Last Day of New York Comic Con – What I’ve Learned

Well, New York Comic Con has come to an end.  To say I was spent after four days of non-stop events, panels, food, cosplay watching, unnecessary purchases, food, cocktails and panels galore, is a friggin’ understatement.  This experience has been phenomenal and I would do it again.

On the last day of NYCC, I went to the Javits Center late as hell because I needed to sleep.  Don’t @ me about this either.  If you’ve never been to NYCC but have been reading my posts about it, then you know why.  It really is exhausting, but so much fun.  To experience as much as possible, you have to start early.  Veterans of NYCC probably have their routine down to a science and don’t spend anywhere near as much time as I did trying to work out their schedule.  Many of them show up with set goals in mind.  Some come for specific panels, others come to purchase that Thor figurine they’ve always wanted, like the one below:


Some come for the cosplay:

And there are others, like me, who want to experience everything about NYCC for themselves.  I used to read comic books like a fiend when I was a kid.  My favorites were Uncanny X-Men, Thor and Batman and I was a frequent visitor to the local comic book store.  As I got older, life and other interests took me away from the comics.  But I recently began reading graphic novels like Saga, The Walking Dead, and Watchmen and a friend also lent me two of his comics, Superior Spiderman and Avengers vs X-Men.  I’ll be honest, I’ve missed reading comic books and I may start visiting the comic book store again.  Reading them was a lot of fun and it’s been even better reading them as an adult.

Would I attend New York Comic Con again?  Of course!  Would I attend again as Press or as a fan?  I’m not sure.  Although NYCC was clear about Press not getting any special treatment above the fans (naturally), I was invited to certain events and panels and to interview some of my faves.  I didn’t interview anyone because I’m a chicken shit when it comes to that stuff, but that’s something I’ll have to get over.  Having a Press badge meant I had full access to NYCC for free and I took advantage of that privilege.  But I think had I gone as a fan, I could have had even more fun because I wouldn’t have been working.  I could just be.  And that’s something I think I missed about being at NYCC.  I was thinking more on the lines of what would be interesting to write about, what would my readers want to see?  Don’t get me wrong, it has been a joy telling you all about what I experienced at NYCC and I hope you found my posts enjoyable.  But I think next year, should I be lucky enough to get another Press badge, I’m going to write my posts from the perspective of a fan and new cosplayer.  I already have some ideas on what I would wear (a Dora Milaje, maybe the Winter Soldier or Hela Goddess of Death).  We’ll see.

Lessons learned:

Cosplay is for EVERYONE;
Again, wear comfortable clothes and shoes;
Make sure you have enough cash for purchases (cuz you’ll definitely want to buy something);
Keep an open mind, at NYCC, being judgmental is not allowed;
Most of all, HAVE FUN!!!

I’m so happy I was able to experience this amazing event and I can’t wait to attend again next year.  Thanks for reading!


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