Well, That Escalated Quickly: Memoirs and Mistakes of an Accidental Activist – Franchesca Ramsey

Author: Franchesca Ramsey
Rating: 4.7 Stars
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Franchesca Ramsey, also known as Chescaleigh, is someone I didn’t really know too much about.  I can’t even remember how I started following her on Instagram, but somehow I did.  There was something about her that made me want to get to know more about Franchesca and her work.  I watched her Instagram stories as she talked about getting her hair and nails done, her gym journey and being constantly attacked on social media.  Franchesca always seemed to be a source of entertainment, social awareness and fitness motivation, depending on the day.  And then I read her book.

In her new book of personal essays, Franchesca delves deep into what it means to be an internet activist, a term, I admit, I didn’t think was really a thing.  When I think of activists, I usually think of people on the front lines, marching for equality, justice and basic human rights.  I think of people in the streets, being hosed and beaten by police, standing defiantly in front of white terrorists in hoods, bloodied and broken but full of righteousness.  But being an internet activist, especially in the age of social media, has had a giant impact on activism, particularly with young people.

Franchesca is not just a beautiful face.  No, she is so much more.  In her book, she admits to her many missteps on social media and how she’s grown from them.  While reading the chapter titled, “Stop Hating and Start Studying,” I was appalled at how unbelievably petty she used to be on social media.  But it also got me to thinking: had I been that petty?  Of course!  Not with celebrities because I could care less, but definitely when it came to politics.  Some of the things that Franchesca said and did on the internet had me giving her some major side-eye, but then who am I to judge?  I’ve done the same!  But what kept me reading was how she has made strides to change her behavior, learn from her mistakes and become a better person and activist.

I thoroughly enjoyed Well, That Escalated Quickly because of Franchesca’s fresh voice, willingness to reveal her terrible mishaps and show readers what it means to truly grow.  Whether you’re familiar with her work or not, pick up a copy of Franchesca’s book and maybe, just maybe, you’ll learn something.  I highly recommend it.


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