Game of Thrones – The Premiere is Coming

FINALLY!! FINALLY!! We get a premiere date for Game of Thrones!!! Be ready, people. Because April of 2019 (only five months from now) will be the last time we get to sit through a GOT premiere. Season 8 will be the final one for this epic series and I’m happy/sad about this. April 2019 will be the last time we see Dany and her dragons, Cersei and her twin lover Jaime (ewww), Tyrion, and the Stark siblings. The last time we see King’s Landing, Dragonstone, and Winterfell.

So, if you aren’t caught up, I mean, what the hell are you waiting for??? Do you want to be that one person who takes pride in saying, “I don’t watch Game of Thrones?? Cuz we don’t like that person. Not one bit.

By the old gods and the new, get caught up on GOT. The battle between the living and the dead will be upon us soon. Because winter is coming.


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