was to find publishers that put out more diverse content, which I thought would be almost impossible.  Let me tell you, it was not as hard as I imagined it would be and I can’t wait to tell you all about the authors I found and their work.

Which leads me to the best part of Book Expo and that would be the ARCs!!  Normally, whenever I want an ARC, or advanced review copy, of a particular book, I contact the publisher directly and hope I get one in the mail or in digital form.  But attending Book Expo gave me direct access to books I may or may not have received.  Because I’m still a pretty small outfit, I get turned down for ARCs more than I’m approved, which is why I’m always at the library.  At Book Expo, the ARCs were everywhere and all I had to do was grab what I wanted, although the larger publishers only had display copies in their booths.  I made sure to attend a couple of Buzz Books panels and received ARCs of all the books that were discussed.  I was especially excited to receive ARCs after the Buzz Books YA panel because each book that was discussed sounded like stories I had to read.  I’ll be discussing those books very, very soon.

After a long and productive day, I made my way to the exit but stopped short of it when I saw one of my favorite soap opera stars signing his book.  If you watch Young and the Restless or Bold and the Beautiful, the name Don Diamont will definitely ring a bell.  Although I was loaded down with books and just wanted to lay down and crash, I had to meet him.  Not only was he handsome in person, but Don was so gracious to his fans and took photos with everyone, including this fan.   Seeing him was just the icing on a very big cake.

This weekend is Book Con, which is basically a love fest for the readers.  Although I’m going as press, I’ll be geeking out over some of my favorite authors just like everyone else.  I’ll also be attending a few author panels so make sure to follow me on Twitter where I’ll be tweeting and posting photos throughout the day.  You can find me at @bookmindedmag.

Talk to you soon!




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