So Game of Thrones Just Hates Us At This Point, Huh?

Like many of you, I’ve been suffering from Game of Thrones withdrawal, so much so that I’ve started rewatching the series.  And it’s been great revisiting characters who have left us what seems like eons ago (like pretty much all of House Stark, Cersei’s kids, and let’s not forget about “Hold the Door” Hodor (too soon?)).  I was okay with getting reacquainted with all of those characters and remembering what it was like to watch GOT for the first time.  Until my coworker came in to the office and revealed that the final season of GOT was going to be delayed.


I initially thought he was joking.  He’s a funny guy that way because he knows how much I love Game of Thrones.  Hell, he’s the same guy I berated for starting the show from Season 3 (only a true psychopath would do something like that).  I righted that wrong, by the way, and he has now watched the entire series FROM THE BEGINNING LIKE A NORMAL PERSON.  But I digress.

Anyway, he walked in and dropped that bomb on me and I almost shed tears.  I was all set to watch GOT sometime next Summer, but now I’ve read that we may not return to Westeros until friggin’ DECEMBER!  Seriously, HBO????

I get it.  It takes a lot of hard work to shoot this series.  Coordinating the locations, costumes, extras and the numerous storylines would be enough to prematurely gray every hair on my head.  But dammit, you guys have had SEVEN SEASONS to figure this shit out!  Don’t you have a contingency plan in place for stuff like this?  Do you want me to leave you?  Cuz I can ALWAYS watch something else!

Ok, I’m sorry.  I lost my head there for a moment.  I spoke out of turn.  I would never leave you, Game of Thrones.  You complete me.  You’re the wind beneath my imaginary dragon wings.  I love you.  I miss you.  For fuck’s sake, just come back to me!!


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