The Walking Dead – They Call Her Alpha For A Reason

So I watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead and there is a reason the Whisperers call their leader Alpha.  Because she’s the goddamn BOSS!

First, casting Samantha Morton was a great move.  I’ve seen her in numerous films and I love her work.  I think she brings an intensity to Alpha that makes the character pretty damn scary and one who must be followed, or suffer the consequences.

Watching Alpha’s back story was great because I’m always curious as to how the characters on the show became who they are.  Alpha always had it in her to be a boss, she just needed the zombie apocalypse to bring it out of her.

The fight between The Whisperers and everyone else is going to be a good one.  Alpha doesn’t care if she loses people from her group (we saw that when she was ready to sacrifice a baby), whereas Daryl and rest want to save as many as possible.  I really would have loved to see Rick and Alpha go at it, but he’s somewhere chillin’.  Seriously, where is he?

I’ve read the comics so let’s see what the show ends up doing.  Either way, I’ve got my tissues ready.  I’m sure I’m going to need them.

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

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