BuzzFeed’s List of TV/Movie Adaptations for 2019

It’s that time again, folks!  Time for BuzzFeed’s list of books to read before their screen adaptations come out in 2019.  The official title of this list is, ahem, “18 Books to Read Before the Movie/TV Show Comes Out in 2019.”  So you know what that means.  NEW BUZZFEED BOOK CHALLENGE!!!  (Cue the roaring crowd).

This year’s list has a few books that were listed last year, like Ashes in the Snow and Where’d You Go, Bernadette, most likely because the films had been pushed back to be released this year.  But there are a few on the list I’m really looking forward to reading, like Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet, The Passage and The Goldfinch.  Not surprisingly, I’ve already read a few of the books on the list, like The Sun is Also A Star, P.S., I Love You and, of course, It.  But unlike last year, I’m going to read ALL of the books on the list, even if I’ve read them previously because I want to make sure that they’re fresh in my mind when I see the films.  I still have one more book from last year’s list to read (The Black Hand) before I start with the new one.  But I’ll need to get cracking because a few of the adaptations have already been released and a few more will be out soon.

Stay tuned!  I’ll be tackling this list before you know it.  Until then, click here to take a look at the list and tell me which adaptation you’re looking forward to seeing.


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