The Walking Dead – Season 9 Premiere

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Hey!  I’m finally back to normal after having my ass handed to me by New York Comic Con.  Listen, I know what you’re thinking.  “Seriously?  You needed a week to recover?”  Yes!!  I was not ready!  All of my senses were on overload and I walked so much (and I’m a walker).  Plus, it’s like having a job.  You need to get up early to get to the good stuff or you’ll miss out.  And the last thing you want is FOMO at NYCC.  Also, I have a regular job that I actually like and it was crazy busy this week.  Thank goodness I only work a four-day week.

Anywho, I’m like a week behind on my The Walking Dead recap even though I saw the episode the night before it aired, so here it is.  You’re welcome.

Alexandria and the Hilltop seem to be thriving, the factions are trying to work together and Rick and Michonne are still a badass team.  Since this is The Walking Dead, we all know that this is pretty much bullshit cuz peace never lasts in that world.  And I was right.

From the outside, things look pretty good.  Crops are growing, the people are working together to get things done, and there’s no sign of Negan.  Rick and Michonne are running Alexandria, Maggie is running the Hilltop and Daryl is reluctantly running the Sanctuary.  But you can feel the tension underneath.  Gregory’s sneaky ass is still trying to regain control of the Hilltop from Maggie and uses a tragedy to his advantage.  But we’ll get there.

Before all of that, the crew went to D.C. to try and find a farming tool that would have been beneficial for the Hilltop.  Richonne, Maggie, Carol, King Ezekiel and a few others were there and noticed the gaggle of walkers under a glass floor (cuz a glass floor is a nice addition to any building until the apocalypse).  To get the farming tool out of the building, it had to be taken out using the heavy ass wagon they brought in and it had to be wheeled over that same glass floor.  Because nothing is ever easy in The Walking Dead.  Of course, the glass starts to crack as they wheel the wagon across it.  And, of course, one of the crew falls through.  This time it’s King Ezekiel!  Listen Walking Dead!  It’s bad enough this is the last season of Rick Grimes.  Don’t mess me up even further by killing off the King!

Once the King is dramatically pulled back up to safety, Carol checks to see if he’s alright and then gives him a big ole kiss on the lips.  Well damn!  It’s about time that happened!  I approve that relationship!!  Afterwards, they all get outside and make their way back to the Hilltop.  On the road, the King tells Carol how scared he was with the walkers almost getting him and decides to POP THE QUESTION.  The rest of us watching were like, “YES!!” but Carol says “Put that thing away!”  Oh Carol.  That moment of bliss is interrupted when walkers show up and the horse that’s pulling the wagon starts to freak the eff out.  As they try to make a run for it, one of the crew decides to save the horse.  Which means a walker got him.  Sorry, but in the world of the apocalypse, its either me or the horse.  Don’t @ me.

Rick & Co. try to save the wannabe hero but alas, he was only being paid for one episode (too soon?).  Dude dies on the road and Maggie has to explain it to his soon-to-be-grieving parents.  I didn’t recognize his Mom but she turned out to be Brett Butler, a comedienne I absolutely love.  On TWD, however, she’s pissed.  She questions why she had to lose her son, and Maggie tries to comfort her.  But she throws Gregory up in her face, saying that he kept the Hilltop safe.  Yeah, ok lady.  Gregory uses that grief to his advantage, talking to Mom’s husband while plying him with drinks.  He convinces the devastated dad to take action against Maggie cuz Gregory is a weasel and too much of a punk to do it himself.

At the Sanctuary, some of the people there don’t like new management.  Rick and Daryl see a handwritten post that says “Saviors Save Us.”  Listen, Rick is a better leader than I am because I would have left them all to fend for themselves.  I guess that’s why Rick’s the leader and I’m just writing about his leadership skills.  Daryl wants someone else to take over because he feels like he’s better out on the road.  And I have to agree.  He ain’t no leader, and Daryl is a wild child.  He needs to be out on the road being useful instead of micromanaging a bunch of people who may or may not hate him.  Later that night, he sits with Carol, which is a welcome sight for us all.  The love they have for each other is so lovely to see and I’m glad they’re back together.  Carol tells her friend that she’ll watch over the Sanctuary for awhile (and we all know she’s no punk) so Daryl can do what he does best.

Rick meets with Maggie about getting some of her people to fix the bridge and also to share some of their food with the Saviors.  Maggie’s like me, she doesn’t want to do squat for them since they killed Glenn (never forget).  She agrees reluctantly but has a few rules of her own, with the main one being that the Saviors do the labor on the bridge.  Damn right, Maggie.

Back at Alexandria, Richonne is ready for bed and look like a regular couple on a regular night at home.  Michonne brings up the fact that the groups should come up with their own set of rules to keep the peace.  Rick agrees and the badasses prepare for sleep.  But Rick says something romantic and then it’s sexy time.  Seriously, do we need a reason to have sexy time with Rick?

At the Hilltop, Maggie is taking little Hershel for a stroll to get him to settle down.  She sees Gregory, who tells her that someone has effed up Glenn’s headstone knowing that knowledge would upset her.  She heads on over to the graveyard and is met by a masked person who starts wailing on her, knocking over the baby’s stroller (monster!).  Enid comes out and tries to help, but gets knocked out in the process.  Maggie finally prevails and the masked person is none other than Devastated Dad.  Gregory did a real number on him and Dad wanted revenge for his son’s death.  Maggie knows this and confronts Gregory, who tries to stab her but since he’s a punk, she got the drop on him.  Maggie decides Gregory’s fate, which stuck to the comics, thankfully.  Rick and Michonne show up just in time for an old fashion hangin’.  Maggie lets her people know that she doesn’t want this to be a thing, but actions have consequences.  She asks The Weasel if he has any last words and of course he begs, cries and tries to be a little tough.  But Gregory’s watch has ended (sorry, wrong show) and his neck is cracked.  Unfortunately, a couple of kids come outside (why aren’t they in bed???) and see Gregory fall.  It was too late to save them from that sight.  Maggie is running a tight ship at the Hilltop, people, whether you like her methods or not.

How will Gregory’s death affect the Hilltop?  Will Rick step in and make his own changes?  Will the Saviors keep the peace or remember that they are Negan?  And when will we see their leader?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9pm on AMC.  Photos courtesy of AMC.

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