New York Comic Con – Day 2

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Okay!  So, to avoid a repeat of yesterday’s drama, I made sure to get up early, had my clothes and backpack ready, ate and headed to the train with PLENTY of time to get to New York Comic Con by 10AM when the doors opened.  However, NJ Transit had other plans and screwed me so good, I should have had a cigarette afterwards.  Thanks to what they call “train traffic,” I didn’t get to NYCC until friggin 11AM.  How on Earth is the transit system in the tri-state area so damn bad?  Don’t you guys know when rush hour starts and ends?  Why is there ALWAYS train traffic?

Anyway, I did get to the Javits Center and there were exponentially more people in attendance so getting around was a trip.  But, again, there was no pushing or shoving, and if anyone bumped into me, I heard “Excuse me” or “Sorry” every time.

The first thing I did was take a ride in the Good Omens activation entitled “The End Is Nigh,” where the elevator decides whether you go to Heaven or Hell.  I knew I was going straight to Hell so I was prepared, but the guy who rode with me looked a little shook, but in a good way.  The elevator attendant was HILARIOUS (and hot) and made the trip so fun.  Once we got to Hell, there was Crowley’s car, a creepy tree and some photographers there who took pics of us in the car.  Even though I don’t drive and have no plans to do so, I LOVE taking photos in cars, so this was no exception.  And as an added bonus, attendees who visited the activation left with a really cool Good Omens journal and pin.  If you have plans to visit NYCC on Saturday or Sunday, make sure you stop by the Good Omens activation and see where you end up.

After that, I went to the Exhibitors area and was overwhelmed by the many, many booths.  There were so many things to see, experience and purchase, and I looked like a deer in headlights, but not for long.  I ended up at the Bandai booth to try a video game called Soul Calibur VI and I was paired up with a kid who couldn’t have been more than 14 but was MUCH taller than me and wore braces.  Said kid, as I predicted, preceded to kick my ass, but he was really cool.  After that shellacking, I walked around some more to look at the cool clothes, shoes and other stuff on display.  I know for a fact that I missed tons of stuff, but thankfully I still have two more days to look around.  I did purchase a ridiculously cool Star Wars t-shirt from a company called Design by Hümans and I will be wearing it for Day 3.  One of the most incredible things I saw was the artist Kristen Cumings creating a portrait of Harry Potter out of jelly beans.  It was amazing and the portrait wasn’t even complete.  Stop by the Jelly Belly booth to see her work and to get yourself some jelly beans.  See if you end up eating the Dirty Dishwater flavor (I didn’t, thank goodness).

For the most part, I took LOTS of photos of the cosplayers.  They really take Comic Con and their cosplaying seriously and it showed.  Many of the cosplayers were dressed as characters I knew but there were so many that I couldn’t place or just didn’t know off the bat.  Some cosplayed in groups, others were solo cosplayers.  There were sexy cosplayers, over-the-top cosplayers and and those who were definitely new to the game.  It was unreal seeing how creative people were with their outfits and how they gave each other kudos on their choice of character.

I ended the day with the DC Allstars Panel, which was a lot of fun.  Although DC has been getting slammed in the box office, save for Wonder Woman, the artists on the panel work really hard and truly care for one another and their fans.  It was so great to see and hear how much they care about what they put out and how they felt about one another.

So the lessons I learned for today were the following:

Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes is definitely a must;
Stay hydrated and eat something;
You will not see everything, don’t even try;
Take time to rest and recharge, the Con isn’t going anywhere;
Remember that you’re there to have fun, enjoy yourselves!

I’ll be back for Day 3, with my first stop being the Good Omens panel.  Here’s hoping the train gods are on my side.  Stay tuned!

Below are links to the trailers that dropped today:

Voltron Legendary Defender (Final Season on Netflix)

Tales of Arcadia: 3 Below (Series Debut on Netflix)

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Season 1 on Nickelodeon)

The Boys (Series Debut on Amazon Prime (2019))

Nightflyers (Series Debut on SyFy)

Discovery of Witches (Series Debut on Shudder (2019))

Other Stuff

HBO Funko Pop Up

Strut Your Mutt (Worthy Cause)

WHAT:                 Best Friends® Strut Your Mutt® returns to NYC bringing together passionate people to raise money to save the lives of homeless pets. On the day of the event, fundraising efforts are celebrated with the group dog walk, followed by a fun-filled festival where four and two-legged participants of all ages can take part in activities like doggie yoga, smooch your pooch photo booth, music, contests and more.

WHO:                   Notable guests and celebrity ambassadors expected to attend include: Holly Taylor (actress, “The Americans”), Elaine Hendrix (actress, “The Parent Trap”), Joe Gatto (actor, “Impractical Jokers”), Julie Castle (CEO, Best Friends Animal Society) and more.

WHEN:                 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2018 from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

WHERE:               Hudson River Park’s Pier 84, New York, NY
                                555 12th Ave, New York, NY 10036


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