Bloodleaf – Crystal Smith

Author: Crystal Smith
Rating:  4.7 Stars
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Where to buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indiebound

I’m not even going to play around.  I loved Bloodleaf.  So much so that I read it on my phone.  I detest reading books on my phone.  But I read this one and didn’t care because I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Eyesight be damned.

Bloodleaf, the first book in the trilogy (thank the Empyrea) and written by Crystal Smith, grabs you as soon as you begin reading.  Aurelia, Princess of Renalt, has a secret, one that could possibly get her killed:  she knows magic and sees ghosts, something the Tribunal, a rabid group of people who seek out and execute those who are accused of magic, itching to put an end to her.  But keeping her magic hidden from everyone is the least of her concerns in this thrilling and captivating book.

Aurelia is bound to be that literary character young people will love.  She’s fierce, vulnerable, brave and has no problem standing up for what’s right.  And there are so many reasons for her to be brave because this princess finds herself in some harrowing situations, starting with the initial betrayal of one she thought was truly there to help.  But that betrayal is what leads her to the kingdom of Achlev, the enemy of Renalt.  In Achlev, she meets Zan, a mysterious young man she comes to rely on in more ways than one.  But this ain’t no damsel-in-distress type of story (again, thank the Empyrea).  Zan and Aurelia work together to stop the events that could destroy Achlev for good.

Bloodleaf is so good, I really couldn’t wait to talk about it.  Ms. Smith has written what I believe will be the next great young adult series.  It’s one of the first books I read after reading an excerpt in Buzz Books 2019: Young Adult Spring/Summer and I am already excited for the second book in the series and, hopefully, a film or television series.  The book is out now so purchase it from your local bookstore or borrow it from the library as soon as possible.  I highly recommend it.

I received an advance copy of Bloodleaf from Netgalley.


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