Countdown to New York Comic Con

Okay!!  So New York Comic Con is NEXT WEEK and I’m so excited and nervous.  I’ve already received so many invitations to panels, press rooms and other events that it feels a little overwhelming.  But I’ll do what I do best:  calm the hell down and get to work.

So far, I’ve received invites to panels and press rooms for some of my fave shows and films like Outlander, Daredevil, Harry Potter, American Gods and so many more.  The show panel I’m truly psyched to sit in on is The Walking Dead, since this will be Andrew Lincoln’s last season playing the iconic Rick Grimes.  If I have to sit outside for hours just to get a glimpse of that man, then dammit that’s what I’ll do.

On top of the panels, there are also additional goodies, like photo ops.  For a set price, you can take pics UP CLOSE with some of your faves.  I plan on taking pics with Danai Gurira and Jason Momoa.  That’s right ladies and gents, I’m taking pics with General Okoye and Aquaman!!  I.  CAN’T.  WAIT.

I’m still on the fence about doing any cosplay, but I’d feel like a heel if I don’t do it at least once.  I have some cosplay ideas in mind and I still have time to put something together.  If I do dress up, I’ll definitely post photos.

I’ll be live-tweeting and posting pics to the site (and possibly Instagram) starting October 3.  NYCC officially begins on October 4, but I’ll be attending a special Harry Potter event the night before.  Stay tuned!!

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