The Walking Dead, Season 9 – Rick’s Last Episode

Okay, I’ve finally caught up to The Walking Dead.  I’m fucking CONFUSED but HAPPY but CONFUSED!!!

While I gather myself, below are quick recaps of Episodes 2, 3 and 4 before I delve into Episode 5:

Episode 2 – The Bridge

The Saviors are building the bridge in exchange for food and supplies, cuz Maggie wasn’t giving them squat unless they helped out.  Welp, that went sideways, cuz a fight broke out between Daryl and Justin (fine-ass Zach McGowan), a Savior who seems to think they’re still on top (are they?).  Shit goes sideways and next thing you know, Aaron’s arm is crushed under some logs and poor Enid has to amputate it WITH NO ANESTHESIA.  Excuse me while I throw up.  Afterwards, Daryl beats the crap out of Justin cuz he was the cause of Aaron losing his arm.  Carol breaks it up and eventually, Rick tells Justin to get lost and don’t bring his ass back or he’ll go all Murder Rick on him (and Justin don’t wanna see that).  “Stitches won’t fix what I do to you.”  That’s the Rick we all know and love.  On the road, Justin runs into someone he knows who promptly puts a bullet in him and we’re left wondering what the hell just happened. Oh, and Father Gabriel finally got laid, Carol and the King are engaged and we saw a glimpse of our boy Negan.

Episode 3 – Warning Signs

Just for a day, Rick and Michonne get to be regular people.  They have a Family Fun Day with Judith to get her to see the doctor, and for just a few hours, they all get to be a regular family.  They play, laugh, enjoy a picnic and read together.  They also decide to try for a baby!!  But it doesn’t last.  Justin is found and the groups start going at each other.  The Saviors want guns and the other groups want them dead.  Understandable.  But Rick intervenes and tries to find out who’s taking Saviors.  Turns out it was the group from Oceanside, who have been systematically taking out the Saviors who killed their loved ones.  Daryl and Maggie find Cyndie and her crew about to murder Laura.  Turns out, Laura killed Cyndie’s eleven-year-old brother right in front of her.  When Maggie and Daryl hear this, they turn and walk away as Cyndie takes Laura out.  The Saviors, after trying to force Rick to give them guns by threatening to kill Carol, end up leaving the camp and go back to the Sanctuary.  Things are starting to unravel and Maggie and Daryl decide to see Negan.  BTW, Ann has a damn digital walkie and has been in touch with whomever is in that helicopter we’ve seen before.  Father Gabriel walks up on her talking to the mystery man and she tries to get him to leave with her.  He says no and she knocks him out.  Umm, ok.

Episode 4 – The Obliged

The camp is disbanding and Rick is trying to salvage what he can.  The bridge is thisclose to washing away thanks to the levee breaking.  And at Alexandria, Michonne is feeling a bit trapped.  So she goes out every night and slays some walkers.  On one particular night, she sees a walker hanging from a tree, which was a black man.  Apparently, racism doesn’t die with the arrival of the apocalypse (only the naive would think that) and it pisses her off to no end.  Definitely understandable.  So much so that she doesn’t see a walker on her side, who jumps her.  She finds a bat and bashes the walker’s head in, which reminds her of Negan and freaks her out.  At the Hilltop, Maggie picks up a crowbar to possibly use to crack open Negan’s skull.  Jesus tries to talk her out of it, but no dice, so he warns Rick.  He calls to one of the lookouts and tells her to warn Alexandria about Maggie’s arrival.  But the lookout is the little smartass from Oceanside, Rachel, and she ignores the message.  Everyone is tired of Negan being alive.  They want vengeance.  Daryl offers to take Rick to Alexandria on his bike and the two bros head out.  But Daryl bypasses the road to Alexandria and takes Rick further out.  The two have a showdown and end up in a literal hole.  Words are exchanged, a few tears are shed and they decide to hash it out, thank goodness.  While all of this is going on, Negan isn’t eating and it’s up to Michonne to get him to eat.  The two have a powwow and Negan is able to get under Michonne’s skin, prodding her to reveal the loss of her first son, Andre.  Negan tells her that she is just like him and meant for much more than their circumstances.

At the camp, Carol and her people are packing up when Jed and the Saviors who left previously come back for their guns.  Jed makes the mistake of thinking Carol is a weak old woman and she knocks him on his ass.  A gunfight erupts and Daryl and Rick hear the commotion and do what they need to do to get out of the hole.  They make it out and are about to head to Alexandria, but Rick wants to save camp, if possible.  He decides to stay and divert the approaching walkers and we all know what that means.  As Daryl rides off, Rick heads in the other direction but he runs into another herd.  The horse gets spooked and throws him off.  Rick is impaled and unable to move while both herds head his way.  IS THIS HOW RICK GRIMES GOES OUT???

Episode 5 – What Comes After

NOT SO FAST!  Because Rick Grimes does not go out like that.  He goes out like a damn GANGSTA cuz that’s what he is.  The episode begins with Rick telling his younger self to wake up.  The self that was lying in the hospital at the very beginning while everything turned to shit.  When he does wake up, he’s back to grim reality, with the herds coming straight for him.  He takes off his belt and PULLS HIMSELF OFF OF THE PIECE OF METAL HE’S IMPALED ON.  Because he’s Rick Grimes.  He gets on his horse and he gets out of there with the herd following.

At Alexandria, Maggie makes her way to Negan but Michonne is there to block her.  Maggie tells Michonne that if it had been Rick who had his brains bashed in, Negan would have been dead by now.  Facts.  So Michonne gives her the keys to Negan’s cell and lets her pass.  Negan talks a bunch of shit about how he felt killing Glenn and Maggie almost falls for it, but she tells him into move to the light.  When he doesn’t, she opens the cell and pulls him out.  The Negan of old has disappeared and has been replaced by a broken man who just wants to die.  Maggie changes her mind because she wanted to kill Negan and that man is long gone.  She puts him back in the cell to suffer.  Maggie is a better woman than me (or is it I?).

Rick does everything in his power to stay awake, but during his bouts of unconsciousness, he meets old friends like Shane, Sasha and Hershel (RIP Scott Wilson).  The banter between Shane and Rick was so good, especially when Shane asks how his baby Judith is doing.  I had tears in my eyes for most of this show and having former cast members come back just made me cry even more.

Watching Rick try to stay alive and protect his family and friends was so emotional.  He never stopped being the leader they needed until the very end.  And when they all finally showed up before Rick blew the bridge, my tears just went into overload.  I’m not sure how I’ll watch this show without him, but I’m a die-hard fan and I’ll watch until the end.  Rick may not be on the show anymore, but apparently he ain’t dead.  DA FUQ??

So let’s go back a bit.  Remember when Ann aka Jadis was on the walkie with the mystery man in the helicopter?  Well, Ms. Thing left Father Gabriel high and dry and made her way to the meeting spot so she could be picked up.  She was going to trick Helicopter Man into thinking she had an A or B, whatever the hell that means.  On the way there, the RV she was in (which looked like the original) broke down and left her in the middle of the road.  She hears about Rick blowing the bridge and miraculously sees him bloody but alive.  WAIT, WHAT THE FUCK??  Rick’s alive???  Anywho, Jadis makes contact with Helicopter Man and convinces him to pick them both up.  Rick is alive and most likely will be okay.  I’M FUCKING CONFUSED!!  WHERE IS HE GOING??  WILL HE COME BACK??

Apparently he doesn’t come back because the show ends with a bunch of strangers about to be eaten by walkers when gunshots ring out.  Walkers fall, and a little girl’s voice beckons.  The little girl is Judith, now about seven or eight years old and wearing her Dad’s hat and gun and Michonne’s katana.  I’M SO CONFUSED!! But what a fucking send off for Rick Grimes.  Thank you Andrew Lincoln for putting your all into this character.  We’ll miss the hell out of you.

What now?

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

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